60 Diversity and Inclusion Tips in 75 Minutes


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Through the nontraditional lenses of operations, HR, facilities,
and specific policies and programs, see how forward thinking
organizations are advancing diversity and inclusion in their workforces.
With an emphasis on practical tips that legal professionals will love,
veterans and rookies alike will come away with new ideas they can
put to use immediately.

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60 Diversity and Inclusion Tips in 75 Minutes

  1. 1. Vic Maurer | Association of Legal Administrators Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesOctober 12, 2012 | Regions 5 & 6 Conference & Expowww.alanet.org/diversity Find us on Facebook at www.alanet.org/facebook
  2. 2. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes1. Define Success. The Ultimate Question: If you had diversity success in your organization tomorrow, what would that look like? “The most frequent problem firms have with diversity and inclusion is that they haven’t spent enough time deciding why it’s important.” - Arin Reeves, Nextions Nov. 17 Find us on Facebook at www.alanet.org/facebook www.alanet.org/diversity
  3. 3. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes2. Define Diversity. D e fi n i t i o n s v a r y , b u t w h e n l a w fi r m s t a l k a b o u t diversity, they’re really talking about three v e r y d i ff e r e n t t h i n g s .Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance / Litigation AvoidanceDiversity Diversity is the Mix (TM)Inclusion Inclusion is Making the Mix Work ( TM) Find us on Facebook at www.alanet.org/facebook www.alanet.org/diversity
  4. 4. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes Policy Best Practices3. EEO and Anti-Discrimination Make sure your policies are up-to-date. 4. SPE, Holiday, Vacation, PTO The case for PTO policies. www.alanet.org/diversity
  5. 5. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes After considering the requirements, create flexibility.5. Offer Flex Scheduling AWS and staggered star t times. 6. ...and Telecommuting P o l i c y n e e d s t o r e fl e c t r e a l i t y . Timekeepers already telecommute. 7. Embrace Technology M o s t s t a ff e n t e r i n g t h e w o r k p l a c e h a v e more powerful personal computing devices than what is available at work. www.alanet.org/diversity
  6. 6. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesEvaluate Your Employee Benefits Health insurance and other coverages.8. DP and Transgender Benefits 9. “Grossing Up” Benefits Go the extra mile by mitigating institutional discrimination. 10. Communicating Benefits Make sure your plan administrator is able t o a n s w e r q u e s t i o n s r e g a r d i n g b e n e fi t s for ALL employees. www.alanet.org/diversity
  7. 7. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesProvide support mechanisms 11. EAPs O ff e r a n d r e m i n d e m p l o y e e s o f E A P b e n e fi t s . 12. ERGS C r e a t e a n d l e v e r a g e s t r a t e g i c a ffi n i t y / employee resource groups.13. Minority Bar Memberships P r o v i d e fi n a n c i a l s u p p o r t f o r m i n o r i t y b a r memberships to promote and encourage attorney involvement. 14. Formal Mentoring Establish a formal program to develop talent. www.alanet.org/diversity
  8. 8. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesLet diversity inspire your organization Lani Guinier15. Learn from the margin. A D A B e n e fi t www.alanet.org/diversity
  9. 9. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesTake a look at your facilities P r a y e r R o o m s , Q u i e t R o o m s , R e fl e c t i o n R o o m s 16. Quiet Rooms17. Gender Neutral Bathrooms Consider designating one or more “Family” or otherwise gender neutral restrooms. 18. Accessibility Before a build-out or move, consider the a c c e s s i b i l i t y o f y o u r o ffi c e ’ s l o c a t i o n . A r e there ways your current space could be made more accessible? www.alanet.org/diversity
  10. 10. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesTips for hiring 19. Institute the Rooney Rule Demand a diverse candidate slate for key job openings.20. Disability Inclusion in Hiring “ P e r s o n s w i t h d i s a b i l i t i e s a r e e n c o u r a g e d t o a p p l y .” 21. Post Widely Post openings with organizations that have diverse constituencies. Ask diverse leaders in our organization to help identify talent. 22. Hire the Best Candidate This should go without saying. Never hire a c a n d i d a t e t h a t d o e s n ’ t fi t w i t h y o u r c u l t u r e , values and performance expectations. www.alanet.org/diversity
  11. 11. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesTips for hiring 23. Equip Your Recruiters Braille Business Cards, Diversity Brochures S t a t i s t i c s a n d R e l a t i o n s h i p s w i t h D i v e r s e s t a ff .24. Hire Heroes Align existing job functions with military skill sets to create best fi t o p p o r t u n i t i e s f o r h i g h q u a l i t y talent. www.alanet.org/diversity
  12. 12. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesCreate plans to meet the emerging workforce 25. Community Outreach . If you aren’t getting the r e s u l t s y o u’d l i k e t o h a v e, make sure you have a story to tell.26. Pipeline Diversity Initiatives Identify where the next generation o f g r e a t l a w fi r m l e a d e r s i s a n d b e t h e fi r s t t o g e t t h e r e . www.alanet.org/diversity
  13. 13. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesDiversity Training27. Elimination of Bias . Blink | Micro-Inequities | Vernā Myers. 28. Dignity & Respect Ca n d i Ca s t l e b e r r y- S i n g l e to n’s solution to the diversity training “ p r o b l e m .” 29. The Inclusion Paradox Andrés T. Tapia | Dr. Tassu Sher vani | Steven Robbins www.alanet.org/diversity
  14. 14. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesDiversity training30. Make it relevant. . Reinforce the necessity of training by t y i n g i t b a c k t o t h e fi r m ’ s m i s s i o n a n d g o a l s . 31. Make it regular. ALA Diversity “Tip” Sheets Cultural Heritage Months Firm newsletter updates 32. Make it interesting. Solicit the involvement of your a t t o r n e y s a n d s t a ff . www.alanet.org/diversity
  15. 15. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesHandle setbacks33. Communicate. . I t ’s n o t a l ways w h at i t l o o k s l i k e o n t h e s u r f a ce. www.alanet.org/diversity
  16. 16. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesAfter hours / social Scheduling | Venue | Food & Drink | Invitations 34. Inclusive Events Diversity Five tips for planning the perfect year-end party Vic Maurer, Staff Liaison, ALA Committee on Diversity and Inclusion www.alanet.org/diversity Five Tips It’s the end of the year and it is certain that between your ALA chapter, office and yourself, you will be hosting some kind of celebration. Planning the event can be a lot of work though. To help, for Planning here are five key considerations to help you create an inclusive event that everyone on your guest list can t h e Pe r fe c t Ye a r - E n d Pa r t y appreciate. a date. One in five adult hosts will serve alcohol at a holiday function this year. If you plan to be one When choosing a date, consider all holidays or of them, try not to make drinking the center of important dates to all religions so that you can the function so that those who do not drink for avoid a conflict. In order to create an inclusive personal or religious reasons will not be made to holiday party, youll have to come to understand feel uncomfortable. the beliefs of everyone in the office so that you can plan accordingly. Then, grab a calendar and Decorations. choose a date that works for everyone. Decorations are essential in creating a fun and Select the perfect venue. inviting atmosphere for your guests. Fall or winter colors are usually a popular choice. It is The perfect setting is about more than just linens, best to avoid choosing decorations that have lighting and location. When selecting a venue, be specific religious or cultural contexts. However, if sure to ask yourself whether the venue is you find that your guest audience is interested in www.alanet.org/diversity accessible to guests with mobility issues, such as having decorations that depict certain holiday wheelchair users. Skipping this step means scenes or idols, be sure to cover all of the holidays making your guests go out on a limb to ask if the that everyone in the office celebrates. facility is accessible, at the risk of being perceived as the reason why the event was moved if the Speaking of guests. venue is not accessible. If a venue is not accessible, don’t choose it. If it’s within your event budget, allowing participants to bring a guest can make your event Food and Drink. feel extra special. When asking for a plus one on your invitation, be cautious not to use words like Having a mix of healthy and hearty food is a sure “spouse” that would exclude individuals whose way to please guests of all backgrounds. When guest of choice may not be included in that setting your menu, be considerate of those who category. Your guests may wish to bring a date may be vegetarian or have other dietary needs or from a committed relationship that is not defined restrictions such as food allergies. by marriage, such as a long-term boy/girlfriend or domestic partner Additional Resources: ALA Podcasts: Religion at Work– a three part series produced in partnership with the Tanenbaum Center on Interreligious Understanding. Includes “better practices” for holiday gatherings and other areas of office policy. Legal Management Resource Center (LMRC) Articles about Holiday Parties www.alanet.org/diversity
  17. 17. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesIdentify Tools for Success 35. Diversity Checklists Use checklists to measure progress. 36. ALA Mentoring Guide *NEW* A comprehensive guide to cross 2011ALA GUIDETO CROSS-FUNCTIONALMENTORING f u n c t i o n a l m e n t o r i n g f o r a t t o r n e y s a n d s t a ff .www.alanet.org Page 137. ALA Diversity Toolkit A step-by-step guide to creating a law Diversity Toolkit o ffi c e d i v e r s i t y i n i t i a t i v e . 38. ALA Diversity Podcasts Free diversity audio programs featuring diversity and inclusion thought leaders, experts and practitioners. www.alanet.org/diversity
  18. 18. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes Create partnerships 39. The IILP The Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession.40. Center for Legal Inclusiveness A partner of the ALA Mile High Chapter working to advance legal inclusiveness on all fronts.41. LCLD The Leadership Council on Legal Diversity 42. ABA Center ABA Center for Racial and Ethnic Diversity, The Commission on Women in the Profession and the ABA Commission on Disability rights. www.alanet.org/diversity
  19. 19. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 MinutesEducation43. Diversity Executive Mag.Free subscriptions are available through the DiversityExecutive Website.www.alanet.org/diversity
  20. 20. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes Make a personal diversity development plan44. Seek Diverse Experiences AWS and staggered star t times. 45. Test Your Assumptions Find out how subconscious biases impact your snap judgments using the H a r v a r d I m p l i c i t A s s o c i a t i o n Te s t ( I AT ) . 46. Look for “Water” Fi s h i n wate r d o n’t n o t i ce w h e n i t ’s we t . Be conscious of your blind spots and seek out ways to look for broad perspectives before acting. www.alanet.org/diversity
  21. 21. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes Be inclusive in your definition of diversity Diversity is more than race, religion and sex.47. Diversity Dimensions
  22. 22. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes Consider ways you might measure success.48. Benchmarking Surveys PWC | NALP | ALM | HRCI 49. Internal Assessments Ask the people in your organization what they think about your diversity e ff o r t s . 50. External Advisory S o m e fi r m s a r e fi n d i n g t h a t t h e b e s t m e c h a i s m for accountability is by forming an external advisory committee of clients, diversity organizations and community stakeholders. www.alanet.org/diversity
  23. 23. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes Communicating Success is Vital51. Internal Communications M a k e s u r e s t a ff & a t t o r n e y s a r e a w a r e o f y o u r goals and what you’re doing to meet them. 52. Earned Media Be quick to report your diversity progress to industry news sources and communities from which you seek to recruit. 53. Share Wins with Clients Let your clients know that you are making strides toward diversity progress as it is happening. www.alanet.org/diversity
  24. 24. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes Structuring diversity in a small firm setting54. Form a Nucleus Selecting the right team is essential. www.alanet.org/diversity
  25. 25. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes Reward good behavior55. Billing Credits Credit timekeepers for hours spent doing diversity work. 56. Performance Reviews Make diversity work a part of the job by incorporating it into performance. www.alanet.org/diversity
  26. 26. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes Staffing for success57. Hire a F/T Professional Depending on the size and scope of your program, you may need a full time professional to manage your program. www.alanet.org/diversity
  27. 27. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes Don’t forget...58. Don’t forget about disability O n e i n fi v e A m e r i c a n s i s d i s a b l e d . M a n y i n ways that cannot be perceived just by looking at them. Aaron Scheidies. Triathlon World Champion www.alanet.org/diversity
  28. 28. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes Stay Sane59. Celebrate Small Victories The nature of the work is that you’re going to have a hundred singles and few home runs. Celebrate the small things and be patient. www.alanet.org/diversity
  29. 29. Diversity & Inclusion 60 Tips in 75 Minutes Don’t hesitate to seek help along the way60. Put Your Own Mask On... Before assisting others. www.alanet.org/diversity
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