Network Box Service Overview
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Network Box Service Overview

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What is Network Box? Well… it is a service, not a box. It is a service that just happens to come to clients using a “box”, just like your cable TV. Each month you pay True or UBC for the service of......

What is Network Box? Well… it is a service, not a box. It is a service that just happens to come to clients using a “box”, just like your cable TV. Each month you pay True or UBC for the service of 100+ channels of TV delivered to you home – they also just happen to put a box under your TV.

Network Box is a computer network managed security service that protects your network to a degree that is unmatched by even the most diligent enterprise security.

Network Box Thailand
Level 3, Lake Rajada Office Complex
193/153 Ratchadapisek Road
Klontoey, Bangkok,10110
Phone: +66 2 260 3350

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  • 1. Managed Security in Real Time - 2011Network Boxsecurity is a service
  • 2. The need for organizations around the world to securetheir networks has never been greater… There is an attack attempt every 2.3seconds. An intrusion attempt every 12.8seconds. An incoming virus threat every 7.2minutes. An incoming SPAM every 16.2seconds. About 87%of all emails are infected or are SPAM. At work 58%of web use is ‘non-business.’ There are now over 63 billion web pages to monitor. Source: Network Box Security Operations Center: 2010 Threat Statistics Average Per Customer Site: Year 2010
  • 3. …the Internet never sleeps, attacks are on-goingtwenty-four hours a day, all year round…
  • 4. ...particularly from Worms, Spyware and SPAM, aided by a growing number of new threat vectors. Spyware Identity Theft Distributed Denial Of Service AttacksEncryption Zombies SpoofingKeyboard Loggers Open Phishing Pornware Proxies
  • 5. The Scope Of The Security ProblemOver the last ten years, the scope of the computer networksecurity problem has widened very considerably. In the year 2000, it took about 20 hours for the typical computer virus to work its way around the world. By the year 2005, we were down to about 135 seconds. Attacks are now almost instantaneous. Hacking is not just about achieving ‘fame’ or notoriety anymore. Hackers have been employed by well organized criminal gangs, to target victims specifically for financial gain. There were about 80,000 malware signatures needed in 2000. Today there are over 5 million signatures required; and more each day. Cleverly ‘blended attacks’ are making use of malware, websites, spam, bot-nets, and social engineering simultaneously; to maximize the effectiveness of attacks on both networks and their users. In essence, it is now almost impossible for any organization to properly secure its networks without professional help.
  • 6. How Most Organizations Protect ThemselvesA significant number of organizations are still protecting their networkswith outdated technology, and outmoded methodology.  Many organizations – assuming they have protection in place at all – only install a basic firewall, and some PULL update anti-virus software on their servers and workstations.  As part of the installed anti-virus software, or perhaps email system, there may be an uncoordinated attempt to block spam as well.  The vast majority of organizations do not have Virtual Private Networking, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-Spyware, Content Filtering, or Company Policy Management technologies in place.  Nor do most organizations have the ability to monitor security in real-time, nor produce accurate security reports, nor the technology in place to ensure their own Business Continuity on a twenty-four hour basis.Some of these organizations are moving towards newer UTM systems,hoping that these ‘next generations firewalls,’ are the answer.
  • 7. Unified Threat Management Unified Threat Management (UTM) is the next generation of firewall technology; offering combined protection against all types of Internet threats.  Hackers, Bots and Automated Attacks  Viruses, Worms and Trojans (Backdoors)  Phishing, Pharming, Mail Bombs and Hoaxes  Spyware, Greyware and Malicious Adware  Advertising SPAM, Malicious SPAM and Offensive SPAM  Undesirable Content and Company Policy EnforcementBut as with all complex computer technology, proper setup, monitoring, updating, and management are still vital.
  • 8. Network Box UTM+ Network Box E-1000x UTM+ Firewall (State-of-the-art Hybrid Design) VPN (Virtual Private Networking) IDP (Intrusion Detection and Prevention) Multi-Layer Anti-Virus Gateway (including Z-Scan zero day protection) Multi-Layer Anti-SPAM Gateway Multi-Layer Anti-Spyware Gateway Multi-Layer Content Filtering Gateway Company Policy Enforcement Gateway Traffic Shaping, Policing and Quality of Service Control Real-Time, PUSH Update Technology (updates in under 45 seconds) Real Time, Weekly, and Monthly, Automated Report Generation Real Time, ‘in-the-cloud,’ Management and Monitoring
  • 9. But why not upgrade all the way?‘As organizations move towards UTM(Unified Threat Management)technology to replace basic firewalls, itmakes sense to go one step further,and question not only the existingtechnology, but also the existingmethodology being used to maximizethe effectiveness of that technology.’
  • 10. Managed Security Services – A Better SolutionManaged Security Services offer a farbetter solution than, ‘do-it-yourself.’  As threats become ever more complex, having experts on hand to help, not only with installation, but also with day-to-day tasks, can make a big difference.  Each issue is always tackled by two separate cooperative parties, ensuring checks and balances, by very definition.  Costs can be kept low, proper service level agreements can be put in place, and most important of all, the IT Manager can be allowed to focus on his or her, ‘day job.’
  • 11. Network Box | Managed Security Services – The Best SolutionNetwork Box Managed Security Servicesoffers the best solution.  Award winning real-time PUSHupdate technology. World class protection; updates are pushed out within just 45 seconds of any new threat signatures becoming available.  Managed to certified ISO 27001 standards, by experienced teams of highly focused security experts, twenty-four-seven, all year round.  Real-time Hardware Monitoringof over 200 important system health metrics, to ensure business continuity.Pushed, managed, and monitored.Network Box UTM+ is exactly the waynetwork security should be.
  • 12. The number of security updates required each dayis growing rapidly, and these updates are critical. Real-Time Updates: Intrusion Detection and Prevention Security Patches; Malware Signatures; SPAM Signatures; Content Filtering Database12001000 1044 800 817 600 400 512 388 200 223 8 12 20 53 104 162 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Mean Average Updates, Per Day Figures from Network Box HQ SOC
  • 13. Network Box Global Awards PC3 Magazine Corporate Choice Award 2010: Z-Scan Anti-Virus Capital Magazine: Outstanding Enterprise Award 2010 HKIA: Technological Achievement Award 2009 Economic Digest: Best SME Partner 2010 Linux and OSS: Best Managed Security Award 2010 SC Magazine USA, Five Star Rating 2009 PC3 Corporate Magazine: Unified Threat Management Platinum Brand 2009 MIS Asia Magazine: Top 100 Strategic Vendors 2009 Hong Kong Computerworld: Technology Company of the Year 2007 SME World Magazine: Best Security Solution 2007 Silicon Valley Communications: Info Security ‘Hot Company’ 2006 ZD Net UK: Network Box SME-250 : Editors’ Choice 2006 Personal Computer World: Five Star Recommended 2006 C3 Expo: Best of Show Enterprise Services 2005 German IT Innovation Award: IT Security 2005 Hong Kong ICT Awards: IT Excellence Gold Award 2004 PC3 Magazine: Editors’ Choice Award 2004 ZD Net Australia: Technology & Business Editors’ Choice Award 2004 APICTA (Asia-Pacific ICT Award): Security Award 2004
  • 14. Taking managed network security global
  • 15. Network Box Devices‘Network Box security systems can beinstalled either as physical devices, oras virtual devices. At this moment intime, physical appliances still accountfor the vast majority of globalinstallations, but this is likely tochange in the future. The physicalrange of boxes, are classified as theNetwork Box S-M-E range.’
  • 16. The Network Box S-M-E RangeAll hardware devices fall within the Network Box S-M-E range:  Each of the new hardware units have model designations which begin with the letters S, M, or E.  The meaning is simple and very easy to remember:  S models are for Small organizations  M models are for Medium organizations  E models are for Enterprises  These model designators very clearly indicate the performance level and intended duty cycle of each system.  Please note that every model in the Network Box S-M-E range, now includes a Solid State Drive, in addition to any hard disk or RAID subsystem. By using a drive with no moving parts for both the Security Hardened OS and Security Software, system reliability is very significantly enhanced.
  • 17. Network Box S Models Network Box S-25 | S-35 Network Box S-85 Designed for SMALL sized organizations Stand alone units, not rack mountable 4x 10/100/1000-BaseT ports, plus 1x 10/100-BaseT port No keypad. No built-in display other than LED lights The S-25 and S-35 units are Firewall, IDP, VPN only The S-85 can offer the full range of UTM+ functionality The S-35 and S-85 have a Secondary SSD for both logging and caching These models have no moving parts, for enhanced reliability. The S-25 and S-35 models are designed for small branch offices to economically VPN back to their own HQs
  • 18. Network Box M Models Network Box M-255 | M-285 Network Box M-385 Designed for MEDIUM sized organizations Standard 1U rack mountable hardware cases Serial console. Four key keypad. Back-lit LCD display The M-255 model:  either rack mountable, or placed on a desk; only 28cm deep  4x 10/100/1000-BaseT ports, plus 1x 10/100-BaseT port The M-285 model:  either rack mountable, or placed on a desk; only 28cm deep  4x 10/100/1000-BaseT ports, plus 1x 10/100-BaseT port The M-385 model:  6x 10/100/1000-BaseT ports, plus 1x 10/100-BaseT port  Additional 4x 10/100/1000-Base-T ports or 4x Fiber ports possible
  • 19. Network Box E Models Network Box E-Series Designed for ENTERPRISES Standard 2U rack mountable hardware case Four key keypad. High quality LCD display High quality Server Grade hardware components are used throughout:  Solid State Hard Disk Drive, Operating System and Core Software  RAID-1 Mirrored SATA hard disk drives, Caching and Logging  Dual redundant power supplies  High speed ECC RAM  Upgradeable with additional four port expansion modules (max: 12 ports) 64bit Intel Xeon based:  E-1000x - dual core Xeon CPU (total: 2 cores)  E-2000x - quad core Xeon CPU (total: 4 cores)  E-4000x - quad core Xeon CPUs (total: 8 cores) Upgrades across the range (E-1000x > E-2000x > E-4000x) are possible
  • 20. Service Packages Adobe Hardware Push Anti- Anti- Anti- Web Web Content PDF Format Warrantee Updates Firewall VPN IDP Virus Spyware SPAM Proxy Acceleration Filtering ReportingFW+ P P P P P PAV+ P P P P P P P P P PCF+ P P P P P P P P PUTM+ P P P P P P P P P P P P Network Box S Models Network Box M Models Network Box E Models FW+ P P P AV+ P P P CF+ P P P UTM+ P P P
  • 21. Network Box Features‘Network Box systems offer a hostof functions, features, andservices, which not only aim tostreamline clients’ networksecurity, but also to enhance theirday to day management, businesscontinuity, real-timemonitoring, compliance, andreporting. Even when out of theoffice.’
  • 22. Mail Portal System Mail Portal Example:  Summarizes all email addresses used by one person for maximum ease of use.  Mail statistics are given, showing both top email senders and top email recipients.  Percentages of Clean Emails, Spam and Malware are shown, as well as percentages of received verses sent email.  Email volume for the time period is shown.  Spams which have been quarantined by the Network Box are shown, with options for:  Viewing  Scheduling Release  Request White Listing  Malware blocked is also shown, (below the visible area shown in the example), but end users are not normally given the option to release malware for obvious reasons.
  • 23. Live Watch System Live Watch Examples:  The Firewall Status Live Watch view (example shown), can be used to monitor both incoming and outgoing traffic, time, source, port, destination, protocol and target. Firewall usage, as well as Top Blocks in the last 5 minutes, is also displayed by the GUI.  The Web Portal Status Live Watch view (example shown), shows URLs blocked in real-time; as well as usage and performance statistics. Blocked sites information includes, Firewall Status Live Watch Screen the time the website was blocked, the name of the site, the category of the site (adult/sexually explicit, gambling, games, hacking, hate, entertainment, etc.), the user who tried to access the blocked site, (if authentication via LDAP or Active Directory is available), and the source IP address.  IDP Status Live Watch and Mail Status Live Watch are also available in the system.  Recent attacks on all Live Watch screens are shown in red, for enhanced visibility.Web Proxy Status Live Watch Screen
  • 24. Adobe PDF Format Reporting Adobe PDF Format Reporting Topics:  Network Box Unit Name, Activity Period Covered and Activity Occurred  Number of Protection Level Updates / Direct Maintenance Jobs.  System Utilisation  CPU Utilisation / Disk Utilisation / Workload Summary  Network Throughput  Internet / Local / VPN  Summary  Network Box NOC Services  Threat Signature Updates  Activity Summary  Firewall  Hacker Protection  Policy Enforcement  IPS (Intrusion Protection System)  Hacker Protection  Policy Enforcement  Email Table of Contents Page Email Report  Incoming  Number Scanned  Malware Blocked  Spam Blocked  Outgoing  Number Scanned  Malware Blocked  Spam Blocked  Web Proxy  Utilisation  Protection  Policy Enforcement  FTP  Protection  Virtual Private Network  IPSEC Connections  PPTP Connections  System Utilisation  Peak Time  Peak PeriodSystem Utilization Report Network Throughput Report
  • 25. Secure GUI for Local Management
  • 26. Box Office In-the-Cloud Management Portal
  • 27. Map Views Allow Easy Global Management
  • 28. Priority Security Operations Centre Support – 24 / 7 / 365
  • 29. Network Box - The Smart Business Decision Managed Security Services Low cost. Network Box costs a mere fraction of Additional Functionality. traditional competing security systems. And does  Multiple Internet Connections not require the client to hire additional staff to manage IT security.  High Availability / Load Balancing  Internet Acceleration High Security. Configuration, setup and  Secure VoIP Gatekeeper installation are performed by experts. Monitoring  Secure Video Conferencing Gatekeeper of hardware, system availability and on-site  Quality of Service Control, Traffic Policing maintenance are included in the standard  Denial of Service Protection, Threshold Limiting service level agreement.  Hardware Fault Tolerance, clustering possible Real-Time Updates. Award winning PUSH  Live Watch Real-Time Monitoring technology offers Enterprise Level security for  Adobe PDF Report Generation all organizations world-wide.  SSL Virtual Private Networking  Anti-SPAM Pre-Scanning, bandwidth protection Comprehensive Solution. State-of-the-Art  Enhanced Image SPAM protection, including Firewall, Intrusion Detection and Optical Character Recognition technology Prevention, VPN, Anti-Virus, Anti-SPAM, Anti-  Mail Portal System, End User email management Spyware, Anti-Phishing, Content Filtering and including SPAM release and white / black listing Company Policy Enforcement functionality are  Enhanced Network Box Version 3 GUI all available.
  • 30. …just one more thingNetwork Box is the first managed security firm in the world to launch an end useriPhone / iPod Touch application, to give its clients real-time information, even whilethey are on the move. This application is available free from the Apple Apps Store.Now with Google Maps, for added speed and graphical detail, as well as highresolution iPad HD support too.
  • 31. Network Box ThailandNetwork Consulting International +66 2 260 3350