Baidu sem introduction in english


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Baidu Tuiguang (search + content), Baidu Tongji backend introduction & comparison.
Baidu SEM optimization checklist.

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  • Very interesting.Confirms what I heard about the lack of control around Wangmeng's content network.
    How do you deal with so many search engines in play? Are there any integrated platforms to manage them in a combined way?
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Baidu sem introduction in english

  1. 1. Baidu SEM IntroVictoria LeeThursday 23rd May 2013
  2. 2. Search Content Baidu TongjiComparison&RelationUseful Links
  3. 3. Comparison&Relation
  4. 4. Comparison & Relation:Baidu Tuiguang VS Baidu Tongjiin general• Tuiguang is like Google Adwords• Tongji is like Google Analytics• They could be combined as Google Adwords combined with Google Analytics
  5. 5. Comparison & Relation:Baidu Tuiguang VS Baidu Tongjiconversion & codes• Tuiguang & Tongji both can set conversion goals and generate codes• Tuiguang codes generally put on “thank you page”, Tongji codes put on every pageof the website.• The conversion setting are shared between the 2, which means when you set upcoversions in Tongji, you can also see that in Tuiguang• The codes are shared, too, which means the codes you generate from Tongji will bethe same if you generate in Tuiguang.
  6. 6. Back-end OverviewOnce Log in, Baidu TuiGuang & Baidu Tongji are here.Search & display entrance are in red frame.
  7. 7. Comparison & Relation:Baidu Search VS Baidu ContentBaidu Search• ad formats: text• Show up on: SERPs• Targeting: location (provinces & municipalities)Baidu Content• ad formats: text, banner, banner + text• Show up on: websites that join Baidu Wangmeng, counterpart of Google Adsense(• Targeting: location (provinces, specific cities of provinces, districts of municipalities)DifferencesSamePay per click
  8. 8. Search
  9. 9. Search-Optimization ToolsNew user can optimize according to Baidu tools for:• Mobile ads• Keyword Quality Score• New Keywords Ideas• Schedule Suggestion• Important keywords real-time performance• Clicks Competition Situation
  10. 10. Search-Market IntelligenceThis function is helpful, it gives you idea of traffic & competition situation forclient’s industry on Baidu search advertising.E.g:• what is the traffic share of the client’s industry among all other industries .• The client’s current traffic share in this industry among all other competitors.
  11. 11. Search-Ads ManagementRed:Campaign, Adgoups, Ads, Keywords, Advanced Ads Formats(Favicon, Promotaion page)Yellow:Operations (pause/enable/delete, add new campaigns etc.)
  12. 12. Search-Tools BoxFrom Left to Right:1. Optimization Suggestions (counterpart of Google Opportunities > Ideas)2. Data Report (impression, click, CTR, cost, ranking etc.)3. Real time (very good tool for checking keywords ranking without trigger our real ads)4. History operation (convenient to check what have been done to the account)5. Keywords tool (help you find new keywords)6. Estimate tool (estimate keywords daily search volume, clicks, ranking)7. Search Terms (help us add negative keywords, find new keywords)8. Conversion Setting Up (generate codes to put on thank you page)
  13. 13. Search-Other Settings 1From Left to Right:1. Basic Setting (not very useful unless Baidu optimize the account for you)2. IP exclusion (counterpart of Google Analytics’s IP filters)3. Advanced IP exclusion (Exclude the IP address of certain ranges)4. Keywords Location Extension (E.g: target location is SH, but when someone out of SH searches keyword + SH, then he/shewill still see our ads.)
  14. 14. Search-Other Settings 2A.Bid for keywords to show on mobile devices (at least 20% of the bid for PC)B.You can put the hotline number to show up together with text ads on mobile SERPs.C.Baidu tools to make mobile sites: SiteApp & Business CardsA BC
  15. 15. 1. Client Industry & Products2. Client Goals (Sales or Branding or Both)3. Client KPI, how to measure success (amount of registration, calls, sales / Cost per registration, call,sales / ROI )4. Client website conversion friendly or not (opening speed, process of conversion, structure, etc.)5. Conversion setting up & Test6. Keywords: bid / cost / CTR / ranking / bounce rate / conversion rate / cost per conversion7. URL: relevant to keyword & ads8. Ads: relevant to keyword & landing page / CTR / Display URL / Destination URL9. Match type: exact / phrase / broad10.Schedule11.Location12.BudgetSearch-Optimize Checklist
  16. 16. Content
  17. 17. Content-Entrance
  18. 18. Content-Ads ManagementRed:Campaign, Adgoups, Ads, Placement, Interest, Keywords, DimensionYellow:Operations (pause/enable/delete/change URL in bulk)Black:Add new Campaign
  19. 19. Content-ToolsFrom Left to Right:1. Placement Select Tool2. History Operation Record3. Offline Time Check4. Ads Preview5. Conversion Tracking Setup6. Audience Setup7. Copy Adgroup
  20. 20. Content-Other SettingsThis is to exclude the placement, interest,keywords, audience, IP that you don’t want.
  21. 21. Content-Targeting-Interest• Click in any ad group• Choose “受众描述”(audience definition)• Choose Interest or combination of interest
  22. 22. Content-Targeting-Keyword• Click in any ad group• Choose “受众描述”(audience definition)• Choose “关注指定关键词” (keywords targeting)• Put in keywords that the potential customers are searching, viewing & searched• Choose cookies valid days (3 - 30days)
  23. 23. Content-Targeting-RMT(page)• Click in any ad group• Choose “受众描述”(audience definition)• Choose “到访过特定网页”(people who visit certain pages)• Choose the audience you set up previously or set up new audience
  24. 24. Content-Targeting-RMT(click)• Click in any ad group• Choose “受众描述”(audience definition)• Choose “点击过搜索推广” (people who clicked Baidu search ads)• Choose Baidu search campaigns• Choose cookies valid days (3 - 30 days)
  25. 25. 1. Client Industry & Products2. Client Goals (Sales or Branding or Both)3. Client KPI, how to measure success (amount of registration, calls, sales / Cost per registration, call,sales / ROI )4. Client website conversion friendly or not (opening speed, process of conversion, structure, etc.)5. Conversion Setting up & Test6. Banner / Text / Banner + Text Ads: relevant to landing page7. Targeting: use different targeting wisely8. Ranking: a good ranking of ads is a base of what happens afterwards9. Placements: CTR / conversion / cost/ cost per conversion10.Schedule11.Location12.BudgetContent-Optimize Checklist
  26. 26. BaiduTongji
  27. 27. Baidu Tongji-Entrance
  28. 28. Baidu Tongji-Intro2 key parts of Baidu Tongji:1. “报告” (report)2. “网站中心” (website centre)
  29. 29. Baidu Tongji-Website CentreRed-Codes• Code generation• Code Implementation check• Code auto implementationBlack-Admin• Access panel• Baidu Tongji Logo display setup• Report send set upYellow-Goals:• Webpage• Event• Time spend onsite• Track ads from other channelsBlueAdd new website
  30. 30. Baidu Tongji-Report 1Red-Baidu SEM• Tunnel• Baidu SEM overview• Baidu search• Baidu display• LP opening speedBlack-Source• All source• Search engine• Matched search query• External linksYellow-Trend• Real-time visitor• Data of today• Data of yesterday• Data of past 30 days
  31. 31. Baidu Tongji-Report 2Red-Page Analysis• Visited pages• Visited page domain• Landing pages• Clicks thermal map• Page upstream &downstreamBlack-CustomizationAnalysis• Sub channels• Conversion paths• Track ads of other media(sina, google, edm, etc.)• Event• Customization conversionYellow-Visitor Analysis• Location / Geo• Operating System• New / old visitors• Demography• LoyaltyBlue-Optimization Analysis• SEO suggestion• Specified keyword performance• Pages indexation• Webpage open-up speed check• Change of traffic from differentsources, search terms, externals
  32. 32. Baidu Tongji: what could be useful for SEM 1Trend:Baidu Tongji can give a more detailed situation of differentconversions from different channels to compare results.
  33. 33. Baidu Tongji: what could be useful for SEM 2Trend-matched search query:• Find new keywords• See bounce rate & avg. time on site of keywords to optimize
  34. 34. Baidu Tongji: what could be useful for SEM 3Audience Management:(some account doesn’t have it. The url for that is:• Demography – good to use for content targeting• Geography – good to use for content targeting• Interest– good to use for content targeting• Loyalty• Conversions
  35. 35. Useful Links
  36. 36. Learning Centre Centre Centre Certificate Centre
  37. 37. VIELEN DANKE!Made