What Life is all About
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  • 1. Ecclesiastes 11:1 – 12:14
  • 2. The book of Ecclesiastes (in thebible) gives King Solomon’sexperiences when trying to find life“under the sun”.And Solomon realized that life wasnot monotonous but filled withchallenging situations from God,each in its own time and each forhis own purpose.
  • 3. He also learn that wealth couldbe enjoyed and employed to theglory of God.Now let’s look at the question,what life is all about?
  • 4. CHALLENGE: Live by FaithHere Solomon used two activities to illustratehis point: The merchant sending out his ships. (v. 1- 2) The farmer sowing his seed. (v. 3-4)REMEMBER:Life has a certain amount of risk to it, andthat’s where faith comes in.
  • 5. CHALLENGE: Enjoy it!In order to do this we must obey theseinstructions: A.) Rejoice (v. 11:7 -9 ) B.) Remove (v. 10) The word translated “sorrow” means vexation, inner pain, anxiety. C.) Remember (v. 12:1-8) It means “pay attention to, consider with the intention of obeying”
  • 6. Keepers of the House – Your arms andhands tremble.Strong men – Your legs, knees, andshoulders weaken and you walk bentover.Grinders – You start to lose your teeth.Windows – Your visions begins todeteriorate.Doors – Either your hearing starts tofail, or you loose your mouth becauseyou’ve lost your teeth.
  • 7. Rise up – We wake up with the birdsearly each morning, and wish youcould sleep longer.Music – Your voice starts to quiver andweaken.Afraid – You are terrified of heights andafraid of falling while you walk downthe street.
  • 8. Almond tree – If you have any hair left,it turns white, like almond blossomsLong home – You go to your eternal(long) home and people mourn yourdeath.Enjoy Life not Enjoy Sin!
  • 9. CHALLENGE: Fear God!We don’t own our lives, because life isthe gift of God (Acts 17:24-25)Some people are only spending theirlives.Others are wasting their lives.Few are investing their lives.
  • 10. The measure of life is not its duration but itsdonation.If our lives are to count, we must fulfill threeobligations: A.) Fear God (v. 13) B.) Keep his commandments (v. 13) C.) Prepare for final judgment (v. 14)
  • 11. When you look at life “under the sun”everything does seem vain; But whenyou know Jesus Christ as your saviour,“your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”Invest your life to God!