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504 wk7






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    504 wk7 504 wk7 Document Transcript

    • Victorious The  highly  flamable  edition   Pull  vs.  Push  systems   The  Kanban  system   Kaizen   Mass  Production    vs.    Lean  Production   …plus  so  much  more!   DELL SPECIAL              
    • CONTENTS  Meet  The  Team   Editor  in  Chief   Origin  Story   Simon  Ramsden     Managing  Editor   QUICKview   Lean  Production  explained  in  shape     Jay  Gada   and  color!     Executive  Editor     Shannie  Tu   SPECIAL       Dell   Creative  Director     Flavia  Vintila   Lean  Production     Ë The  Kanban  System  and  inventory   Copy  Editor   management   Emma  –Zhuo  Yi   Ë Push  vs.  Pull  systems   Ë Kaizen   Ë Lean  Production  vs.  Mass  Production   Ë Teamwork   Fact  Checker   Ivy  Huang  
    • LP has been described from two perspectives: 1st philosophical and is linked to the guiding principles and general objectives,2nd more practical, and is related to the management tools and techniques of which it is comprised.
    • 21   Kaizen   In  our  opinion,  Kaizen  is  a  great  method  to   Kaizen  was  created  in  Japan  following  World   make  the  companies  that  have  good  or  stable   War  II  and  it  means  "continuous   business  to  better  continuously,  not  just  meet   improvement",  so  it  came  from  Asia  accent.   the  current  situation.  In  general,  it  may  cause   Kaizen  is  a  system  that  improves  all  functions   firms  regression  without  innovation  and   continually,  and  involves  not  only  upper   improving.  However,  the  Kaizen  philosophy  is   management,  but  also  assembly  line  workers.   to  "do  it  better,  m ake  it  better,  and  improve  it   They  encourage  their  employees  to  write  down   even  if  it  isnt  broken,  because  if  we  dont,  we   improvement  suggestion  on  a  regular  basis,  for   cant  compete  with  those  who  do."     instance,  Canon  shared  and  implemented  the   suggestions  which  gotten  from  totally  60  to  70   There  two  successful  example  for  Kaizen.   employees  each  year.  The  main  target  focuses   Firstly,  the  appointed  U.S.  Secretary  of   on  sustaining  amendment  of  processes  in  order   Agriculture  Tom  Vilsack  recommended  Kaizen   to  better  improving  standardized  activities  and   to  the  U.S.  president  Obama  in  2009.  After   eliminate  waste  (lean  production)  in   Kaizen  was  used  into  the  U.S.  government,  the   manufacturing,  engineering,  and  business   government  reduced  wasteful  spending.  The   management.  Regarding  to  workers,  Kaizen  is  a   figure  showed  about  33%  of  annual   daily  process  to  decrease  excessive  hard  work   government  outlays  that  cost  totally  $3  trillion.   and  give  them  a  humane  workplace.     The  result  developed  immediately  plowed  back   into  economic  stimulus  programs  and  became   a  b enign  cycle  of  economic  growth.   Another  great  example  is  Fordyota  Motor   Corporation.  It  is  an  adventure  idea  that  Ford   and  Toyota  m erge  their  operations  for  as  long-­‐ tem  planning.  Both  of  them  aimed  to  establish     the  standardization  of  hybrids  as  the  vehicle  of   today,  and  decreased  unnecessary  research   The  examination  of  Kaizen  concludes  setting   and  development  the  fields  of  hybrids  and  fuel-­‐ norms  and  then  modifying  those  norms  all  the   efficient  vehicles  as  well  as  increased  quality   time.  In  order  to  keep  those  standards  on  an   across  the  supply  chain.  Finally,  Ford  was   on-­‐going  basis,  they  provide  straining,   successful  than  General  Motors  in  all  areas  and   materials  and  supervision  for  staffs  to  increase   raised  dramatically  the  adoption  of  lean   or  m aintain  their  ability.   manufacturing  practice  in  the  U.S.   manufacturing  industry.    
    •   BOOK Review The Machine That Changed the World is a well-written book that highlights comparisons and contrasts among automobile manufacturers. The book is written for a general audience interested in the topic of automobile production. A chronological history We find this book interesting of global automotive development and and quite closely linked to manufacture, from the industrial revolution to the issues discussed in this the present, provides many useful insights to installment of Victorious the technology educator. Among the most Secret as this is the book that made the term lean important of these insights are discussions of production known the origins and future of manufacturing worldwide.   technology. The book identifies "lean production" as a technology that is reshaping automobile manufacturing. While lean production may have originated in Japan under the concept of shared destiny, the authors emphasize that it is no longer confined to Japan. The book provides useful insights into integrated product design, supply, distribution, manufacturing, accounting, marketing, management, and concurrency, a fact which makes it particularly appealing to students Authors:   working on an essay or academics looking for a well-structured, well-developed piece of James  P.  Womack   litrature. Daniel  T.  Jones   Daniel  Rood