Employee-powered Content Marketing for Enterprises


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Content marketing is priority #1 for marketers, but it's hard to scale and remain authentic. Meddle solves this by turning Employees and Subject Matter Experts - who are not marketers - into publishers, and using their social networks for distribution and SEO.

It is no secret that employees are more credible and authentic than marketers - and can can vastly outperform traditional marketing efforts in both volume, reach, and effectiveness - as evidenced by research from IBM and Edelman's Trust barometer. However, getting these trusted individuals to create content is a challenge. They are not marketers or professional communicators - nor do they have the time or skills to take on a second job.

Key to Meddle is our curation engine which turns content employees already share to their social networks into curated, branded collections that showcase these employees' skills and insights. These collections help build your brand, SEO, and generate leads for your business.

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Employee-powered Content Marketing for Enterprises

  1. 1. Turn Internal Know-­‐ How Into Marke2ng Gold Leverage internal resources in building your brand, drive traffic, and generate leads.
  2. 2. Employees As Marketers • Today’s corporate byers turn to search engines and social networks for content from peers and subject ma<er experts to support their purchase decisions. • The best conver?ng content is not generated by the marke?ng department, but in the public exchange of exper?se that takes place between employees, customers and industry peers. 2
  3. 3. Internal Talent Are The Tip Of Your Spear 3 • 60-­‐70% of the buying process is complete by the ?me a prospect connects with a sales person (Source: Aberdeen group) • 65% of buyers choose to do business with the company that was first to add value to their buying process. (Source: Forrester Research)
  4. 4. 4 Internal talent could be your best marketers… if it wasn’t so hard to get them to create content… Google+ LinkedIn Content Calendar tubmlr Micro-­‐blogging Influencer targe2ng Facebook Social Graph Engagement Analy2cs Interest graph instagram pinterest • don’t have the ?me or incen?ve to take on a ‘second’ job • aren’t professional communicators, and “pro” tools aren’t prac?cal or effec?ve • Don’t know where to start
  5. 5. Solu2on • Your internal talent are already using social networks to read, share and comment on content they read • Meddle lets you channel this ac2vity into SEO and lead genera?on opportuni?es 5
  6. 6. How Content Crea2on Works with Meddle Clicking our browser plug-­‐in launches a pop-­‐up in the footer of the page. 6 This allows the user to select an excerpt from the page, annotate and publish their remarks to their social networks.
  7. 7. Each post is op2mized for each social network – with a link back to your site 7
  8. 8. Commentary as Lead Genera2on 8 Which would you rather see as an outcome? A Tweet (rolls of the newsfeed in seconds…drives traffic away from your brand) Meddle: Evergreen, branded and authen?c content that generates leads whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise A Meddle Page Joe Smith
  9. 9. Auto-­‐Curate Internally Generated Content on Your Site. Great for SEO 9 E.g. Posts from all Employees E.g. Posts from one employee
  10. 10. Lead Genera2on & Branding ROI Let’s consider the following scenario: • 100 of your employees or members generate a Meddle a day from content they’re reading • Each Meddle post gets 20 views • This will generate 2,000 new page views per day to your site • If you were to buy search adver?sing to generate this traffic, it would cost $4,400 daily – or $1.606 Million annually (based on $2.20 CPC**) **Using the average B2B CPC rates for Google AdWords as a proxy 10
  11. 11. Benefits of Anybody who should be crea2ng content, can now do so easily. 11 • In a market where capitalizing on current market news and insights with your own content is challenging, cura?ng content via Meddle is a near effortless way to support your real-­‐?me marke?ng objec?ves • Establishes your company as a place where industry experts & thought leaders come to work and serve customers • Drama?cally increases your exposure on search engines and social networks • Low cost of lead genera?on & customer acquisi?on • Be<er customer reten?on and up-­‐sell • Improved employee sa?sfac?on, talent reten?on, and acquisi?on
  12. 12. How do you measure success? Specify your own metrics! 12 – Which employees, topics, or social networks generate the most: • engagement, reach and amplifica?on? • search or social traffic to Meddle pages or branded proper?es? • leads or conversions? – Which employees/members are regarded as authori?es by their audience, on what topics? – Which business units are more ac?ve or effec?ve at content marke?ng? – Who engages with your employees? (interests, demographics, loca?ons, etc.) Are you resona?ng with your intended audience?
  13. 13. What Makes Meddle Different? • Meddle is the only solu2on designed to enable non-­‐ marketers to create authen2c content at scale • Meddle combines the credibility and reach of individual subject ma<er experts and the organiza?ons they are associated with. • By engaging employees, organiza?ons are able to: – Generate an unprecedented volume of valuable brand-­‐relevant, viral content. – Increase visibility on search engines (with high-­‐ volume, keyword-­‐ rich content) – Leverage employees’ social networks as distribu?on channels – Showcase a diversity of exper?se – Generate new leads 13
  14. 14. For more informa2on or a demo, contact: Vidar Brekke, Co-­‐founder & CEO vidar@meddle.it P: 646 465 2965 14 Address: Meddle 36 East Lincoln Ave. Atlan?c Highlands, NJ 07716