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  • 1. Course Outline Subject:Legal aspects of business Course:MMS Faculty: K.R.Venkateswaran Semester: II Course Objectives: 1) To inform the contents of basic laws affecting Business 2) To Blend principles and practice of basic laws affecting business. Content: Sessio Scope of topic to be covered n No: Teaching method proposed 1 Indian Contract Act, 1872 Explaining legal provisions and discussing practical problems. Giving dictations on important issues, handouts and sending important notes electronically. 2 3 “do” “do” “do” “do” 4 “do” “do” 5 “do” “do” 6 “do” “do”
  • 2. 7 The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 “do” 8 The Sale of Goods Act, 1930 “do” 9 The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 10 The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 11 The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 “do” “do” 12 The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 “do” 13 The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 “do” 14 The Companies Act, 1956 “do” 15 “do” “do” 16 “do” “do” 17 “do” “do” 18 “do” 19 “do” 20 “do” 21 The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 22 “do” 23 The Information Technology Act, 2000 24 “do” “do” “do” “do” “do” Overviews of IPR Laws 25 “do” WTO, Regional Trade Blocks, Basics of Explanation of amalgamations, and basics of Direct and relevant terms Indirect taxes with special reference to VAT 26 In-house assignment discussion To analyse group performance
  • 3. Evaluation Pattern: S.N Evaluation mode Percentage of o marks 1 Internal assignment 2 40 End Term test 60 Total 100 Details of Assignments: S. Title of assignment no 1 Break-up of marks In house assignment 20 (30 marks compressed to 20 2 One twenty Mark mid term Test Total 40 Reference Books: 1) Business law for Management = K.R.Bulchandani 2) Business law including Company law = Gulshan & Kapur 3) Mercantile law = Avtar Singh 4) Mercantile law = N.D.Kapur 5) Business law for managers = Prof. P.K.Goel 20
  • 4. 6) Legal Aspects of Business=Akhileshwar Pathak 7) Legal Aspects of Business=Ravinder Kumar 8) Business Law=Satish B. Mathur Signature of Director Signature of Faculty