Smart chip company


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Smart chip company

  1. 1. Smart Chip Company; Value Chain Victoria Rock Unit 5DB The six requirements for Value Chain Management can be used to help this company remaincompetitive. There are specific benefits that effective value chain management which can bringimproved procurement, improved logistics, enhanced customer order management, and improvedproduct development.(netMBA, 2010) By using the six requirements of value chain management, SmartChips Company can benefit. The first step is coordination and collaboration. (Robbins, S., Coulter, M., 2011) Smart ChipsCompany should have close coordination and collaboration with its suppliers, dealers, and customers.With close coordination and collaboration with suppliers, they will be able to get supplies at the lowerprice and more appropriate time. Having this same close coordination with their dealers and customers,they will be able to manufacture chips which are required to make timely and accurate deliveries. Thesecond step, investment in information technology will allow Smart Chips Company to remain in closecoordination with its suppliers and customers. By allowing closer coordination and collaboration, it willenable them to match customer needs more closely. (Robbins, S., Coulter, M., 2011) Another step would be in the organizational processes. These processes should be supported bycross functional teams that will enable the streamline of processes allowing them to be more flexibleand responsive to the customers’ needs. An important component is a committed leadership whichshould provide direct support to the process and insure that it is continually improved. (Robbins, S.,Coulter, M., 2011) After this they should adapt flexible and adaptable jobs, and capable employees.Flexible jobs allow the employees to be responsive to the needs of the market and changes incompetition. In order to have capable employees, they need to make sure their recruitment, training,development, and promotion policies are geared towards developing high quality employees. Finallythey should develop a supportive organizational culture that not only supports its employees, but alsothe policies and strategies of the company. The employee’s attitudes towards the market place shouldbe that of supporting the company’s products and developing collaboration with dealers and customers.(Robbins, S., Coulter, M., 2011) In the long run by using the components of value chain management, the Smart Chips Company willbe able to compete with clone chips and manage to earn attractive profits, increase the length of timebetween its launch and the appearance of clone chips, erect barriers with information technology,reduce cost, and use its flexible employees and responsiveness
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