Getting Started With Social Media Technologies
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Getting Started With Social Media Technologies



What are the social media tools available and how do you determine what technologies to use in your marketing efforts.

What are the social media tools available and how do you determine what technologies to use in your marketing efforts.



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Getting Started With Social Media Technologies Getting Started With Social Media Technologies Presentation Transcript

  • So you want to do social media marketing?
  • Social media marketing
    • It’s not a new way to broadcast information about your company
      • If people want to hear you talk about yourself, they can go to your website
      • Develop a content strategy that can be executed through dialogue
  • Social Media is about:
      • Listening
        • Getting tuned into your customers needs has never been easier
      • Demonstrate your value
        • Do not ask what your customer can do for you
      • Living up to your brand promise
        • “ We never stop working for you” Really?
  • How to get started
    • Set desired goals for social media
    • Align approaches with objectives
    • Select appropriate technologies last
  • Technologies and platforms
    • One-size-fits all channels
      • Blogs
      • Social networks
      • YouTube
      • Twitter
      • Wikis
    • Custom Social Software
      • Facebook apps
      • MySpace apps
      • Widgets
      • Standalone social sites/apps
  • What is Social Software?
    • Software in which the value to a user is derived through the engagement of others
  • Examples of Social Software
    • Type
    • Connecting with strangers
    • Connecting with friends friends/acquaintances/colleagues
    • Collective insights (Crowdsourcing)
    • Community broadcasting
    • Example
    • Ning group for "mothers of children with autism"
    •, Facebook, LinkedIn. MySpace
    •, idea storm (DELL), digg
    • YouTube, twitter, Flickr, Slideshare, blogs
  • There is no lack of additional examples…
  • Apps on Social Networks
    • Facebook is king of apps
      • >660,000 developers/50,000 apps
      • > 5,000 apps have > 10,000 active users
      • >2/3 of of Facebook users have installed apps
      • … as of May 2009
  • Social Network App Categories
    • Content/Discovery
    • Quiz
    • Games
    • Gifts
    • Self expression
    • Networking
    • Charity
  • Branded Social Apps
    • Brands are shifting online budgets toward apps
      • Replacements for ads
      • Replacements for micro-sites
      • Products/product extensions
    • Many brands/agencies miss the boat
      • Trad. three-month planning windows is too slow
      • “ Set & forget” mentality renders apps stale
      • “ Campaign” thinking kills long term potential
    • Rethinking the role of apps
      • It’s the new CRM
      • It’s the new market research
      • It’s the new product development
  • Why Social Network Apps
    • Access to users: Allow unique experiences that leverage a user's social graph
    • Control: Provide a platform where the brand customize the experience, control the engagement and measure it's impact
    • Propagation : Get 'free' viral distribution
  • Building Successful Facebook Apps*
    • Clarify your Strategy
    • Understand the Engagement Model
    • Master the Technology
    • Know Yourself
    *These rules applies to most social app development
  • 1 - Clarify your Strategy
    • How do you quantify success?
    • What kind of engagement are enabling?
      • Entertainment or utility?
      • A dialogue with your customers?
      • Connecting customers with each other?
    • What happens after launch?
      • How will you ignite the dialogue?
      • How will you keep your influencers engaged?
      • How will you monitor chatter?
      • How are you going to engage/respond to the user activity?
  • 2 - The Engagement Model
    • Bragging
      • My activities
      • My friends
      • My content
    • Flow
      • Each engagement is
      • enjoyable
      • increasingly more involving
      • and exponentially more rewarding
    • Stalking
      • Friends
      • Companies
      • Topics
  • 3 – Master the Technology
    • Accept you’re building your house on sand
      • APIs change overnight
      • You’re constantly iterating
    • Facebook is not an island
      • Data flows both into and out from Facebook
    • Are you ready for failure?
      • Put measurements in place to understand how and when to iterate
    • Are you ready for success?
      • Can you scale quickly enough to handle success?
  • 4 – Know Yourself
    • What is your brand promise?
      • How can you demonstrate the value of your brand?
    • What is your social value?
      • How can your brand enrich customers lives
    • Are you willing to listen?
      • How will you react to feedback and criticism?
  • Apps built by Social Intent
  • Next Frontier: Distributed Social Networks
    • Facebook and other social networks will be focusing more on embedding themselves into 3rd party sites
    • Facebook Connect allows 3rd party sites to allow users to log-in with their Facebook ID and access Facebook functionality, apps and social graph
    • More than 8,000 websites have implemented Facebook Connect since its general availability in December 2008
  • Organizational Challenges
    • What distinguishes social media tools from previous technologies such as CRM, is the high degree of participation they require to be effective.
    • While often challenging to an organization’s culture, they are not technically complex to implement.
    • - 2009 McKinsey
  • Social Intent
    • Vidar Brekke, CEO
    • [email_address]
    • Twitter: @social_vidar