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Crafts unlimited

  1. 1. • To sell you quality products at rates you can afford.• To be available for you 24/7• To have a wide range of projects• Our projects are fun for all ages• To provide a Secure shopping experience
  2. 2. We have fun memorable keepsakes you canmake with your kids! A true Christmastradition!!
  3. 3. Are you a teen? Are you grounded for spring break? Or for thesummer? You won’t get bored with these fun and easy to docrafts!! Make Jewelry for next year! Or make a plane withyour younger siblings! Or make something for mom!!
  4. 4. We have a variety of crafts for young girls or older teens that they will LOVE to do ---------------------------------------------------------------------She is craving her privacy and Does she love being around herjewelry like no other. Or is she friends? Is she experimentingwanting to “Organize” her room? with jewelry or cloths?Are you and her sick of “the earphone cable twisters”?
  5. 5. Boys like experimenting right? Help themfind what they want to try next. From remotecontrolled cars, planes, boats, helicopters ormodel rockets that they can build themselves Or they can build and use their own skateboards (with ramps) and surfboards! That again they build themselves!
  6. 6. Crafts Unlimited is a newly establishedon line store, created by crafters forcrafters of all ages. We are committedto providing the most complete craftand hobby store around by providingtop quality products at affordable pricesfor all your craft and hobby needs.
  7. 7. Crafts Unlimited will revolve aroundbringing parents, children, and friendstogether creating projects that will alloweveryone of all ages a chance to grow,learn, and express their imaginationswith skill and originality.
  8. 8. We will provide a wide range of products from;scrap booking, beading, arts & crafts of allkinds, to radio controlled trains, planes, andautomobiles, as well as educational projects forthe young scientific mind. Our prices will below and affordable for all.
  9. 9. We will provide knowledgeable andfriendly associates through live chat aswell as instructional books in order tooffer a shopping experience like noother that will inspire our customers topursue their creative goals.
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