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This slide show will assist every one who wishes to be part of the Hamilton Singles Resource Center in the city of Owerri. New team members will be recruited soon. Professional speakers and coaches will also be entertained. For further inquires; for membership. text: Hamiltonmember to 08191855257. For professional speaker or coach, text: HamiltonProf. to 08167957523.

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Introducing hamilton singles

  1. 1. Hamilton Singles R e s o u r c e C e n t e rIntroducing Hamilton Singles
  2. 2. As we all know, we live and exist in a world full questions anddoubts, broken relationships, and daunted relationships. It hasbeen noted that 100% of our today’s mishaps began from themistakes made by the first family on earth; Adam and Eve. Thesemistakes have affected so many generations badly as well as willaffect generations to come if we decide not to do something aboutit. Therefore, it is crucial that we begin to persuade men andwomen that our God can be relied upon with all issuesrelating to the man and woman singles-relationship.Why Hamilton Singles?
  3. 3. Therefore, to this intent, we have identified with the mandate ofreaching the singles generation with relevant informationthat will establish a consciousness of purpose which isdriven by a passion to fulfill Gods intent for suchrelationships. We hope to accomplish this mandate by organizingour programs to be based on these principles cited below by:What Hamilton Singles will do?
  4. 4. • Identifying the purpose behind building singles’ relationships.• Analyzing the current situations existing in singles ‘relationships.• Anticipate the future of singles’ relationships.• Assisting singles’ relationships in determining their objectives.• Assisting and teaching singles’ relationships the type of activitythey should engage.• Assisting singles’ relationships in carving out a building strategy.• Assisting singles determine the resources needed to achieverelationship goals.How Hamilton Singles will do it?
  5. 5. From Now Into The FutureWhen Hamilton Singles will do it.
  6. 6. Persuade men and women that our God can be relied uponwith all issues relating to the man and woman singles-relationship.KEY WORDS
  7. 7. Reaching the singles generation with relevantinformation that will establish a consciousness ofpurpose which is driven by a passion to fulfill Gods intentfor such relationships.KEY WORDS
  8. 8. Our Vision is to create a social movement promotingsuccessful life partnerships by collaborating with professionalswho share our belief in the importance of healthy marriageand family relationships and in the quality of life for ourselves,our children, and future generations.Our Vision
  9. 9. Our Mission is to promote fulfilling life partnerships by providingeffective, healthy and empowering support, information, andresources to singles relationships.Our Mission
  10. 10. • The groundwork of our organization is built on respectablevalues which distinguishes us and guides our actions.• We conduct our trainings and coaching ministerial services in asocially responsible and ethical manner.• We make sure that at the end of each training section, webenefit our subscribers. Our trainings are also channeled toappeal to the hidden interest of our audience.Our Core Values
  11. 11. • To provide a frame work for developing and delivering singlerelationships.• To develop informed personnel and to position them to solvesingles’ relationship problems and challenges.• To use an advantageous and beneficial environment that willhelp in projecting a sense of bond between single and singlecouples.• To identify relationship problems and challenges such as infinancial restraints and to proffer solutions to them.• To use relationships modules that is 21st century user friendlyrather than the contemporary modules.Our Aim
  12. 12. • To discuss professional issues relating to the provision of coachingservices.• To examine the different sectors subscribed and their differentneeds.• To review the range of services that may be provided.• To establish the means of providing them effectively within theorganization.• To consider the possibilities for developing training and coachingservices and the awareness of them.Our Objectives
  13. 13. We deal and emphasize on establishing and stressing theimportance of:CooperationHelps to encourage good communication and cooperation amongsingles; and to help them appreciate the benefits of working ontasks together and asking others for advice.CommunicationEncourages singles to communicate their feelings, needs andexpectations to one another and to persons outside of thehome; to reflect on how they can strengthen their relationships.Our Emphasis
  14. 14. The Importance of EducationEncourages singles relationship to emphasize education in theirdaily living by identifying and attaining educational resources;helps youth realize the importance of their current actions ontheir future. Inspires singles to reach their potential from thestory of George Dawson, a man who learned to read at age 98and wrote a book at 100; encourages singles to become moreengaged in providing support for their educational success; helpssingles develop a plan for improving academic performance andbehavior.Our Emphasis
  15. 15. Anger Control & Conflict ResolutionIncreases understanding of alternative ways to resolve conflictswithin the singles’ family; encourages singles to become morevigilant in dealing with conflict situations around them; teachessingles to identify anger triggers and physical cues and learnnew ways to reduce angry feelings.Our Emphasis
  16. 16. Decision-Making & Peer PressureSeeks to help the singles community realize the consequences oftheir actions; helps them understand that actions affectthemselves, their relationships, and their communities, helpssingles learn to manage peer pressure and choose positivefriendships.Finally, we deal on the different types of singles interpersonal andintrapersonal relationships in terms of relational contexts ofinteraction and the types of expectations that communicatorshave of one another.Our Emphasis
  17. 17. This is an open invitation to all professionals who shareour vision.Lets make a real difference. Failed relationships are at the rootof our social problems. We share the same goal, so lets joinforces. We have developed a powerful model which helpssingles and couples have successful relationships. Bycollaborating with other professionals, we can more effectivelybring public awareness to the tools and information needed tocreate successful life partnerships.Our Invitation
  18. 18. A successful life partnership is a high priority for most ofus.When people enter committed relationships they do not want tofail. If our society can solve economic and technical problems,creating a healthy economy and technological wonders such as theWorld Wide Web, surely we can achieve our shared humanrelationship goals by applying our skills and knowledge in a similarfashion. There should be no barrier to any single person or acouple wanting to have a successful life, marriage and family. Letsjoin together and make this happen. If you share this vision, orknow someone who does, please contact us.Our Invitation
  19. 19. We teach you biblical principles on self-awareness, choosing a rightspouse, successful Marriages and relationships and Solutions todelay and disappointment in marriage etc. You will also acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of topics such as Love,Compatibility, Trust, Courtship and Dating, keys to a successfulmarriage etc.The main purpose for this training is to be informed and empowerednot just to make your relationships work but to teach and trainothers to be able to do likewise. It is only the systematic teachingof these truths that will liberate people from mindsets that haveheld them in bondage and will empower them to enjoy their lives.This training is by no means all conclusive and from time to timethere shall be other trainings organized by the organization to meetspecific needs and empower those who are Leaders in variousorganizations.KNOW THIS
  20. 20. The training program is suitable and beneficial for Full-time or LayPastors, Church workers and Leaders, Marriage counselors orthose who have been called in one way or the other into Ministryand as well the general public. You may be single or married orjust want to have a better understanding of how to makemarriages and relationships successful.Our Audience
  21. 21. Duration:The organization will hold meetings on the last Saturday of everymonth.Classes will start at 8am prompt every lecture day and end at5pm.There will be a One-Hour break (12noon-1pm)Registration for the classesParticipants are expected to buy the registration form for a non-refundable sum of N2000 (Two thousand naira) onlyAdmission into the organization is free but every participant isexpected to pay N12, 000 (twelve thousand naira) to cover thecost of course handouts, hiring of venue, a three course buffetevery lecture day, etc.Duration and Registration
  22. 22. Private Coaching:The prices are not stipulated and thus may vary.Ministering sections (Seminars):Dates will be announced soon.Other meetings
  23. 23. Hamilton Singles R e s o u r c e C e n t e rThank you as we put our hands together to make your single lifeexperience worth living for.Evergreen R. VictorChief-Executive OfficerThank You!