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Flash vortex Flash vortex Document Transcript

  • Flash vortex Menus 1. How to search and save a vortex flash menu on the blog: the first thing to do is select that tab menus at the top of our screen, then choose the one we like and edit it so that later leave post by clicking the button that says Generate Animation and finally copy the code and paste it into a gadget. Text 2. To publish a text in the flash vortex in your blog you must Select the text tab then choose the text that we will edit texts and Canberra will have and we click in Generate Animation copy and paste the code into a gadget or input. Banner 3. to edit and publish a vortex flash banner in your blog you must select the banner tab then selecting the one you like and edit it you click on Generate Animation copies the code and then paste it into the gadget in the header of your blog. Buttons 4. to place a vortex flash buttons for your blog first thing you do click on the buttons Select the tab that you like to edit click Generate Animation copy the code and paste it into one of your gadget. Clocks 5. To put a flash clock to your blog vortex you to click on the Clocks tab Select the one you like click ok to Generate animation then copy the code to paste into one of the gadget of your blog and ready. Contact us 6. Allows us to communicate with the creators of the website Sing up 7. Enables us to create a user account Log in
  • 8. Allows us to enter our user account, if you already have previously created Want more? 9. Tells us that if we see more, we can do by clicking. ALL text templates are made with this generator 10.tells us that with these styles we can create any active text wix Home: 1. It enables us to go to the homepage Create 2.Gives us the possibility of creating a new presentation Explore: 3. This command button allows us to visualize the options is to create projects Webpage My Account: 4.This button allows me to access my personal account or create a new account Premium: 5. allowed only to subscribers who pay for their own Support: 6.allows the user to get help to manage the website Login: 7.if the user already has created an account you can access it go through this icon Settings: 8.allows us to manage the configuration of the page Start Creating: 9. through this button we can begin to create a new project Categories: 10.we can choose from a variety of templates and default
  • Gmail Inbox: Generally all emails will appear here when you arrive, unless you filter SPAM or the filter you. Starred: Here you will see all the messages you applied to the star, take it as a shortcut to your important emails. Chat: Here you have saved the entire history of conversations made with GTalk or through the website. Archive: This button closes an email, in Spanish; it out of the Inbox and nothing else, you'll be able to find all messages. Sent Mail: All messages sent. Drafts: If at any time you're writing a mail and you have to stop and take another day, simply save it and ready the next time you need to continue the message, you come here and there you will find i Spam: Any spam or junk goes here. Trash: If you delete some email and I want to recover, you can come here to seek the maximum time that can be an email in the trash is 30 days, after this limit is removed altogether. Contacts: From here you can see all your contacts. Delete: Send the email to the trash, if not actually recovered 30 days is lost forever. Spam: I recommend that if you get a strange message from someone you do not know who he is, as marked as spam, Gmail has a clever system that learns as you use it, so the more attention you give this functionality less garbage you will receive. Subject: If you click on Edit subject will be expanded to be able to change the title of the email response. Blogger Create an account: This button allows you to create a new account Dashboard: this button allows access to a page where we can manage our blog
  • My account: This icon allows us to open our account in google, where from there we can also access our sites of accessing other web pages View profile: by means of this icon we can access and modify profile Edit photo: From this point we can change the picture we have in our blog New post: allows us to place a comment, article, address and much more Comments: With this button you can access the comments people have left on our blog Design: allows us to change the style, the images, add videos or delete what you want