Integrated SEO: Combining Different SEO Strategies, Tactics, Techniques and Styles


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My presentation about Integrated SEO (Combining Different SEO Strategies, Tactics, Techniques and Styles) during the Mastering Online Ranking Conference (MORCon) 2013 organized by SEO Organization Philippines.

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Integrated SEO: Combining Different SEO Strategies, Tactics, Techniques and Styles

  1. 1. Integrated SEO: Combining Different SEO Strategies, Tactics, Techniques and Styles by Victorino Q. Abrugar
  2. 2. What are the differences between basic, advanced and fundamental?
  3. 3. Here's a basic question in mathematics: What is 1 + 1?
  4. 4. and here's a basic question in SEO: What is SEO?
  5. 5. Here's an advanced question in mathematics: What is 1,029,029 x 283,020?
  6. 6. and here's an advanced question in SEO: What is contextual link building?
  7. 7. Here's a fundamental question in mathematics: Why is 1 + 1 = 2?
  8. 8. and here's a fundamental question in SEO: Why do businesses need SEO?
  9. 9. A SEO master knows the basic, advanced and fundamentals of SEO.
  10. 10. You can't advance without the basics.
  11. 11. Your basics and advancement are bull@#% without the fundamentals.
  12. 12. Example of bull@#% Unsolicited emails offering cheap SEO services to random recipients
  13. 13. Top-notch SEOs offer to build a brand rather than just build links.
  14. 14. They help businesses, not only to rank in the search engines, but also to drive consistent and relevant traffic.
  15. 15. They help businesses generate, not only traffic, but also revenue and profit.
  16. 16. They create good and lasting customer relationships rather than just creating attention and exposure.
  17. 17. Top-notch SEOs can see the whole picture of the business because they understand the basics, the advanced and the fundamentals of SEO.
  18. 18. Doable Action #1 Review your company's SEO services page, and check what you are promising. If you are promising bull@# %, change them. Make a promise like a pro or like someone who understands the whole business.
  19. 19. SEO Tip #1 Remember that the best SEO guarantee is not to bring a business on the top of Google, but to help a business find loyal customers and generate consistent profit.
  20. 20. Top SEOs know how to integrate different marketing strategies, tactics, techniques and styles to form a powerful SEO campaign for a business.
  21. 21. Speaking of strategies, tactics, techniques, and styles... do you know their differences?
  22. 22. A strategy can be a grand strategy, a masterplan or a grand design.
  23. 23. Think about Obito's Project Tsuki no me!
  24. 24. In SEO, a grand strategy is your SEO grand design or master plan which covers a longer period of time and where all your resources will be utilized.
  25. 25. A SEO grand strategy is usually designed by a SEO entrepreneur, SEO director or the SEO mastermind.
  26. 26. In the military, strategies are created by the generals.
  27. 27. Yes, you can design your own SEO grand strategy and name it whatever you like.
  28. 28. So... do you have a grand SEO strategy?
  29. 29. Doable Action #2 Give your grand strategy or masterplan a cool name.
  30. 30. SEO Tip #2 Choose a name that you can never forget but you can hide from your competitors.
  31. 31. Sample Grand Strategy Name
  32. 32. A mastermind can also create different strategies to support his grand strategy.
  33. 33. In SEO, you can use different marketing strategies like branding, inbound marketing, social marketing, content marketing, and link building to support your grand SEO strategy.
  34. 34. Do you have an idea now what strategies are?
  35. 35. Do you consider yourself as a strategist?
  36. 36. Doable Action #3 Pick your best marketing strategies that can be deployed in your operations.
  37. 37. SEO Tip #3 Always use branding as one of your SEO strategies. When people know your brand, they can easily find your content on search engines. Searching in Google with a brand in mind
  38. 38. Sample strategies
  39. 39. Now let's go to tactics.
  40. 40. Tactics are more specific than strategies and usually accomplished quicker than strategies.
  41. 41. In the military, tactics are executed in the battle field.
  42. 42. In SEO, tactics are executed in the SEO battle ground.
  43. 43. SEO tactics are executed by SEO team members and employees.
  44. 44. ...just like the tactics performed by the soldiers in combat operations.
  45. 45. If linkbuilding is a SEO strategy, it can be carried out by executing SEO tactics like guest posting and linkbaiting.
  46. 46. So, can you distinguish strategies from tactics now?
  47. 47. Do you consider yourself as a tactician?
  48. 48. Doable Action #4 Choose your best SEO tactics that can be executed by your SEO employees or team members.
  49. 49. SEO Tip #4 Linkbaiting and contextual linkbuidling is one of my proven and most effective SEO tactics for link building, branding and even for social media marketing. It's fun, exciting and rewarding.
  50. 50. Sample strategies and tactics
  51. 51. Now let's go to techniques.
  52. 52. A technique is a method of accomplishing an action or series of actions by using a special knowledge or skill.
  53. 53. In the military, technicians are like the pilots or the snipers – they possess special skills.
  54. 54. Think about ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu techniques in the Shinobi world.
  55. 55. In the SEO world, techniques could include web development, analytics and even writing (because not anyone can write).
  56. 56. In other words, SEO technicians include web designers, web analysts, writers or those who have special knowledge or skill.
  57. 57. Techniques can be acquired or be developed through training.
  58. 58. So what is your best SEO technique?
  59. 59. Doable Action #5 Assess your people's current techniques. Send them to training to develop their skills further. Also consider hiring people or outsourcing skills that are important in your SEO campaign.
  60. 60. SEO Tip #5 Writing is one of the most useful SEO techniques that I use for my SEO campaign. Even after writing more than a thousand articles, I still believe that I need to practice more.
  61. 61. Sample techniques
  62. 62. Sample strategies, tactics and techniques
  63. 63. Now let's go to styles.
  64. 64. A style is a manner of how an action or actions are done.
  65. 65. It is more personal than technical. It's like your habit which leaves a pattern.
  66. 66. Unlike a technique which you are the one who will recognize it, a style is recognized by the people around you.
  67. 67. Your SEO style can even be recognized by search engines.
  68. 68. Your SEO style could be recognized by Google's Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.
  69. 69. Your social media marketing style could be recognized by your social media followers.
  70. 70. Your marketing style could be recognized by your clients and customers.
  71. 71. Your management and leadership style could be recognized by your employees and subordinates.
  72. 72. Do you want me to guess your marketing or SEO style?
  73. 73. Are you black or white? Are you clean or dirty? Are you traditional or innovative? Are you silent or noisy? Are you focused or spread.
  74. 74. If your SEO style is dirty, no matter how effective your techniques are, your SEO tactics and strategies also become dirty.
  75. 75. Styles are developed by none other than yourself. Whether you like it or not, you have to learn how to develop yourself and embrace good values and ethics.
  76. 76. Doable Action #6 Spend quite time with yourself and do reflections to gain wisdom, maturity, and righteousness. From there, identify the marketing styles that will make your SEO campaign more effective and your results long lasting.
  77. 77. SEO Tip #6 Your SEO styles leave a pattern that could be detected by Google. If you do it dirty, expect to be kicked out by Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird.
  78. 78. Doable Action #7 Integrate your SEO strategies, tactics, techniques, and styles to complete your SEO Master Plan.
  79. 79. Sample styles
  80. 80. Sample integrated SEO marketing campaign
  81. 81. Now... Did you understand what strategies, tactics, techniques and styles are?
  82. 82. Did you understand the importance of integrating your SEO and other marketing strategies, tactics, techniques and styles?
  83. 83. If you own a SEO firm, if you're an SEO director or if you're an SEO employee who dreams to become a SEO entrepreneur someday...
  84. 84. You need to know how to create a fusion.
  85. 85. To release a more powerful campaign.
  86. 86. You have to learn how to integrate or combine various marketing strategies, tactics, techniques and styles.
  87. 87. only by integrating them that you can become a SEO God.
  88. 88. Wanna try it now?
  89. 89. Thank you.
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