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Skanska presentation Skanska presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Carbon Management –A Contractors Perspective UKs Greenest ConstructionPeter Jones Company (The Sunday Times Best GreenDesign Director Companies Awards 2010)Skanska UK -
  • “We are determined to be the leading green project developer and contractor. The demand is in the market place. It is: - A great business opportunity - Right for the planet - Attractive for our people”Johan Karlström, October 2010President and CEOSkanska AB
  • What we are doing at Business level?
  • Listening to our Clients - What green products or services wouldyou like us to focus on in the next 2-4 years? Green Products and Services Num ber of Responses 0 100 200 300 400 500 Renewable energy sources 226 Energy efficient design solutions 450 Low carbon solutions 117 Carbon monitoring of projects 47 Eco design evaluation and certification 101 Refurbishment / retrofitting of infrastructure 238 Factory engineered / prefabricated solutions 149 Others 30
  • Carbon as a currency− Evolving client requirements − Increasing interest in carbon foot printing − Supply chain reporting − Low carbon solutions− Driving force behind green business − Quantifiable − Linked to financial benefit − Tradable− CRC / Greenhouse Gas Reporting Regulations
  • Skanska Achievements− CRC is worth around £200,000 to Skanska UK− Developed a bespoke reporting system to address CRC legislation− Since 2008 our total emissions have dropped by 7.5%− Green Car policy and vehicle tracking on commercial fleet represent bulk of this 7.5% reduction − 60% of staff car fleet now 130gCO2 or below − Average emission from Skanska vehicle down from 9.9TCO2 per year to 8.53TCO2 per year− Since 2005 CO2 emissions at head office reduced by 18% and continuing to drop
  • What are we doing at Project level?
  • Color PaletteTM – Our Journey to Deep Green Vanilla Green Deep Green Compliance Beyond compliance Future proofEnergy −Rules Zero −Regulations −Waste (to landfill) −Standards −UnsustainableCarbon −Codes materialsMaterials −Net primary energy −Carbon construction −Water dischargeWater −Haz Materials
  • Future Proofing Design Continuous Improvement to Net ZeroEnergy 50 % better than 75 % better than Net Zero 25 % better than Primary Energy Compliance with local codes local code local code local codeCarbon Carbon Over 50 % Near Zero Carbon Over 25 % reduction construction reduction in Construction in footprint footprint footprint established Zero Unsustainable < than 5% waste to < than 2.5% waste MaterialsMaterials < than 10% waste landfill to landfill to landfill Zero Waste Potable water Potable water Net Zero Potable water consumption consumption Water consumption reduced reduced by by > Water reduced by > by 10%. 50%. 25% .
  • CO2 analysis supporting early decisionmaking Producing BIM by using Skanska template & guidelines Skanska BIM template set-up: Comparative Automated reporting from CO2 data & data for BIM: formulas decision Listing of materials/ structures making and multiplying their quantities with corresponding CO2 factors Embodied CO2 footprint for the design alternative
  • Comparison with the help of BIM-analysis Nyhamn, Gävle, Sweden Skanska SwedenConcrete wall Brick wall72107,6 kg CO2eq 60010,9 kg CO2eq 11
  • Project Cast Studies
  • Green Solutions
  • Green Project Case Studies
  • CO2 measurement and reduction CO2 calculation demonstrating, Operations 80%, Production and materials 20%. One Kingdom Street, London, UK CO2 calculation testing on building project. Blå Jungfrun, Stockholm, SWE Carbon Calculation Cambridge STW, UK
  • New Client Demands –Calculation of CO2 footprint Understanding CO2 Emissions from Construction OperationsOne Kingdom Street, LondonClient: Development Securities
  • New Client Demands: End ofCarbon Footprint: life2%One Kingdom Onsite Piling 4%Street, London works13% Concrete Lifts, M&E & works18%Carbon Measurement Fitout 12% Raised floors,− Operation ~ 80% walls & partitions 7%− Embodied ~ 20% Roofing & cladding 9% Steel 35%
  • Blå Jungfrun, Swedenlocal codes, standards and Net Zero 59 % energy reduction in Primary Energy comparison with local regulations regulations in place Near Zero Carbon Construction Preliminary Carbon Zero Unsustainable Footprint made Materials4) Zero Hazardous Materials 5) Prefabricated form work Zero Waste Net Zero Water Code Compliant
  • Renewable Energy Saving 1,700 t of CO2 £120k in energy p.a. Kings Mill Hospital, Notts, UK 50MW wind farm Los Vilos, Chile for SN Power 100% renewables for heating and cooling UN House, Oslo, Norway
  • Energy Kingsmill Hospital: Zero Net PrimaryEnergy
  • Lake Source Heat Pump Solution• 5,400kW cooling (all the cooling for the site)• 5,000kW heating (large proportion for the site)• Saving 9,600MWh of Gas & Elec. annually• Saving 1700 Tonnes of CO2 annually• Saving £120,000 in Energy Bills annually (based on 2006 prices)• Pay for itself in 10 years (based on 2006 prices)
  • Further InformationOur approach to Sustainable Development can be seen at Or check out projects with Sustainability Aspects at