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RSVP Show 2011 - Networking 101 Seminar
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RSVP Show 2011 - Networking 101 Seminar


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Networking 101 Seminar - How to work the room (& the inboc) presented by Becky Eatough and Victoria Smith from Triggerfish Communications and Michael Hislop founder of The PA Club

Networking 101 Seminar - How to work the room (& the inboc) presented by Becky Eatough and Victoria Smith from Triggerfish Communications and Michael Hislop founder of The PA Club

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  • It may that people want to network to sell, looking for a new job, meet people with similar interests or merely just to meet nice people You may only have 2 mins with someone so it is v. important to make an impression – to be memorable & to really stand out Were not saying everyone should come to events dressed like this... Activity: Pair Share: "Pair off with someone you don't know, find 3 things that you have in common but which are not obvious." Allow for two minutes of time, then report out.
  • Social media is a phrase being used a lot these days The best way to define social media is to break it down. Media is an instrument of communication, like a newspaper or the radio so social media is a social instrument of communication one which involves interaction
  • We appreciate you have different knowledge/experiences....some may have good... What are goal is today is hopefully for you all to leave this seminar with the motivation to embrace social media as a networking tool Networking via Social media channels is becoming more and more popular obvs we appreciate traditional networking events are still exceptionally important However we believe social media now runs alongside the traditional type of networking the two can work together We are going to focus on the two social networking tools which we think are the most beneficial for you
  • Linkedin is a business-focused social networking site that launched in 2003 - FREE Its main purpose is to help people network professionally. Obviously we appreciate that there are those of you who may be complete Linkedin novices and that some of you might be Linkedin extraordinaires QUE - How many of you have a Linkedin profile? How many of you feel that you are using Linkedin to its full potential?
  • He is highlighting the fact that we are now able to network INTERNATIONALLY Linkedin is there to help you succeed!
  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network If we look at the stats here the biggest age of users is 35-54 year olds
  • Dating website for business – connecting you with colleagues, business partners, potential business partners and reconnect with people you have lost touch with – it even suggests people you may know – adding them to your network. Spying – one of the most common uses of Facebook has been to check up on exes etc. Linkedin allows us to do a bit competitor analysis as well as checking up on ex colleagues etc. Rolodex (0nline) - LinkedIn does the hard work for you, it helps keep you organised as it’s like having 500 business cards there when you need them – also can see when someone moves jobs. Vanity – a chance to promote your company, product or indeed yourself – lots of job opportunities as well as business opps. (a chance to show off!)
  • Key Features Profile – your online CV – intro to yourself, chance to stand out – recommendations. Your profile page can list your education, past work history, current and past projects, groups and associations, and more. Users can also forward your profile page to contacts on their lists. Groups – ask questions, comment, offer a service/opinion – again a chance to be noticed by the right people Jobs – A section devoted to job adverts, more and more employers/recruitment etc use Linkedin Events – Can make it visible what events you will be attending, you can invite people to an event you are organising LinkedIn also make recommendations of all of these for you Obviously we appreciate we do not have the time today to show you everything Linkedin offers & it is constantly evolving
  • There are lots of groups available...linkedin automatically suggests groups which might be of interest to you On the left hand side here you can see a small selection of the type of groups which are available to join on Linkedin Groups are a good way for people to discuss relevant issues and to network but also to stay up to date with industry trends And on the right and side there is an example of a discussion feed from a group called ‘Event Planning & Event Management’ this discussion had around 60 responses from members of the group
  • No set rules – people do abuse LinkedIn and use too intrusively Conversation – it’s a 2 way thing, personalise your messages to people Contribution – have something interesting to say, don’t advertise and don’t spam Transparency - Be honest & be yourself, don’t lie on your profile to make yourself look more experienced Community – introduce people who might benefit each other, v.easy feature – can also share a profile Medium of communication – if you only know someone via linkedin, only communicate with them via linkedin/email – ask before you phone – v.intrusive
  • Introductions to people in your extended network through your mutual contact (extended network) – don’t take it personally if somebody doesn’t do this when you ask. If there is anybody to introduce you, See whether you have any shared connections – members of any mutual groups, attending mutual events – this is a way in If this fails then send a personalised introduction via invite Recommendations –
  • Icons – very easy Recommendations - don’t blanket everyone asking for one – be selective - best way to get one is to recommend other Applications – slide share etc – help to generate interest Updates - at least once a day
  • Hopefully you have all at least heard of Twitter Who here has a Twitter account? Who here uses it for work/pleasure?
  • Twitter has quickly risen to become the web's most popular "micro-blogging" site. Microblogging is a new form of communication in which users can describe their current status in short posts
  • This is an example of a twitter stream taken from the RSVP show As you can see here all of the updates are all rather short this is because they need to be 140-characters-or-less Get more followers and poss attendees
  • The answer to this question is both! Essentially people use Twitter to talk about their daily activities and to seek or share information or share experiences and this can be done from both a personal and professional perspective
  • Ok how can you promote an event using twitter Is there anyone here who has used Twitter to promote an event? Its important to note the examples we’re about to show you can also be very useful if you are attending an event as well. Tweeting from an event – eg photo
  • users with similar intentions connect with each other and one way users on Twitter do this is through using hash tags Hashtags are used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet Hashtags can occur anywhere in the Tweet As you can see here people use the hashtag symbol before relevant keywords in their Tweet
  • If we take the RSVP show as an example ‘#RSVP11’ RSVP have created and used this hashtag to start a trending topic surrounding the show – this hash tag can be used before during and after an event Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all other Tweets in that category.
  • As you can see here once you have clicked on the hashtagged word it takes to a stream of tweets which also include this hashtagged word Once you have tweeted on your account using a hashtag anyone who does a search for that hashtag can also see that tweet not just your followers so its a good way to introduce you other people on twitter And as you can see from this stream it is great brand awareness for the show - people can see who will be going and what will be available
  • You need a twitter account before you can create the hash tag for your event Inevitably you will still get people tweeting about your event without including the # so its important to do a search as well to see who may be tweeting about it
  • So to conclude ... Tweeting about events can be useful both from a organisers point of view and as an attendee as well Give example ‘I saw you tweeted about the event” Obviously we cant guarantee every tweet will be positive however it does give you an opportunity to respond/be reactive
  • Social Media is really something you can NOT ignore. It is NOT a fad! It’s about sharing information and connecting with people And who here can honestly say this not a goal in our professional lives Dont just rely on Linkedin use it as a tool to further your networking capabilities
  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • Triggerfish Communications, April 2011
      Michael Hislop Becky Eatough Victoria Smith Networking 101 – How to work the room (& the inbox)
    • 2. Introduction to networking - Exercise What is social media? How to grow and manage your professional network using LinkedIn How to promote your networking event using Twitter How to effectively use networking events – by Michael Hislop Networking 101 – How to work the room (& the inbox)
    • 3.
      • Why should I network
      T he power of networking
    • 4. Social Media
    • 5.
      • What is social media
    • 6.
      • Social media
    • 7. How to grow and manage your professional network using:
    • 8. What is LinkedIn?
    • 9.   ‘ You no longer have to live in the same city — or even the same country — to build and strengthen relationships that can help you succeed and grow professionally. We’re now growing at roughly one million new members a week, the equivalent of a professional joining the site at faster than one per second. Our ultimate goal is to connect all of the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.’ Quote from LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner:
    • 10. LINKEDIN DEMOGRAPHICS 2011 Credits: Amodiovalerio Verde
    • 11. How it’s useful to you
    • 12. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.
    • 13. Interesting groups
    • 14. LinkedIn etiquette
      • Conversation
      • Contribution
      • Transparency
      • Community
      Stick to the medium of communication unless permission is given to use a different form
    • 15.
      • Making new contacts
      • Request an introduction via mutual contact
      • Or
      • Members of a mutual group or event ?
      • Personalise your invitation, introduce yourself
      • Don’t add people you don’t know without saying why
      LinkedIn Etiquette
    • 16. How to make your profile stand out
      • Add profile link to signature and website
      • Get recommendations
      • Add applications to profile to share expertise
      • Regular status updates
    • 17. How to promote your networking event using...
    • 18.
      • Twitter is a real-time information
      • network that connects you to the
      • latest information about what
      • you find interesting .
    • 19.  
    • 20.
      • Should I use Twitter for business or pleasure?
    • 21.
      • Why should I tweet about an event?
    • 22. # Hashtags
    • 23.
      • Can be used to:
      • Collect ideas
      • Ask questions
      • Share an experience
      • Network
      • Find events
      • Search for hot topics
      # Hashtags
    • 24. So how can # tags help you to promote an event?
    • 25. Results for #RSVP11
    • 26. How do I tell people about this hash tag
      • On your Twitter account
      • When you email or send out the initial invitation
      • In every update you send to your attendees
    • 27.
      • Helps you as an organiser to help people to network before, during and after an event
      • Gives people the chance to meet, even before an event
      • Gives the organiser an avenue
      • to gain feedback
      • Creates a conversation starter
    • 28.
      • The value of social media depends on how well you execute it! You should be in it for the long haul
      • A lot of businesses are using social media as a broadcast mechanism instead of a tool to engage people
      • Remember that networking via social media is just a tool. Don’t forget the value of face-to-face
      Social Media Conclusion