Pink Noise Company Overview


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Overview of experienced Video Game Localization Company

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Pink Noise Company Overview

  1. 1. Company overview ���������� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � ���������� � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �
  2. 2. | Cartagena 46 – 28028 Madrid Tel. +34 91 356 1115 | Fax. +34 91 356 1190 1 PINK NOISE was born from a clear idea that the founders had regarding the starting up of a structure capable of gathering together all services that are required in a multimedia production, thus providing a global and specific solution to the needs of its clients. Our company offers the coordination and services of a group of professionals that provide solutions to the increasingly demanding market needs. Our goal is to come closer to the idea of a high-performance center, where work systems are optimized day after day. Repercussions obtained from this idea reside in a clear saving of time and cost for our clients. PINK NOISE has not overlooked the increasing market demand for the adaptation of all kinds of titles, situating itself in the privileged and limited group of Spanish companies that offer complete localization services; specialized translation and adaptation, graphic touch on software, printing and packaging of manual, sound production, compiling and product testing. Background
  3. 3. | Cartagena 46 – 28028 Madrid Tel. +34 91 356 1115 | Fax. +34 91 356 1190 2 PINK NOISE offers multilingual services in the following areas: Software Localization Preparation | Translation | Resizing | Compilation | DTP | Testing Video Game Localization Preparation | Translation | Dubbing | Testing Recording Studio Artistic Direction | Voice Casting | Dubbing and Locutions | Sound Design | Music Production | Post-production Specialized Translation Technical | Scientific | Business Services
  4. 4. | Cartagena 46 – 28028 Madrid Tel. +34 91 356 1115 | Fax. +34 91 356 1190 3 PINK NOISE follows systematic processes that guarantee a total quality control over every stage, the compliance with all the clients’ requirements and punctual delivery. Methodology TASKS RESOURCES TIME COSTS TRANSLATION Files receipt PM ♦ Budget draft Planning PM Control Preparation PM, Linguists Control Translation Translator Control Editing Editor Inc. in Trans fee Proofreading Proofreader Inc. in Trans fee QA QA Leader Inc. in Trans fee DTP DTP Specialist Control QA QA Leader Inc. in DTP fee Delivery PM ♦ Invoice AUDIO Material receipt PM ♦ Budget draft Casting Artistic Director Control Script adaptation Artistic Director Control Pre-production Audio Engineer Control Actors booking PM Control Recording Actor, Director, Eng. Control Post-production Audio Engineer Control QA PM Inc. in Rec fee Post-mortem PM Inc. in Rec fee Delivery PM ♦ Invoice TESTING Build receipt PM ♦ Budget draft Testing Tester Control Bug report Tester Control Delivery PM ♦ Invoice
  5. 5. | Cartagena 46 – 28028 Madrid Tel. +34 91 356 1115 | Fax. +34 91 356 1190 4 Translation Pink Noise adapts the translation process to the document and product characteristics using the most appropriate technical and human resources. Our working sytem is based on terminological research, providing text precision and consistency. This stage includes translation, editing and proofreading. All translations undergo thorough internal quality controls, guaranteeing the correction of the texts as well as the final product once all the components have been integrated. Our Quality Assurance Department is in charge of managing and updating the terminological information and the translation memories. Methodology
  6. 6. | Cartagena 46 – 28028 Madrid Tel. +34 91 356 1115 | Fax. +34 91 356 1190 5 Audio Recording Experienced sound technicians take care of the recording, post-production and the final control of the audio quality. We work with artistic directors and a vast database of dubbing actors coming from the television and cinema industry. Before delivery, a final review is carried out with the aim of assuring quality for the whole process. Delivery is strictly done according to the timings agreed with the client. Testing Pink Noise provides testing services for all platforms. Our testers have wide knowledge of all systems and experience in all genres. We follow an established and systematic process for bug reporting and monitoring that guarantees that the eventual product in market is top quality.
  7. 7. | Cartagena 46 – 28028 Madrid Tel. +34 91 356 1115 | Fax. +34 91 356 1190 6 INDIVIDUALIZED PROJECT MANAGEMENT With regard to video games, a great number of files with very tight deadlines are involved, because the localization process takes place at the same time as the game is being developed. Therefore, each project is assigned a Project Manager who is in charge of managing the entire localization process from start to finish and of updating the client on the development of the working process. INHOUSE QUALITY ASSURANCE Our motto is that your success is our success and that’s why we give extreme importance to the final product quality. All projects undergo thorough analysis by our Quality Assurance Department, a team of experienced translators, linguists and engineers who work with comprehensive templates and guarantee the linguistic and technical accuracy of the final product. AddedValue Every localization project presents individual needs and particularities. That is why PINK NOISE has developed a work protocol based on individualized project management and a demanding in-house quality assurance.
  8. 8. | Cartagena 46 – 28028 Madrid Tel. +34 91 356 1115 | Fax. +34 91 356 1190 9 PRIMAL “…a big round of applause goes to SONY for the perfect localization achieved with the Spanish dubbing. The interpretation is very good, similar to other games such as The Getaway, with typical Spanish expressions giving the main character more personality. The cast of actors is extensive as there are a great number of NPCs who appear in the adventure and each and every one of them has their own distinctive voice. Impressive, a model to follow for the rest of the titles.” JAK AND DAXTER: THE PRECURSOR LEGACY “The first thing that will astonish you: the Spanish dubbing. Only one thing can be said on the matter, it’s fantastic. We have the best dubbing ever seen on a video game. […] It’s simply impressive and gives you the feeling that you are really watching a film. Daxter’s dubbing actor deserves a special mention, he’s fantastic. Having to do the voice of a comic character and not sounding ridiculous is a very hard job, but we can assure you that it’s absolutely marvelous and will have you in fits of laughter with Daxter’s comments. Even better than the original English dubbing.” Press
  9. 9. | Cartagena 46 – 28028 Madrid Tel. +34 91 356 1115 | Fax. +34 91 356 1190 10 THE GETAWAY “An excellent Spanish translation and a top quality dubbing is appreciated in The Getaway, turning it into a model to follow so that in the future there are less English or mediocre voice games.” El Pais PRINCE OF PERSIA “The game has totally been adapted with texts, voices and manual in Spanish. In the dubbing an excellent job has been done with the dialogues, along the same lines of other great videogames super productions. All this work has been produced by PINK NOISE, the company who is in the process of becoming the best dubbing business in the country and who are also responsible for the localization of Jak II, The Getaway or Primal.” FALLOUT “…the excellent Spanish dubbing of each and every one of the characters who appear in the game (and there are quite a few) is truly outstanding.” PlayStation 2 Press
  10. 10. | Cartagena 46 – 28028 Madrid Tel. +34 91 356 1115 | Fax. +34 91 356 1190 11 World Champion Fernando Alonso during the recording of SCEE Formula One 2006 at Pink Noise. February 2006. News SCEE development team during the world presentation of 24: The Game for the media at Pink Noise premises. November 2005.
  11. 11. | Cartagena 46 – 28028 Madrid Tel. +34 91 356 1115 | Fax. +34 91 356 1190 12 News In March 2005 Pink Noise moved to new facilities including two state-of-the-art recording studios equipped with the latest technology.
  12. 12.