Social Recruiting in Hospitality

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Social Recruiting: Tools, Techniques & Implementation. Making it work for you! Presented to the Hospitality Industry. Hosted by

Social Recruiting: Tools, Techniques & Implementation. Making it work for you! Presented to the Hospitality Industry. Hosted by

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  • 1. S o c ial R e c rui Presented by @vicokezie Tools, Techniques & Implementation: Making it work for you Presented to the Hospitality Industry. Hosted by
  • 2. Vic Okezie [email_address] Director, Crexia Crexia is a digital consultancy & social media company for HR and future of workplace. Crexia organise conferences and run courses around Social Media in HR. Founder, Social Recruiter Social Recruiter is a Social Media Recruiting Consultancy. We run Social Recruiting Training courses for Recruiters & HR Professionals, and offer Advisory services. Presented by @vicokezie Introduction
  • 3. Social Media Statistics Presented by @vicokezie 90 Million 600 Million 60 Million
  • 4. Show of Hands?
    • How many use Linkedin?
    • - 100% profile, Logged in weekly, daily
    • How many active on Twitter?
    • Sent 1 tweet, posted a job, seen a job
    • How many use Facebook?
    • Seen jobs in FB, posted a job, other use
    • How many write a Blog?
    • - Blog post per month, read other blogs
    Presented by @vicokezie
  • 5. War for Talent? Presented by @vicokezie We are searching for the very best Chef to wow us. You must be special to apply!!!
  • 6. Social Recruiting Tools
    • Twitter Tools
      • Tweetdeck
      • Hootsuite
      • Twitter analyzer
      • Twitterholic
      • Twittercounter
      • Twittersearch
    Presented by @vicokezie
    • Facebook Tools
      • Facebook Pages
      • Work4Us
      • Jibe
      • Branchout
      • BraveNewTalent
    • Monitoring Tools
      • Radian6
      • SocialMention
      • SocialOomph
      • Glassdoor
  • 7. Case Study: Starbucks / Sodexo Presented by @vicokezie
  • 8. Case Studies: Pepsico / IHG Group Presented by @vicokezie
  • 9. Social Recruiting Strategy Presented by @vicokezie 1. Reasons Why? Value? 2. Resources What? Staff? External Training? 3. Realities How? Measurements of use 4. Responses Feedback? Positive / Negative 5. Results Success / Failure; ROI
  • 10. Social Recruiting Recipe Presented by @vicokezie RECIPE FOR SUCCESS Set a Goal and build a plan Manage your online reputation Listen, target and engage Master one medium at a time Create a great user experience Track and manage your online rankings Promote your brand and link all media Evolve: prepare for regular change
  • 11. More Social Recruiting? Presented by @vicokezie Social Recruiting Conference 30 th June 2011, London Social Recruiting Training 31 st March 2011, London
  • 12. Questions? Vic Okezie Director, Crexia [email_address] 0845 3096 350