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AFS official program 2014

  1. 1. Official Program The 76th Annual Wisconsin Regional Foundry Conference and Exposition In cooperation with AFS - Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter and AFS - Stateline Chapter Sustainability - Casting Our Future Together February 12-14, 2014 Crowne Plaza Hotel - Milwaukee Airport 6401 South 13th Street Milwaukee, WI 53221 ********************* Our Mission: “The American Foundry Society - Wisconsin Chapter is dedicated to serving its membership through education, professional, and social activities designed to strengthen and promote the local metalcasting industry today and for the future.”
  2. 2. Conference Chair Message W elcome to the 76th Annual Wisconsin Regional Foundry Conference and Exposition! After 76 years of hosting this informative networking event, I guess that we could officially classify it as a tradi- tion. Several active members of the Wisconsin AFS chapters have devoted endless hours in making this event happen. The program’s intent is to deliver the chapter’s mission: “serving its membership through educational, professional and social activities designed to strengthen and promote the local metalcasting industry today and for the future”. The officers and directors extend a sincere appreciation to the committee volunteers, supporting exhibitors, speakers and attendees. Our commitment is to keep the Wisconsin Regional Conference a tradition and offer the best program possible. We welcome your feedback concerning this year’s program offering and suggestions for future regional conferences. We also welcome your participation in joining and contributing to the Wisconsin AFS Chapter’s committee structure. On behalf of the Chapter’s officers and directors, we hope that you find the 76th Annual Wisconsin Regional Conference informative, interactive and enjoyable. Adel Rahman, Kuttner N.A. Wisconsin AFS Chapter Vice President Wisconsin AFS Regional Conference Chairman A Special to Our Conference Committee: Cory Ashburn - AMCOL Metalcasting Wayne Carr - Olson Aluminum John Lewensky - Pure Power Technologies, Inc. Eric Lovejoy - Joy-Mark, Inc. Katie Hause - Carpenter Brothers, Inc. Doug Sawyer - Universal Welding and Engineering, Inc. James Schmahl - Selee Corp. Annemarie Schmidt - Grede, LLC. Rick Yrigoyen - Foundry Products, Inc.
  3. 3. Wisconsin Chapter President’s Message I t's a new Chapter year! It’s a good time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. What’s your resolution? What goals have you set? Why do we tend to engage in this thinking when we turn the calendar to a new year? Is it really about resolutions or goals? Or, is it about values? Is success really about achieving a goal or is it about the process of getting there? Different people have different values. Many are common and some are not. Many are good and some are not. Take a few moments to reflect on the values that you have a strong commitment to supporting. It should be no surprise that family values overwhelmingly rank at the top of the list, as it should. A strong commitment to several values defines the character of a person. A well balanced person supports a variety of values; religious faith, companionship, work, advancing the humanity, protecting the environment, and self time are just a few. The Wisconsin AFS Chapter’s mission is all about advancing technology and operations of all cast metals and to provide a forum for metalcasters to interact. As an industry we have come a long way since the first record of a copper frog cast in 3200 BC or even since Sagus Foundry in Massachusetts started its operation in 1642. It’s hard to image that it wasn’t until 1750 that the process of cast crucible steel was adapted. This process rendered steel to be completely melted, producing a uniform composition within the melt. Since the metal is completely molten, it also allows for alloy steel production. Prior steel production was accomplished by a combination of forging and tempering, and the metal never reached a molten state. As a result advances in metalcastings grew exponentially. Fast forward 146 years to note the formation of the first American foundry society in 1896. As time marched on, this society merged with two others and grew with name changes to what became the American Foundry Society in the year 2000. Reflect on the advancements made since crucible melting, since the formation of a foundry society of metalcasters working toward a common objective. These advancements are all attributed to people sharing common values. The result of which is making the world a better place to be and providing financial security to nurture and support what you value most…family. It is a certainty that the Wisconsin AFS Chapter officers, board and committee volunteers value working toward accomplishing the Chapter’s mission and will put forth a gallant effort to achieve a successful Chapter year. Reflect on your values. If you find that you value and have a passion to support participation in making the world a better place for your family to be through the continued development and marketing of metalcastings, get involved in your Chapter and National AFS activities. There is always room for one more value driven person. Enjoy the journey! John Lewensky, Pure Power Technologies, Inc. Wisconsin AFS Chapter President 2013-2014 Wisconsin Chapter Officers President John Lewensky - Pure Power Technologies, Inc. Vice President Adel Rahman - Kuttner N.A. Secretary Eric Lovejoy - Joy-Mark, Inc. Treasurer Katie Hause - Carpenter Brothers, Inc. Immediate Past President Annemarie Schmidt - Grede, LLC. Page 1
  4. 4. Meet Your Speakers Wednesday Night Kick-Off Speaker Alfred Spada is Editor/Publisher of Modern Casting and Metal Casting Design & Purchasing magazines and AFS Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations. Spada is a graduate of Northwestern Univ. and has an MBA from the Univ. of Colorado. Al Spada Director of Marketing AFS National Spada entered the metalcasting industry in 1997 as an editor for Modern Casting. His previous experience was in journalism and communications as an editor for Pro Football Weekly magazine. Spada has spent his 15 plus years in metalcasting visiting metalcasting facilities across the globe and writing about the industry from both a technical and management perspective. In addition to his role with AFS and its magazines, Spada serves as Publisher for the International Journal of Metalcasting and has edited two books on metalcasting—the Iron Casting Engineering Handbook and Metal Casting Design & Purchasing. Spada regularly speaks to both metalcasters and casting buyers about the present and future of the global metalcasting industry, casting applications and casting design. Spada has a wife, Beth, and three daughters, Alyssa, Abigail and Audrey. Thursday Night Featured Speaker Doug Grimm co-founded Grede Holdings, LLC. in February 2010 by combining substantially all the former assets of Grede Foundries, Inc., Blackhawk Foundry (USA) and Citation Corporation. He joined legacy Citation in January 2008 as Chief Executive Officer and a Director following various senior management positions in the automotive sector. Through organic growth, strategic alliances and the completion of seven acquisitions, Mr. Grimm Doug Grimm, has quadrupled revenues, diversified its customer President & base and transformed the “new” Grede into a financially-sound, reliable supplier to the automoCEO Grede, LLC. tive, heavy truck and industrial markets. The legacy companies had been in bankruptcy three times between 2004 and 2009. With sales in excess of $1 billion and 5,400 employees, Grede is now re-investing for the future. A twenty-eight year industry veteran, Mr. Grimm has senior-level global experience throughout the supply chain with publicly-traded and privately-held companies including Chrysler, Dana, Visteon and Metaldyne. His extensive leadership background has included raising capital, operations, commercial negotiation, balance sheet restructuring and merger integration responsibilities. Attendees! Be Sure to Network With All of Our Exhibitors! Page 2 A graduate of Hiram College (OH) with a bachelor of arts degree in economics & management where he is a member of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Grimm also received a master's degree in business administration from the University of Detroit and attended the University of Michigan Executive Management Program. He is currently the Chairman of the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) and Vice Chairman of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) as well as a Director for the Peterson American Corporation.
  5. 5. Regional Conference Agenda & Information Wednesday, February 12, 2014 Registration: 2:30 p.m. Exposition Hours: 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. Reception with Vendors: 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. Conference Banquet: 6:15 p.m.; Featuring Conference Kick-Off Speaker: Al Spada, Director of Marketing, AFS National Thursday, February 13, 2014 Registration: 7:30 a.m. Technical Sessions: 8:30 a.m.. - 4:45 p.m. Exposition Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:15 p.m. Lunch with Vendors: 11:45 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Networking with Vendors: 4:45 - 5:15 p.m. Awards Banquet: Presentation begins at 5:30 p.m., dinner to follow. Featuring Guest Speaker: Doug Grimm, President & CEO, Grede, LLC. *Student Chapter Casting Competition and Scholarship Awards Friday, February 14, 2014 Registration: 8:00 a.m. Technical Sessions: 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. No Exposition Hours Know where you’r e goin g! Page 3
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  7. 7. THURSDAY - FEBRUARY 13, 2014 Sustainability - Casting Our Future Together 8:30 9:45 a.m. Education - AVIATION THEATRE “OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Proposal and How It Will Affect Our Industry” Speaker: Chris Norch, President, Denison Industries, AFS Vice President OSHA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (MPRM) for occupational exposure to respirable crystalline silica was published in the Federal Register on September 12, 2013. Chris will update us on the efforts of AFS’s Silica Task Force to offset the rule through presentation of industry data, expert witness testimony and overall advocacy efforts. Chair: Mr. John Lewensky Co-Chair: Mr. Adel Rahman “The Call – The Story of One Family’s 100 Years of Service to the American Metalcasting Industry” Speaker: Bruce W. Dienst, President & COO / Geschäftsführer, Simpson Technologies, AFS Vice President When Bruce Dienst becomes AFS President in 2015 he will be the 5th member of the Simpson family to answer that call to service. This presentation looks back to examine the unique and interesting history of the Simpson family’s service to the American foundry industry and the state of the industry at the time when Simpson family members answered the call. The story concludes with some thoughts about the future of the industry. Chair: Mr. John Lewensky 10:00 11:15 a.m. Co-Chair: Mr. Adel Rahman Engineering, Energy & Environmental - AVIATION THEATRE “Future Potential Energy Efficiency Regulatory & Policy Impacts” Speaker: Paul Schueller, CEO - Franklin Energy Services Paul Schueller, CEO of Franklin Energy Services, will discuss the energy intensity of the foundry industry and how it makes many businesses vulnerable to energy prices. The discussion will feature insights and information on how future regulatory and policy decisions may impact the price of coal/coke, natural gas, and electricity. Chair: Mr. George Forish Co-Chair: Mr. John Anderson Education and Safety - CONCOURSE 1 “Are You as Smart as an OSHA Inspector?” Speaker: Kim Voss, Director of Safety & Health - Waupaca Foundry, Inc. Kim Voss, Director of Safety & Health at Waupaca Foundry, Inc., will be discussing real life examples of safety violations, the potential cost related, and what to look for in your own foundry to prevent an OSHA citation for non-compliance, or an incident resulting in injury or property damage. Chair: Mr. Adel Rahman Co-Chair: Mr. Eric Lovejoy Management - CONCOURSE 2 “The Yin and The Yang of Health Care Economics” Speaker: Peter Garner, Director of Health Care/ACO Consulting - The Benefit Services Group, Inc. Health care economics cannot be interpreted from one point of view. From workforce restructuring to hospital mergers, positive and negative effects of the ACA are championed by some and scorned by others. Continued growth in the health care spending - now at nearly 18% of the U.S. gross domestic product - is often criticized, but should it be? Through a discussion and understanding of key health care economic measures, you will learn how to make better decisions about health care benefits. Chair: Mr. Doug Sawyer Co-Chair: Mr. David Jablonski Please note! We go Green! Help us recycle! If you no longer need your name badge, please return it to the registration table. Thank You! Page 5
  8. 8. Are you looking to get involved in the next regional conference? If so, read on! For more information on how YOU can help make the next regional conference an even bigger success, please contact the 2015 Conference Chair: Eric Lovejoy Email: We welcome and value your participation, as well as your comments and ideas! WELCOME STUDENTS! MUSKEGON COMMUNITY COLLEGE PURDUE UNIVERSITY UW-MILWAUKEE UW-PLATTEVILLE WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY MAY THE BEST CASTING WIN! *Results will be announced at Thursday’s Award Banquet REMINDER Conference Badges Required AFS Wisconsin Chapter requires that all attendees wear their conference name badges at all times during the conference hours. Badges must be worn in all sessions and in the Exhibit hall. The badges not only indicate that you are fully registered for the conference but also serve as a courtesy to other registrants. If you need a replacement name badge, please go to the registration table located in the lobby of the hotel. Exhibitors! We value your feedback! Remember to turn in your evaluation forms! Page 6 Thank you.
  9. 9. THURSDAY - FEBRUARY 13, 2014 Sustainability - Casting Our Future Together 10:00 11:15 a.m. Non-Ferrous/Aluminum - CONCOURSE 3 Cont. “Advanced Cast Aluminum: From Concept to Production” Speaker: David Weiss, Vice President of Engineering/R&D - Eck Industries, Inc. Novel cast aluminum and magnesium alloys continue to be developed from academia and industry. David Weiss, Vice President of Engineering/R&D of Eck Industries, Inc., will discuss how some of these alloys are already in production and some will be commercialized in the next few years. Ranging from simple tweaks of common production alloys to complicated technical composites and cast versions of wrought alloys systems; these materials will extend the range of non-ferrous casting into new markets and displace non-cast products. Chair: Mr. Brian Powell 11:45 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 2:00 3:15 p.m. Co-Chair: Mr. Roy Pickhard LUNCH WITH VENDORS IN EXPO HALL (LUNCH TICKET REQUIRED) Engineering, Energy, & Environmental - AVIATION THEATRE “Refractory Minerals: Globalization and the Effect on Pricing and Availability” Speaker: Peter Satre, Manager & Engineer - Allied Mineral Products, Inc. Peter Satre, a Manager and Engineer at Allied Mineral Products, Inc., will give an informative talk that includes the description of several of the factors that have led to the erratic pricing of many base minerals of foundry refractory products. This includes increased demand, transportation and logistics, energy costs, as well as currency and duty implications. Different minerals are compared to illustrate the effects of globalization on this material supply chain. Chair: Mr. Dirk Hudson Co-Chair: Mr. Mike Cortez Marketing - CONCOURSE 1 “Sustainability is the Key Driver of Innovation” Speaker: Dana Cooper, Director of Business Excellence - Fairmount Minerals Innovation Opportunities; building business platforms will allow technology development centered on Sustainable Development efforts. The presentation will discuss the growing enthusiasm for sustainability within the business. We will look at linking business values and sustainable work projects, how to challenge your workforce to engage in business innovation training and develop innovation programs aligned with business sustainability improvement. Chair: Mr. John Lewensky Co-Chair: Mr. Adel Rahman Ferrous/Gray & Ductile Iron - CONCOURSE 2 “Sustainability Through Modern Silicate Technology” Speaker: Jim DeVenne, President - J.B. DeVENNE, INC. Jim DeVenne, President of J.B. DeVenne, Inc,, will discuss how with the ever increasing environmental and performance concerns, modern silicates have emerged as viable alternatives to hazardous, organic based binder systems. Chair: Mr. George Hartay Co-Chair: Mr. Doug Sawyer Non-Ferrous/Aluminum - CONCOURSE 3 “Efficient Aluminum Melting” Speaker: Don Bystricky, Manager of Industrial Sales - Modern Equipment Company, Inc. Don Bystricky, Manager of Industrial Sales of Modern Equipment Company, Inc., will give a presentation on how to save costs in your melting process. Stack melting technology will be discussed, along with traditional methods, and how they compare on energy consumption, melt loss, and safety. Chair: Mr. Greg Payleitner Co-Chair: Mr. Roy Pickhard Page 7
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  11. 11. THURSDAY - FEBRUARY 13, 2014 Sustainability - Casting Our Future Together 3:30 4:45 p.m. Engineering, Energy & Environmental - AVIATION THEATRE “Opportunities for Heat Recovery in the Foundry” Speaker: David J. Kasun, P.E., Sr. Process Engineer - Kuttner N.A. Foundry operations, especially around the melt center, offer a lot of opportunities for heat recovery. This presentation by David Kasun of Kuttner North America, uncovers direct energy saving potentials (i.e. coke savings), as well as indirect saving potentials (i.e. building heating). Technologies for waste heat recovery and its maintenance have improved over the last years, and are going to be presented with indications of possible energy saving amounts. Chair: Mr. George Forish Co-Chair: Mr. John Anderson Education - CONCOURSE 1 “Introduction to Metal Casting” Speaker: Kevin Fleischmann - CMI - AFS Kevin Fleischmann, Associate Director of Education at CMI - AFS, will discuss excerpts from The Institute's “Introduction to Metalcasting” class. This basic level course is intended for any and all producers, buyers, or suppliers of materials to the foundry industry. Chair: Mr. Kyle Metzloff Co-Chair: Mr. Adel Rahman Ferrous/Gray & Ductile Iron - CONCOURSE 2 “The Use of Differential Thermal Analysis in Iron Foundries” Speaker: John Torrance, Vice President - Torrance Casting, Inc. John Torrance, Vice President of Torrance Casting, Inc., will discuss practical ATAS usage for ferrous metalcasting. Chair: Mr. John Lewensky Co-Chair: Mr. Rick Yrigoyen Non-Ferrous/Aluminum - CONCOURSE 3 “What Fluxing Benefits Can Be Realized in Aluminum and Copper-Based Melting Applications?” Speaker: David Williams, Vice President of Technology - ASI International Today’s non-ferrous melt shops have unique metallurgical challenges from increased oxidation states, insoluble build-up/dross, to tramp metal contamination. Fluxing, when performed carefully, can assist a foundry to achieve metal soundness without sacrificing metal quality. This brief presentation will offer some ideas of what can be achieved using fluxes for certain Aluminum and Copper-based applications. Chair: Mr. Nick Gerrits Co-Chair: Mr. Dan Keyes 4:45 5:15 p.m. NETWORKING WITH VENDORS IN EXHIBIT HALL 5:30 p.m. CONFERENCE AWARDS BANQUET - DINNER TICKET REQUIRED “Where Do We Go From Here?” Conference Guest Speaker: Doug Grimm, President & CEO - Grede, LLC. Student Casting Competition and Scholarship Awards Thank You Joy-Mark, Inc. For Your Support in Our First Annual Student Casting Competition! Page 9
  12. 12. FRIDAY - FEBRUARY 14, 2014 Sustainability - Casting Our Future Together NO EXHIBITION HALL - TECHNICAL SESSIONS ONLY 8:30 9:45 a.m. Engineering, Energy & Environmental - AVIATION THEATRE “FRAC 101 & 201” Speaker: Robert Stransky, Regional Sales Manager Americas - Fairmount Minerals, Ltd. Facts, Misconceptions - FRAC 101 & 201 overview with questions and survey. Chair: Mr. Rick Yrigoyen Co-Chair: Mr. George Forish Marketing - CONCOURSE 1 “Capital Investment & Casting Demand” Speaker: Raymond Monroe, Executive Vice President - Steel Founder’s Society Steel foundries and other casting producers are dependent on demand for capital equipment. Unlike some segments of the industry, these do not make components for consumer products, but for the capital equipment market. Equipment investment and casting demand depend on the economic climate. Capital demand is sensitive to economic policy, interest rates, exchange rates, commodity prices, etc., Raymond will be reviewing the current state of the economy for its impact on the demand. Chair: Mr. John Lewensky Co-Chair: Mr. Adel Rahman Ferrous/Steel - CONCOURSE 2 “Fabrication Conversions, Tomorrow’s Opportunities” Speaker: Bob Mueller, Jr., Sr. Supplier Quality Engineer & Foundry &Cast Product Development - Joy Global Bob Mueller will give a presentation detailing a break down in the process of converting a fabrication into a cast product from concept, to engineering, to metal casting. Chair: Mr. Doug Dearey Co-Chair: Mr. Doug Sawyer Non-Ferrous/Aluminum - CONCOURSE 3 “Application of Ceramic Foam Filters to Reduce Defects in Non-Ferrous Alloys” Speaker: Don Craig, Senior Metallurgist - Foundry Filtration Methods - SELEE Corporation Examples of casting defects in aluminum and copper alloys will be presented with the proper means of applying ceramic foam filters to resolve the defects. Chair: Ms. Ruth Mack 10:00 11:30 a.m. Page 10 Co-Chair: Mr. Greg Payleitner Engineering, Energy & Environmental - AVIATION THEATRE “Identifying, Implementing & Sustaining Energy Savings in Foundries ” (Status Report: AFS R&D Project #12-13#03”) Speakers: Jamie Wiczer, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer - Sensor Synergy & Brian Reinke, President - TDI Consulting In an effort to reduce foundry energy costs and reduce overall environmental impact, the AFS Energy Committee has sponsored this project to identify, implement, and sustain energy saving activities in foundries. The focus has been to identify energy savings opportunities through detailed monitoring of equipment and processes that use relatively large amounts of energy. Many of the saving opportunities that we identified were implemented through administrative process change or modest equipment control enhancements. These savings are being sustained through continual monitoring of energy use after the process enhancements. Chair: Mr. Mike Cortez Co-Chair: Mr. Dirk Hudson Educational - CONCOURSE 1 “Causes and Solutions to Veining Defects” Speaker: Jerry Thiel, Metal Casting Center Director - University of Northern Iowa Jerry Thiel will give a presentation on the mechanical properties of molds and cores that lead to veining defects. By understanding the temperature dependent mechanical properties of the bonded sands, we can determine the forces on the surface of the sand that cause the sand to crack. He will have some examples of both baseline sands and some commercial engineered sand additives. During the presentation, Jerry will compare actual casting results with casting simulations that identify veining. Chair: Mr. John Lewensky Co-Chair: Mr. Henrik Winter
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  15. 15. FRIDAY - FEBRUARY 14, 2014 Sustainability - Casting Our Future Together 10:00 11:30 a.m. Ferrous/Cast & Ductile Iron - CONCOURSE 2 “Getting the Most Out of Foundry Sand: Beneficial Reuse and Sand Reclamation at Waupaca Foundry” Speaker: Bryant Esch, CHMM, Env. Coordinator - Waupaca Foundry, Inc. Like much of the U.S. foundry industry, Waupaca Foundry, Inc., uses high-grade industrial sands in the molds used for casting metals each year. About 90% of that sand is routinely captured, cleaned, and reused within the metalcasting process, but traditionally large quantities of spent foundry sand was discarded. This presentation will profile Waupaca Foundry’s continuing transition from disposal of sand for its best use - as reclaimed sand for use in the foundry. Chair: Mr. Adel Rahman Co-Chair: Mr. George Hartay Non-Ferrous/Environmental - CONCOURSE 3 “Non-Ferrous Foundry Environmental Issues (It’s Not All Iron)” Speaker: Jim Schifo, P.E., Vice President of Industrial Services - Keramida, Inc. Many talks focus on issues affecting ferrous foundries, however, non-ferrous facilities, aluminum and other non-ferrous, have problems too. This talk will recap the major environmental issues faced by non-ferrous facilities as well as covering the common non-compliance issues identified during site compliance audits. Chair: Mr. Nick Gerrits Co-Chair: Mr. Roy Pickhard REMINDER! DON’T FORGET TO TURN IN YOUR SPEAKER EVALUATION FORMS! Page 13
  16. 16. The 118th Metalcasting Congress will be held April 8-11, 2014, at the Renaissance Hotels & Convention Center, Schaumburg, IL Metalcasting Congress, which is AFS' major technical conference, is held every year in the spring and consists of four days of technical sessions, awards banquets and a small-scale exhibition show. Every three years, Metalcasting Congress is held in conjunction with CastExpo, featuring full equipment displays, technical presentations, workshops, the Metalcasting Technology Theater, and Cast in North America (an exhibit opportunity for metalcasters to showcase their capabilities to casting buyers). Here is just a sneak peak at what’s lined up at the Metalcasting Congress: Melting Methods & Materials: Best Coreless Furnace Refractory Practice for the 21st Century Marketing Digital Media: The Face of Your Company Copper Alloy Copper Alloy Research and Regulatory Issues Engineering Basics for Effective Simulation It’s not to late to register! For more information attend, present, or exhibit, please visit The Wisconsin Chapter is proud to have one of its own, Mr. Michael Czaplewski, currently retired (Milwaukee Chaplet, Inc.) to be the recipient of the AFS National Service Citation Award . . . . for outstanding service and dedication to the Wisconsin Chapter, as an ambassador for the American Foundry Society and as a supplier to the metalcasting industry. This award will be presented at the Metal Casting Congress President’s Brunch and Annual Business Meeting on Friday, April 11, 2014, at 10:30 a.m. The cost to attend this luncheon presentation is $55.00. If anyone is interested in attending and wishes to make reservations and discuss transportation, please contact Annemarie Schmidt at or 262-567-5070, Ext 5406 by March 21, 2014. Booth # 207 Page 14
  17. 17. Student Chapter Casting Contest A llow me to introduce myself as your AFS Region 5 Vice President for the 2013-2014 season. We feel networking between all of our members, both student and business is one of the true benefits of the AFS chapter structure. This year in an effort to promote that communication between chapters and the students we have announced the first annual “Student Chapter Casting Contest”. This will be a great way for our members to see firsthand what the schools are doing and how we can help them to help us. As directors in region 5 we are committed to opening the lines of communication to strengthen our chapters, our region and our industry. The goal will be for a team of students from each of the Region 5 Student Chapters to work together to design, manufacture and present a casting at the Wisconsin Regional Foundry Conference in February. It will be important to choose a casting that demonstrates your knowledge in all aspects of the foundry process. It is imperative to show why you chose your casting, how it was designed, tooling development and most importantly all levels of manufacturing in making the casting. Also, why you feel your casting should win the contest. All of these criteria will be taken into consideration by the judges when choosing the winner. The reward for the student will be two fold, first the winners will be getting a donation to their schools AFS Chapter but more importantly they will get the opportunity to network and build relations with people from the foundry industry. As for the business members this will give us the chance to see what the capabilities of the FEF schools are and have the chance to spend time getting to know the students, potentially the future leaders of our industry. Sincerely, Wayne Carr AFS Region 5 VP Page 15
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  19. 19. Not a Member of the AFS - Wisconsin Chapter? See What Benefits You’re Missing! ⇒ Networking opportunities through membership in the chapter nearest you is included with your AFS membership at no additional charge. Chapter meetings provide the forum for exchange of ideas and information with your peers. ⇒ Career development through more than 100 CMI courses and special AFS conferences furnish you with continuing education opportunities. ⇒ Practical and timely information to keep you current on metalcasting technology, management and government affairs issue through modern casting. ⇒ Access to the latest in metalcasting equipment, process, supplies and services at CastExpo, held every third year in conjunction with Casting Congress. ⇒ In-depth information to keep you up-to-date, provided through current books, videotapes, transactions and research reports, discounted to AFS members only. ⇒ Library services, providing all types of metalcasting information from the AFS Library through the Retrieval Service and Metalcasting Abstract Service, discounted to AFS members only. ⇒ Improved operations through management and technical software programs available to members at significant discounts. ⇒ Proactive leadership and industry representation in the political arena, providing a voice for all metalcasters through the AFS Washington Office. ⇒ Peer Recognition through involvement in AFS management and technical committee accomplishments. To learn more, please visit: and click on the Membership tab! Page 17
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  21. 21. The 77th Annual Wisconsin Regional Foundry Conference and Exposition SAVE THE DATE! Mark Your Calendars for Next Year’s Regional! February 11-13, 2015 Crowne Plaza Hotel - Milwaukee Airport Milwaukee, WI Page 19
  22. 22. The Wisconsin Chapter of the American Foundry Society, in cooperation with the AFS - Stateline and the Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter, would like to thank all of the speakers, exhibitors, attendees and the regional conference planning committee for making this event a great success! Page 20
  23. 23. EXHIBITORS MAP Booth Company Booth Company Booth Company 102 ABP Induction, LLC 415 Industrial Ceramic Products 210 Refractory & Insulation Supply Co. 216 Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic, Corp. 419 J.B. DeVENNE, INC. 319 Refractory Service, Inc. 316 Alter Metal Recycling 219 John Maye Associates of WI., Inc. 113 Roberts Ryan & Associates, Inc. 201 AMCOL Metalcasting 301 Joy-Mark, Inc. 103 Roberts Sinto Corporation 416 American Foundry Society - National Kloster Foundry Products. 112 S+B Industrial Minerals Kunkel-Wagner 214 Spectro Analytical Instruments 304 406 American Foundry Society - WI Chapter 106 Anderson Global 117 Kuttner North America 101 Summit Foundry Systems, Inc. 311 Anderson Laboratories, Inc. 218 LaempeReich 115 Supreme Cores, Inc. 306 ASK Chemicals 400 LECO Corporation 310 Synchro ERP, Ltd. 308 ASK Chemicals 402 Loeb-Lorman Metals, Inc. 213 The Tool House, Inc. 309 B+L Information Systems 111 Marshall W. Nelson & Associates, Inc. 410 Thermal-Tec MR Multi-Ply Roofing 100 Badger Mining 315 Metal Parts & Equipment Co. 204 ThermTech 205 Blast Cleaning Technologies 404 Midvale Industries 208 ThermTronix Corporation 300 Carpenter Brothers, Inc. 418 Milwaukee Chaplet 105 Tinker Omega Mfg. LLC 202 Didion International, Inc. 215 Modern Equipment Company, Inc. 414 Tool, Die & Machining Association 401 DISA Industries 313 OmniSource 303 Unimin Corporation 114 Eirich Machines 107 Perfect Patterns 305 Universal Welding & Engineering, Inc. 405 EMSCO, Inc. 217 Pillar Induction 403 Wheelabrator Group 318 ExONe 212 Powerit Solutions 110 Wisconsin Cast Metals Association 307 Fairmount Minerals 119 R & S Process Equipment Sales/Mikropul 118 Finite Solutions, Inc. 203 FLASH 108 Focus on Energy 312 Foseco 314 Foseco 207 General Kinematics Corporation 211 Guardian Software Systems 201 203 205 207 209 211 213 215 217 219 104 H.A. International 300 302 304 306 308 310 312 314 316 318 317 Heraeus Electro-Nite Co., LLC. 209 Hickman, Williams & Company 302 Humtown Products 206 Hunter Foundry Machinery Corp 200 InductoTherm Corp 408 Industrial Associates, Inc. 412 100 102 104 106 108 110 112 114 118 Entrance 101 103 105 107 109 111 113 115 117 119 200 202 204 206 208 210 212 214 216 218 Entrance 301 303 305 307 309 311 313 315 317 319 400 402 404 406 408 410 412 414 416 418 401 403 405 415 417 419 2014 AFS Wisconsin Chapter Upcoming Events March 17, 2014 “Human Resources” Featuring Joey Leonard, Vice President of Human Resources, Waupaca Foundry April 2014 No Meeting/Metal Casting Congress (visit for more information). May 19, 2014 Old Timers’ Meeting Featuring Lance Hill, Morning Meteorologist, WDJT CBS 58 - Milwaukee For more information on these upcoming events, please visit: and click on “Events”, or email us at