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Buenos aires webinar final
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Buenos aires webinar final


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Published in: Education, Travel
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  • 1. Buenos Aires [redefined]
  • 2. Who We Are… Today’s Presenters Am érico Castilla IES Abroad Buenos Aires Center Director Jill Novak IES Abroad Buenos Aires Student Advisor Ariel Yablón IES Abroad Buenos Aires Assistant Director and Academic Dean
  • 3. IES Abroad’s History In 1950, twenty U.S. college students boarded the SS Volendam bound for Vienna to participate in the first IES Abroad program. Today, IES Abroad is a growing Chicago-based, not-for-profit academic consortium that enrolls more than 5,300 students annually. Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia
  • 4. History of IES Abroad Buenos Aires
    • Founded in 2002
    • 1,600 program alumni
    • Center located in Retiro
  • 5. Current Program Structure
    • Beginning and Intermediate
    • Advanced Spanish
    • Advanced Honors Spanish
    Lujan, Argentina Pottery Workshop
  • 6. New Program Structure Coming Fall 2012!
  • 7. Redefining Buenos Aires
    • Reflect True Program Identity and Vision
    • Students Get More Academic Flexibility
    • Streamline Program Elements
    Tandil Hike El Tigre, Lecture
  • 8. New Program Structure Beginning Fall 2012
    • Advanced Spanish Immersion
    • Latin American Societies & Cultures
    Patagonia Museum Lecture
  • 9. Advanced Spanish Immersion Program Program Options Language Prerequisite Five or more semesters of college-level Spanish Spanish Language Levels Offered (Required) SP350 SP400 IES Abroad English-taught Courses   IES Abroad Spanish-taught Courses Optional Internship and Service Learning Optional (placements in Spanish) Partner Universities (Required) IUNA, UMSA, UBA, UCES, UTDT, USAL(NEW) Housing Homestays and Residence Hall Program Calendar Based on Partner University Calendar
  • 10. Latin American Societies and Cultures Program Options Language Prerequisite None Spanish Language Levels Offered (required) SP100 SP200 SP290 SP300 SP350 SP400 IES Abroad English-taught Courses Required Up to 2 Optional IES Abroad Spanish-taught Courses   Up to 1 Option Required Internship and Service Learning Optional (placements in English) Partner University Course(s) Optional Partner Universities (Optional) UCES, IUNA, UMSA Housing Homestays or Residence Hall Program Calendar Fixed End Date
  • 11. Academic Program
    • Faculty and Courses
      • Course size
      • 14 Faculty with PhD or Candidates
    • NEW Course Identity and Vision
    • Internships and Service Learning
    Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires Field Study, Patagonia
  • 12.  
  • 13. Spanish Language Program
      • Language Cultivated at ALL Language Levels
      • Spanish in Buenos Aires
      • Comprehensive Language Evaluations
      • Language Partners NEW
    IES Abroad Buenos Aires Spanish Class
  • 14. Student Services
    • Orientation:
      • Cultural Integration
      • Guidebook
      • Safety and Location of Center
      • CORE
    • Technology
    • Specialized Staff
    • Housing
      • Homestays
      • Residence Hall NEW
    Museo Histórico Nacional, Buenos Aires Residence Hall, San Telmo
  • 15. Who We Are… Introducing NEW Extras!
    • Language Partners Program
    • Porte ño Cooking
    • Drum Class
    • Universidad del Salvador
    • Improved Field Trips and Field Studies
    Cooking Class Drum Workshop
  • 16. Who We Are… Why IES Abroad Buenos Aires?
    • Spanish Language in Buenos Aires
    • Academic program to meet every level
    • Cultural integration through housing and programming
    • Rigorous Safety Protocols & Student Services
    • Affordability & Value
    Tango Class Estancia Tour – Religions, Buenos Aires
  • 17. Who We Are… See for Yourself! Familiarization Trip to Buenos Aires April 2012 Buenos Aires
  • 18. Thank you for attending! Questions… [email_address]