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JEZREEL Centre for Business and Personal Advantage is a results-driven and performance-oriented training and consultancy practice. Recognizing that people, passion and performance are the key drivers of profit, our philosophy and approach are grounded in transformation – of the mind, attitudes, skills, processes– that will deliver breakthrough results.

Regardless of whether you are a large corporation, SME or entrepreneur, we want to help you achieve phenomenal profits and success by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of what you do and how you do it. Using our proprietary AMSR (Accelerated Multi-Sensory Results-based) training methodology, which is systematic, practical and easy-to-understand, our trainers provide real world applicability that is fresh, timely and cutting-edge.

Rise above the competitive challenges of the new economy and realize the full potential of your business with JEZREEL.

JEZREEL is founded by award-winning marketer and entrepreneur Victor Loh. A passionate and motivated trainer and entrepreneur, he was inspired to start JEZREEL to meet the demand for transformational, practical and insightful training that empowers individuals – whether they are in business or employment – with tools, techniques and knowledge that promises professional and personal results.



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What clients say about Victor Loh... Document Transcript

  • 1. What people say… “Victor’s teaching methods are lively and practical. I have gained so much from the new perspectives he shared. Applying what he taught, I am confident I am well- positioned for a promotion at work!” Thamayanthi “They say there are only 2 things in Smart Reader Worldwide marketing success: the event and its timing. Victor could not have “Idea yang diberi membuka peluang got it more right on both counts.” dan ruang untuk memulakan Steve Teoh perniagaan yang saya ingin ceburi. President “Victor has delivered amazing results Saya akan mencadangkan Victor Financial Planning contributing to the transformation untuk mengajar pada semua pelajar.” Association of Malaysia of the business, growing by double Noor Hasra Rahmat digit percentages for year-on-year Hotel Seri Malaysia “For those who want to get their performance through his leadership marketing foundation right at such in marketing and sales. His ability “We managed to obtain more than a critical time.” to lead, train and rally the key RM300,000 worth of marketing Rod Strother personnels in the team is nothing publicity — including having our Former Managing Director short of inspirational. I whole- launch hosted in a major mall in Proximity Singapore heartedly recommend Victor Loh.” town — as well as above-the-line David Lam press advertisement and much “Excellent contribution… certainly Director of Business more with little or no money down enhanced the success of our event.” Development & Operations — thanks to Victor’s consultation.” Nikki Ong ePortea-Finexus Timothy Low Asia Business Forum Director “I have worked with Victor and he Salsa Cruise Asia “Victor has successfully increased is truly an outstanding professional our sales by over RM100,000 with amazing insights into revenue “Victor helped me achieve a with his marketing techniques.” generating ideas. I fully recommend personal breakthrough over my Jerome Tan Victor to anyone interested in mental blocks. He opened my eyes Director and Lead Trainer achieving a greater level of to new possibilities in my future Entrepreneur Action Program professional and personal success.” and showed me how to conquer Yap Ka-Ling my lack of formal education and “Victor offers many insights and Prudential Assurance tough family upbringing. Now I ideas on how to practically survive am living beyond my expectation and succeed in this trying economic “I thought I was good at marketing thanks to Victor.” condition.” until I joined Victor’s program. Patrick Yap Y.C Syeba Yip With his unique way of teaching Assistant Vice President Chief Executive Officer and fresh, insightful sharing, I have Foreign Bank Malaysian International learned invaluable new skills that Fashion Alliance will help me grow my business “I owe my 300% increment in my AND serve me for a lifetime.“ salary — to a 5-figure sum! — “I was initially skeptical when Yong Kaik Huei to Victor’s guidance and personal I engaged him for personal Entrepreneur coaching. He is realistic and tells it effectiveness coaching. His as it is. His ability to give practical guidance and advice has been “Victor offers hard hitting, no- ideas and insights to survive and instrumental in my personal and nonsense marketing strategies thrive in the real world sets him professional progress. I truly and tactics; totally relevant.” apart from others.” appreciate what he has done for me.” Victor Goon Kenneth Meng Janey Chan General Manager Head of Department MBA holder with international BonusLink Award winning domestic bank working experience
  • 2. Jezreel Centre for Business and Personal Advantage is a results-driven andperformance-oriented training and consultancy practice. Recognizing thatpeople, passion and performance are the key drivers of profit, our philosophyand approach are grounded in transformation — of the mind, attitudes, skills,processes — that will deliver breakthrough results.Regardless of whether you are a large corporation, SME or entrepreneur, we wantto help you achieve phenomenal profits and success by increasing the effectivenessand efficiency of what you do and how you do it. Using our proprietary AMSR(Accelerated Multi-Sensory Results-based) training methodology, our trainersprovide real world applicability in a fresh, timely and cutting-edge manner.Rise above the competitive challenges of the new economy andrealize the full potential of your business with Jezreel.Jezreel is founded by award-winning marketer and entrepreneurVictor Loh. A passionate and motivated trainer and entrepreneur, hewas inspired to start Jezreel to meet the demand for transformational,practical and insightful training that empowers individuals —whether they are in business or employment — with tools, techniquesand knowledge that promises professional and personal results. N S IO HENCSR Promise ON PRE IJezreel organizes Life Skill / Business Skill Training Programs E NT T COM REfor school leavers from less fortunate backgrounds (welfare homesand orphanages, etc.) providing them an opportunity to explorepossibilities and skills to succeed in the market place. A portionof all proceeds from the training programs you sign up for will gotowards this initiative to help offset training materials, food and Break-venue accommodation. You are also most welcomed to directlyparticipate with us in this project by sponsoring the program. through Results AT T EN T IO N
  • 3. Jezreel Regardless of the economic climate,Value-add Advantage the only thing that matters to your business is your employees’ ABILITY to DELIVER on business targets. But no employee can perform beyond their capabilities, no matter the financial incentive you put before them.Commitment to your Results Customized Training Effective and EngagingWe fully appreciate your expectation Program Design Training System To increase your team’s ability to deliverfor results and success. You can be Training programs can be tailored All training programs are designed breakthrough business results, you need toassured that all training programs to your organization’s specific and delivered using the AMSR invest in increasing and enhancing theiroffered are designed with this requirements in order to immediately Training System. This provenfocus, driven by your practical and address a particular issue in the training system is an integration of skills, competencies and abilities. Ultimately,professional requirements. You will most preferred manner. All aspects some of the most powerful concepts you are investing in results.be empowered through practical of the training program will be in accelerated learning and appliedapplication in each training program co-designed with your feedback, psychology today. It will dramaticallyto ensure maximum value and ROI including: identifying specific increase participant’s rate of INVEST IN RESULTS!on your training investment. objectives for the training program, attention, comprehension and setting optimal training program retention so that training is truly Sign up with Jezreel Centre for BusinessFREE Personality / duration, development of special effective. Participants will be and Personal Advantage today.Profile Assessment modules and learning aids, exposed to a host of creative, funEach participant will receive a and customization of participant and colorful participatory learningfree personality / profile assessment. engagement methods, techniques for maximum impactThis is intended to help the individual where required. and results, instantly.gain better self understanding,which in turn will be very useful Transparent and FREE Advantage Access IS YOURfor personal development and Flexible Pricing Club Membership forimprovement. The fee for this All fees related to training will be Long-Term Supportassessment is NOT hidden under itemized and transparent to you We are committed to building anany other investments and is with no mark-up from third party on-going learning communitytherefore completely complimentary partners for requirements such as which allows you to network with COMPANYto training program participants. accommodation, off-site meeting fellow professionals, access learning venue reservation, etc. Training and business resources, and benefitContent Excellence programs can also be adjusted from sharing and exchangingAll training program content according to budget requirements experiences between members.undergo constant review and for flexibility. Participants will be automaticallyupdates to reflect the newest ideas, enrolled as a member in our RUN BY Albert Einstein describes an insanedevelopments and techniques, Expert Trainers premiere Advantage Access person as one who does the same thingsensuring content excellence. All training programs will be led Program for free and receive free and expect different results. You can notWhether it’s a 3-hour course or an and facilitated by subject matter resources including books, relevant expect breakthrough sales and businessintensive 3-day program, you will experts with proven track records. commentary and insights via our performance if you are doing the samebe exposed to the latest and most Our trainers and facilitators are e-newsletter, as well as heavily things you did. CRAZYrelevant skills and knowledge. professionals who add value through discounted or free access to selected the sharing of real-life experiences events and training programs. How can the same people with the same rather than just dispensation of skills do the same thing the same way and academic thoughts. You will be expect different results? furnished with the full profile of each PEOPLE? trainer prior to the commencement of the training program.
  • 4. Manager: No point training our people, it’ll be wasted on them Staff training and development should be regarded as an investment and not a cost. Research shows organizations that are willing toMethodology invest in developing their employees’ skills and aptitudes find itAccelerated Multi-Sensory much easier to attract and retain the best people.Results-based (AMSR) Training SystemThe AMSR Training System is a powerful cutting edgeteaching / learning methodology that integrates key principlesand distinctions from the practices of Quantum Learning,Systems Thinking, and Applied Behavioral & CognitivePsychology for a synergistic learning experience.This proven system dramatically increases rate of attention,comprehension and retention by fully engaging all senses Manager 2:throughout the training process. You will be exposed to a hostof creative, fun and colorful participatory learning techniquesfor maximum impact, instantly. …and these areUltimately, the AMSR Training System is geared towardsempowering you to generate critical and breakthough RESULTS. the people youApproach expected to goInductive and Deductive TeachingThe AMSR Training System appropriately utilizes a all out to beatcombination of relevant inductive (inquiry based) anddeductive (demonstrative) teaching approaches. your targets?
  • 5. THE PROCESS ResultsTRPSTraining Results Planning Session (TRPS)The objective of the TRPS is to understand, analyze and proposea training and development program that will best support, updateand enhance your personnel’s competencies and skills. IncreasedThis is where we will obtain your feedback on how best to customize Learning &the training program design and decide on the delivery that bestmeet your requirements. The value of this initiative will be fully re- Understandingalized when participants are engaged in the training program properas expectations will be appropriately managed for effective learning.Pre-TEPre-Training Evaluation (Pre-TE)Pre-TE identifies the experiences that the training participantsalready have and assesses the areas that require special attentionor focus during the identified training program. This is crucial insetting the culture, pace as well as tone and manner of sessionin order to create a training environment that generates maximumimpact for learning.TrainingPost-TE (1)Post-TE (2)Post-Training Evaluation (Post-TE)There will be two Post-TE sessions. The first will be conductedimmediately at the conclusion of the training program, duringwhich the training will be assessed against the objectives set. Affective Learning Behavioral Learning Cognitive LearningThe second Post-TE will be scheduled at a later date to follow Inculcation of conducive Development of skills and Acquisition of informationup on the assimilation and application of skills in the workplace attitudes and feelings competencies in actual and concepts in relationby participants. towards subject matter performance to content or context
  • 6. About theTraining Director Employers often say:Victor Loh is an accomplished award-winning marketer,entrepreneur, author, consultant and trainer. His reputationand brand are built on a successful track record of workingwith some of the most respected organizations in Asia.His work has impacted approximately 9 million consumers We don’t want to All staff trainingtranslating to over RM23 billion in sales and receivablesover the past 10 years. invest in staff training is a waste of timeAn MBA graduate in Strategic Management with an Honours only for people to and developmentdegree in Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Marketing and leave and join programs areInternational Business), Victor has experience in leadingand managing key portfolios that drive the business bottom another company expensiveline for financial, retail / consumers goods as well astechnology-related organizations.Victor brings tremendous value with his ability to combinestreet smarts with book smarts and delivers them in the mostinteresting and engaging manner. His focus in training,however, is always on empowering participants in histraining programs to make significant improvements intheir competencies that translate into RESULTS! His areaof passion in training lies in business and marketing related Buttopics as well as essential professional skills crucial forpersonal and professional success. have youVictor is a noted thought leader and is consistentlyfeatured in media platforms in various local and international thought about…media. He is a frequently requested speaker at conferencesand is the best selling author of the book “Upsides in aDownturn: Proven business strategies to survive any esrecession or tough times”. What if you don’t What would be cost train your people and to your business if they stay? How much your people are not more will they be able fully equipped to get to contribute to business or of service the business? customers well?
  • 7. Recommended When you can thrive in the toughest of economic or market conditions, you can survive and succeed in anyand required circumstance. This is the premise of UPSIDES in a Downturn: Proven Strategies to Succeed in any Recessionreading for SMEs or Tough Times. In this powerful and engaging book, award-winning marketer and trainer Victor Loh extensivelyand Corporations researched major recessions, downturns and slow downs from the Great Depression to the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, to unearth and distil the secrets of businesses and individuals that thrive in the midst of the toughest of times. UPSIDES in a Downturn: Proven Strategies to Succeed in any Recession or Tough Times outlines succinctly and clearly how you can take control of the situation and steer your company out of a downturn using tried and tested methods. Victor’s goal is to challenge readers to open their minds to sometimes unconventional ideas and think through relevant applications within their business context. l N ationa r! Some of the lessons from this lle Bestse book include: How to identify opportunities and upsides in any tough economic conditions Insights into how businesses survive and succeed in recession through more than 43 case studies. 26 highly applicable strategies covering the areas of marketing, customers, pricing, and organisational issues that will equip your business for growth — in good and bad times How successful companies and entrepreneurs think and approach business challenges during the worst of economic conditions What response you should take as an individual in order to overcome downturn threats Bulk purchase discounts available.