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  • 1. COMMUNICATIVE GRAMMAR IVect Speech: Tense Changes César Ochoa Cueva, M.S.Ed.
  • 2. Indirect Speech 1 Indirect Speech 1When the reporting verb is in the simple past, the verbtense in the indirect speech statement often changes. Direct Speech Indirect Speech Simple Present  Simple PastPresent Progressive  Past ProgressiveSimple Past Tense  Past Perfect Present Perfect  Past Perfect
  • 3. Indirect Speech 1 Indirect Speech 1 “My boss is happy.” Mark said his boss was happy.“A terrible storm is Ann said a terrible storm wascoming.” coming.
  • 4. Indirect Speech 1 Indirect Speech 1 “My grandma called me.” She said her grandma had called her.“I’ve talked to my father.” He said he had talked to his father.
  • 5. Indirect Speech 2 Indirect Speech 2 Modals often change in indirect speech.Direct Speech Indirect Speech will  would can  could may  might must  had to
  • 6. Indirect Speech 2 Indirect Speech 2“The twister will be strong.” He said the twister would be strong.“I can swim.” She said she could swim.
  • 7. Indirect Speech 2 Indirect Speech 2“The storm may last He said the storm might lastall night.” all night.“I must do my homework.” My father said I had to do my homework.
  • 8. Indirect Speech 3 Indirect Speech 3 The following modals do not change in indirect speech: should, could, might, and ought to.“I should listen to the Tom said she should listennews.” to the news. “I might visit you in Ann said she might visit me Rome.” in Rome.
  • 9. Bibliography Bibliography• Fuchs, M. & Bonner, M., Focus on Grammar 4 Pearson Education , White Plains, NY 10606, 2006• http://www.myenglishteacher.net• Photo credit: Microsoft Office