Regional Conference for SE Asia on Rainwater Harvesting in IWRM

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Regional Conference for Southeast Asia on Rainwater Harvesting in IWRM: An Exchange of Policies and Learnings …

Regional Conference for Southeast Asia on Rainwater Harvesting in IWRM: An Exchange of Policies and Learnings
November 25-26, 2008
Davao City

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  • 1. Engr. Rodora N. Gamboa General Manager, Davao City Water District President, PhilCapNet November 25, 2008 Grand Men Seng Hotel, Davao City, Philippines Conference Overview
  • 2. Southeast Asia
  • 3.
    • Regional Training of Trainers (RTOT) on IWRM (October 2007, Davao City)
    • SEA forged partnerships and linkages, and pledged to support the implementation of IWRM throughout the region
    • RWH forum – step towards the realization of IWRM’s goals
  • 4.
    • SEA situated within the Intertropical Convergence (ITC) zone
    • Water being the most valuable resource needs to be optimized, utilized, integrated and managed.
    • Countries from the Southeast Asia region are most vulnerable to the adverse effects brought about by climate change.
      • rising sea levels
      • increasing temperatures
      • intensity of storms, floods and droughts
      • greater frequency of heat waves
      • more rapid spread of diseases
      • hasten loss of biodiversity
    • Climate Change – RWH - pro-active solution to water concerns throughout the world.
  • 5.
    • Regional Conference for Southeast Asia on Rainwater Harvesting in IWRM: An Exchange of Practices and Learnings
      • combine the past and the present experiences to aid in setting directions for adoption and adaptation efforts of national and international organizations and agencies for sustainable and quality living
      • will attempt to optimize learnings on the application of rainwater harvesting systems in the context of IWRM through sharing of experiences and building networks.
  • 6. Program for Day 1
    • Principles of IWRM, Director Ramon B. Alikpala
    • Rainwater and Ecosystems, Ms. Elizabeth Khaka
    • Rainwater Harvesting: Global Context, Dr. Jessica Calfoforo – Salas
    • Functionality of GWP ToolBox for IWRM and Agua Jaring Network, Dr. Cecilia M. Soriano
    • Drafting of ToolBox Case Proposals, Engr. Rodora N. Gamboa
    • Rainwater Harvesting in Cambodia, Mr. Heak Pring
    • RWH in Indonesia, Amelia Makmur
    • Rainwater Harvesting in Indonesia, Toha Saleh
    • RWH in the Philippines, Mike Canlas, Abigail Fabis, Jewel Raquel Unson, Jenelyn Gemora
    • Sharing of ToolBox Case Proposals, Engr. Rodora N. Gamboa
  • 7. Program for Day 2
    • Managing Stormwater for Water Resource and Flood Control, Mr. Tan Tien Ser
    • Rainwater for Irrigation and RWH in Thailand, Mr. Khanchana Nakhapakorn
    • RWH Technology in Vietnam, Me. Vu Dinh Xiem
    • NAHRIM Experience on RWH, Ms, Nur Elysabath Mohd Ghazali
    • Rainwater Initiatives in Davao City, Hon. Leonardo R. Avila III
    • Health and Safety of Rainwater Harvesting, Dr. Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial
    • Rainwater Harvesting in IWRM for Climate Change Adaptation, Jessica Calfoforo – Salas
    • Towards Promoting Rainwater Harvesting and Next Steps, Engr. Rodora N. Gamboa
    • Closing Program
  • 8.
    • Collaborating Agencies, Organizations, Networks
      • Global Water Partership
      • Global Water Partnership Toolbox
        • GWP SEA Regional Toolbox
          • GWP Philippine Toolbox
      • International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (IRCSA)
      • Capacity Building Network (CapNet)
      • Aguajaring
      • Philippine Watershed Management Coalition (PWMC)
      • Local Government of Davao
      • Davao City Water District
  • 9. Countries in Attendance
    • Philippines
    • Thailand
    • Singapore
    • Malaysia
    • Vietnam
    • Cambodia
    • Indonesia
    • Kenya