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  • Fat tissue does not have as much water as lean tissue.In adult women, fat makes up more of the body than men, so they have about 55% of their bodies made of water. Fat men also have less water (as a percentage) than thin men.
  • • In 2003, the California Department of Conservation estimated that roughly three million water bottles are trashed every day in that state. At this rate, by 2013 the amount of unrecycled bottles will be enough to create a two-lane highway that stretches the state's entire coast.

Vollara Vollara Presentation Transcript

  • Health and Environmental Challenges
    Cancer, cardio-vascular diseases, asthma, allergies, weight management, etc.
    Outdoor and indoor pollutions
    Water we drink is very acidic and has been altered
    Food we eat is poor in vitamins and minerals and has conservatives
  • What is Wellness?
    Live longer and healthier life
    Achieve freedom and peace of mind in your personal life
    No debts and financial stability
    Safer environment
  • Our Company
    Aerus Holdings: 85-year-old company
    Recognized as 39th largest direct selling company in the world
    Stellar management team with decades of experience and success
    Top 100 privately owned companies in Dallas-Fort Worth (Dallas Morning News)
    Global commitment and strategy
    Culture that is welcoming, nourishing and generous
    Corporate Headquarters
    Dallas, Texas
    Manufacturing Facility
    Bristol, Virginia
  • Elite scientist and world-renowned professorsOur in-house team of experts and esteemed Medical and Scientific Advisory Board guide, test and research every component of every technology to ensure the delivery of best-in-class nutraceuticals for Uncompromising Health
    Richard G. Urso, MD
    The leading ocular oncologist at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Number one in his graduating class in both medicine and surgery.
    James Marsden, PhD Associate Director of the National Agriculture Biosecurity Center at Kansas State University. Advisor to US Homeland Security on biological threats.
    Richard Atkinson, MD
    Past president and co-founder of the American Obesity Association. He discovered AD-36 as the obesity virus.
    Martin Schalling, MD/PhD
    Professor of Neurogenetics at the Karolinska Institute (Swedish organization that awards Nobel Prizes in medicine). Leading researcher on immune systems and obesity.
  • Exclusive, Innovative Products
    Vital and unique products
    Exclusive and Innovative
    Certificated by Nasa Space technology
    Easy for everyday use
  • Uncompromising Health
    Who wants to be partially healthy? Nobody!
    The Essential Foundation
    We are unique… our products cover most health challenges that people face could be positively influenced by these essential products.
  • FreshAir
    FreshAir with ActivePure uses natural processes found in thunderstorms, sunlight and lightning to clean indoor air and safely reduce contaminants on surfaces
  • FreshAir
    Contaminants Common in EVERY Home
    After 8 hours with FreshAir
  • FreshAir
    Vollara’s Uncompromising Health™ Technologies
    Take control of your indoor air quality with an indoor air purification system so superior it leverages technology developed by NASA for the space station.
    • airborne contaminants and allergens - reducing asthma and allergy symptoms for a healthier body
    • odors , dirt and dust from the air to make cleaning easier
    Even the Pentagon relied on multiple FreshAir systems to combat the challenges of removing air contaminants in the aftermath of 9/11.
  • LivingWater™
  • Your Body
    Percentage of Water
    How Hydrated
    Are You?
    Brain - 85.5%
    Bone - 22%
    Kidney - 82.7%
    Muscle - 75.6%
    Blood - 90.7%
    RC Rev 17 5-25-2010
  • About Hydration
    At Birth
    We are approximately 95 % water
    by weight
    Our pH is neutral, around 7.2
    As We Age
    We become about 50% water by weight
    Our pH becomes acidic
    RC Rev 17 5-25-2010
  • About Dehydration
    Cornell Medical Center Study (1998)
    75% of Americans have symptoms of chronic dehydration
    In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak,
    it’s often mistaken for hunger
    Mild dehydration can slow metabolism as much as 3%
    Dehydration is the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue
    A 2% drop in hydration can trigger fuzzy short-term
    memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing
    So should you just drink more water?
    RC Rev 17 5-25-2010
  • LivingWater pH
    Your body’s pH level should be around 7.365 to be balanced
    Tap water or bottled water will not help to balance your alkaline levels.
    The ONLY way to maintain a balanced pH level is to introduce real alkaline water into your system
    Tap Water (7.0)
    Purified Water (5.5)
    Coffee/Tea (5.0)
    Tomato Juice (4.0)
    Orange Juice (3.5)
    Soda (3.0)
  • Purified Water vs. Alkaline Water
    Has MAJOR potential energy
    Electrons to donate
    Major anti-oxidant
    Dead water Living water
    No potential energy –
    Steals energy
    Has no electrons to donate
    No anti-oxidant benefit
  • LivingWater is EcoFriendly
    Last year, Americans spent more on bottled water
    than on iPods and movies… $15 BILLIONS
    Last year,wepitched more than$30 BILLIONS water
    bottles into landfills… over a BILLIONS dollars worth.
    Only 9% of plastic water bottles are recycled.
    RC Rev 17 5-25-2010
  • The Effects Of Acidity
    Dehydration is a symptom of a condition
    called Acidosis…
    Cells and organs function best at a pH of 7.3 - 7.4
    Most “Western” Diet foods produce acidic wastes
    Acidic wastes are manageable in a healthy body
    Acidic wastes accumulate with a
    constant diet of bad foods and
    acidic beverages
    RC Rev 17 5-25-2010
  • “Water” vs. “LivingWater”
  • LivingWater
    • Utilizing Direct Disk Ionization™ (DDI) technology, LivingWater is a revolutionary approach to water ionization
    • Patented technology with exclusive world-wide rights
    • Powerful defense in the fight against the effects of aging
    • Provides acid-buffering alkalinewater for drinking and cooking, right at the faucet
    • Acidic water for cleaning without chemicals
    ½ the price and FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than our competitor’s unit
  • LaundryPure
    A Healthier
    Way To Do Laundry
    No hot water
    No laundry detergents
    No bleach
    No fabric softener
  • Re:Plenish
    “Youth in a Bottle”
    Product of an American family farm
    Supports healthy inflammation response
    “itis” = inflammation hurts us
    ORAC 3764 in 2oz. Serving
    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Re:Fuel
    “So much more than a multi-vitamin that it belongs in a category of its own”
    Replenish essential nutrients
    Promote energy and stamina
    Deliver vital enzymes necessary for proper digestion and nutrient utilization
    Provide potent antioxidants that protect against free radicals
    Restore healthy bacteria and support the growth of probiotic flora for digestive support
    Metabolize fat and support healthy blood sugar levels
    • Albion™ - best absorbed minerals
    • pH specific – broad-spectrum enzymes
    • Billions of stabilized flora
    • Clinically shown to improve digestion
    • NSF Certified for Sport
    • Includes 2,400 IU Vitamin D3
    Guarantees cellular delivery
    Consistent with natural laws
    Organic, vegetable-based capsules
    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Re:Sist Clinical and Laboratory Tests
    Human study showed marked improvement in immune system function.
    ImmuXT is up to 1,000 times more active than other natural ingredients.
    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Price list
  • 59.99$
  • Business Part
    Build Your Tomorrow Today
    We will be back in 15 minutes
  • What’s Your Dream?
  • Employee
  • “There are 3 keys to success in any business.”
    Quote from Bill GatesFounder of
    Being in the right place at the right time
    Having the vision to see where an industry is going
    Taking both immediate and massive action
  • 2012
  • Joseph P. Urso
    Founder, Chairman & CEO
    Visionary leader with a proven track record
    More than 30 years of experience
    Member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association
  • Traditional business
    Manufacturers-> Advertisers-> Retail Distribution-> CUSTOMER
    Vollara manufactures and ships direct to CUSTOMER
    RESULTS: Higher quality products
    Savings and better value
    Revenue sharing for word of mouth referrals
  • Compensation Plan and Rewards
    Retail Sales and Profits
    Fast Start Bonuses
    Team Bonus
    Executive Level Matching Bonus (Silver Rank)
    G.M.I (Silver Rank)
    Luxury Car Program (Gold Rank)
    And many others rewards as you advance
  • Superdeal
    Super Deal
    Super Deal
  • FastStart Essentials Plus Pack
    LivingWater to enhance the benefits of fresh water
    FreshAir to purify and clean your environment
    LaundryPure for a low-cost, natural way to clean your clothes
    2 months supply included
    Re:Sist to support your cells
    Re:Fuel to nourish your cells
    Re:Plenish to rejuvenate your cells
    Retail price 3935.99$
    Super Deal 1997.00$
    Silver Rank
  • Internet Technology
    Active use of internet technology
    Owen web store
    It’s easy
    Everyone can do it
    It’s global
  • Tools and Resources
  • John Doe
    Active 9849329 | AV:100
  • John,
    John Doe
  • Our leaders:
  • Our leaders:
  • 2011 Car Bonus Program
    • Qualified Gold Level or above for two consecutive Bonus Cycles
    • $250 Car Bonus every Bonus Cycle you qualify at the Gold level or above…that’s 13 cycles/year @ $250 = $3250….
    • An additional $250 for a total of $500 Car Bonus paid when you show proof of a new/used car lease or purchase after your first car qualification date ($6500 per year)
    • An additional $100 for a total of $600 Car Bonus paid when the new/used car you lease or purchase is a hybrid. ($7800 per year)
  • Career Level Qualifications