Information Security: Effects On Businesses and Consumers


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Information Security: Effects On Businesses and Consumers

  1. 1. INFORMATIONSECURITYEffects On Businesses And ConsumersVictoria McIntyre
  2. 2. “As more businesses rely oninformation technology to createefficiency, computer security threatswill continue to rise and substantiallyimpact consumer security in a varietyof ways.”
  3. 3. What measures are being taken by businesses?
  4. 4. Money vs.Computer Security
  5. 5. Business Measures• Cut corners to make cost-saving measures – Waste of money and time• Focus too much on themselves to worry about potential for hackers to steal consumer information• Try to use efficiency through “shortcuts” – Shortcuts often costly
  6. 6. Result of Business Measures• Ignorance to true level of difficulty for hackers to steal personal information• Careless employees – No time/consideration into clicking on suspicious links• 2006 study – Out of 7818 businesses, 67% reported being hacked that year
  7. 7. How easy is it for information to be hacked?
  8. 8. Ease of Hacking• Just about anyone can create a computer virus – In just one Youtube search, over 30,000 videos relating to making computer viruses can be found • Typically “small-scale” viruses, but the very basis for “large-scale” viruses • Free “practice” for larger viruses • Creates interest for performing viruses on others• Simple software could potentially cause great damage to a large system ($100-300) ($1,000,000) – Information exposing flaws to programs like Internet Explorer or Microsoft Word –
  9. 9. How is information hacked and how does this affect businesses and consumers?
  10. 10. Hacking Methods• Posing as legitimate software for download• Individuals/small businesses being attacked more frequently than large corporations – Chain of attacks• Hackers hold victims at ransom – Threaten to delete files if victims did not pay ransom• Stock market manipulation
  11. 11. 2/3 to 3/4 of all computer crime withina business somehow involves anemployee of that business.
  12. 12. Consumer Information Hacked• Name• Credit Card Number• Telephone Number• Address• Social Security Number
  13. 13. Result of Hacked Consumers• Consumers at risk for: – Fraud – Identity theft – Scams• Consumers lose trust for company
  14. 14. What is being done to prevent hacking?
  15. 15. Business Actions• Companies put forth plenty of money- ensure information safety• No information put over a network will ever be entirely safe – No security software will ever be powerful enough to completely eliminate threats – Hackers move at faster technological pace than businesses – Difficult to track any and all viruses that could harm system
  16. 16. Federal Government Action• Restrictions set forth in terms of “spirit of the law”• Rights of citizens protected – “Illegal search and seizure” prohibited – People cannot be their own witnesses• Attempts to ensure citizens’ right to privacy
  17. 17. It is often difficult to track the source of thecrime because hackers could be in a group,multiple but separate hackers could beinvolved, or the hacker(s) could remaincompletely anonymous.
  18. 18. What should/should not be done to prevent hacking?
  19. 19. Do Not Avoid Computers Altogether• Avoiding the internet does not solve problem• Government control over the internet does not solve problem – Makes matters worse- violate privacy of people
  20. 20. Education• Safe internet navigation• Risks/consequences of irresponsible computer usage or theft• How to defend potential attack if one were to occur
  21. 21. Business Investments• Investing in quality security software is expensive, but saves money in long run• Strategize in preparation for attack on security• Hiring IT specialist/security firm – Assures- business will have knowledgeable individuals in field of information technology and security
  22. 22. How does this apply to everyone?
  23. 23. Application• Everyone is: – Consumer – Affected by technology• Businesses are integrating technology more into their systems at rapid rate – Technological dependence• Newer, more complicated viruses developed daily
  24. 24. The great realms of information technologyhold a wealth of potential in the future forbusiness, but the only way that businessescan be affected by this is through the securityof its technical infrastructures.
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