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Report On Big bazaar

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Report on big bazaar

  1. 1. 2013 Submitted by:- Vicky L yadav Enrollment no. : 1011214107 4/27/2013 Spring internship report on Big bazaar
  2. 2. DECLARATION I Vicky L Yadav student of Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad 2012-2014, enrolment No.1011214107, states that I have successfully completed my Internship from Big bazaar, Gurgaon from 10th Mar.,2013 to 22th April,2013. ThanksandRegards VickyLYadav
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to thank Prof. P Bala Bhaskaran, Director, SBS, Ahmedabad for giving me permission to carry out Spring Internship Program. With immense pleasure and deep sense of gratitude, I wish to express my sincere thanks to my Faculty Guide Prof. Kishore Barad, SBS, Ahmedabad for his constant interest, encouragement and expert guidance throughout the course of this project, which provided the necessary driven force that enabled me to pursue my work with vigor and keen interest. Also, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to My Mentors, Mr. Sudhir Sharma ( Store manager) and Mr. Surender Kumar ( H.R manager) for their moral support and the guidance which they gave me during the time span of SIP, which has a great influence on me and also gave me immense amount of learning about Retail industry.
  4. 4. SR. NO. Topic Page No Declaration 2 Acknowledgement 3 Chapter 01 Introduction 5 A. Company B.Customers C. Competitors D. Technology 5 7 7 8 Chapter 02 Objectives 9 Chapter 03 Target / Tasks 11 Chapter 04 Strategy 12 Chapter 05 Achievements 13 Chapter 06 SWOT Analysis (Company) 14 Chapter 07 Limitation of project 15 Chapter 08 Conclusion 16
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION COMPANY Big Bazaar was introduced by the Future Group in September 2001 with the opening of its first four stores in Kolkata, Indore, Bengaluru and Hyderabad within a period of 22 days. Started by Kishore Biyani, Big Bazaar was launched mainly as a fashion format selling apparel, cosmetics, accessories and general merchandise. Over the years, the retail chain has included in its portfolio a wide range of products and services, ranging from grocery to electronics. The current retail formats of the Future Group include Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Electronic Bazaar and Furniture Bazaar. According to Kishore Biyani, the inspiration behind this entire retail format was from Saravana Stores, a local store in T. Nagar, Chennai. Big Bazaar is popularly known as the ‘Indian Walmart’ today. In the second year of operations, Big Bazaar tied up with Indian banking giant ICICI Bank and launched the Big Bazaar ICICI Bank Card. In the same year, the first Food Bazaar store was also launched at High Street Phoenix mall in Mumbai, marking the retailer’s entry into dedicated food retail. In 2003, Big Bazaar made its foray into small towns and cities. The first store in this category was launched that year in Nagpur. The franchise also welcomed its 10 millionth customer at its new store in Gurgaon in the same year. Over the next two years, Big Bazaar consolidated its position in the Indian retail landscape. This phase of growth included the setting up of the Mumbai store in Lower Parel, which registered a record Rs 10 million turnover in a single day on Diwali-eve in 2004. In 2005, the first Big Bazaar Exchange Offer was launched, which has quickly gained popularity among customers. In 2006, further changes in loyalty marketing took place with the launch of the housewife-centric credit card, Shakti. Jewellery store ‘Navaras’ was also launched that year within Big Bazaar stores which became the first store-in-store concept to
  6. 6. be launched by the brand. Another dedicated retail format launched in 2006 is Furniture Bazaar. In 2007, Big Bazaar partnered with a shopping portal and expanded its retail footprint to 50 stores. The following year, 2008, witnessed by far the fastest growth in terms of retail expansion for Big Bazaar, with the launch of the 101st store. Joining the league of India’s Super brands and voted among the top ten service brands in the country by the Pitch-IMRB international survey, Big Bazaar became much more than a household name. The year also saw the launch of the Monthly Bachat Bazaar (Monthly Budget Market) campaign, which provided significantly low prices and gave discounts on bulk purchases in the first week of the month. Over the next two years, Big Bazaar carved its own niche in modern retail and became the largest brand in the hypermarket format. Capturing one-third of the food and grocery market in modern retail, celebrity endorsements and tie-ups with other brands allowed it to enhance its retail footprint. In 2009, Big Bazaar won the CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards for the third consecutive year. It was adjudged the Most Preferred Multi Brand Food & Beverage Chain, Most Preferred Multi Brand Retail Outlet and Most Preferred Multi Brand One Stop Shop.
  7. 7. CUSTOMER In general, customers are segmented in different three type’s i.e. Higher class. Upper middle class. Middle class. Big Bazaar targets higher and middle class customers because there has been growth in Indian middle class that has so far used to buying apparel and groceries from small and cluttered neighborhood market shops is fast realizing the joy of visiting malls that have redefined the freedom to shop and entertain. COMPETITORS Reliance trends and fresh. Star bazaar. Shoppers Stop. Spencer’s. Lifestyle Retail. D-Mart.
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY In big bazaar, there prevails many numbers of software’s which they are using for different type of purpose like: SAP- They uses this software in warehouse for inventory purpose only. SPARSH- This software contains all the staff information regarding their wages, attendance, Timings etc. SANCHAYAN AND SAMADHAN- These are the applications used for cash transactions, also any error in transaction related to cash are corrected through these applications. SAMPRADAN- This software is used for pay-back membership card i.e. used for checking points on card and redemption of voucher.
  9. 9. OBJECTIVES Objective of internship is to provide the students opportunity to test their interest in a particular career before permanent commitments are made. Students will develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations. They also develop skills and techniques directly applicable to their careers. Internships will aid students in adjusting from college to full-time employment. This internship will enable me to understand the retail management at India’s leading retail chain Future group. Big bazaar Gurgaon is one of the fastest growing venture of future group. My main objective of internship was to get the inner insight of the future group as well as in- house branding, in-house marketing and operations of this store. I wanted to learn the things than can be learn only by practical knowledge and wanted to apply my theoretical knowledge as well.
  10. 10. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Store Manager Departme nt Manager Asst. DM Team Leader Team Member CSD HR VM Asst. VM Administra tor Maintena nce House Keeping Info Security Sales Manager Cashier
  11. 11. TASKS Inventory management : In this task I was explained the overall inventory process of store. In which I got knowledge about supply chain, inward & outward of stock, process of receiving consignment, how we return the damage and non- moving goods How we make labeling on stock, how we make tagging on them How to deal with vendors for the respective brands and many more things. Basically inventory is the core part of any retail store that we have learnt here. Display: In this task I was given knowledge about the display of merchandise first that how many types of displays are their how many types of props are used to make the display attractive what are each and everything called on the floor that is visible. After that how we can arrange merchandise in a proper way according to occasions, season and any other way. Payback: Payback is a loyalty scheme which is provided by the store to the customers, it is also known by membership card. It is provided to the customer for free of charge so I was given a task of providing information to customer to buy the payback card, it is nothing but the ultimate monetary benefit given to the customers on purchasing of the merchandise from the store. Profit Club Membership Card: Profit club membership card is new scheme launched in the month of mar, 2013 in big bazaar. It is provided to the customer on the payment of Rs.10000 on which they can avail a profit of Rs.2000.
  12. 12. Customer service desk (CSD) Customer service desk is a place where I have learnt activities like , payback card and issuing various gift voucher, customer complain handling. Crisis of manpower. STRATEGY TASKS STRATEGY Inventory Management To learn this task I approached to the respective head of the warehouse department and he gave the proper insight regarding this inventory process. Display To learn this task I took a help of respective Dept. manager and also used my insight in a way that it looks attractive. Payback and Profit club membership card For this task we had to loiter around the store and ask the customer about the membership card and had to give them information about the same. CSD I got a lot of information regarding the functioning of the loyalty schemes, the policies of the exchange and the information regarding the software used and how a
  13. 13. customer query is to be handled. ACHIVEMENTS TASK AVERAGE GOOD EXCELLENT Inventory Management  Display  Payback  ProfitClub membership card  CSD 
  14. 14. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: High brand equity enjoyed by Big Bazaar State of the art infrastructure A vast variety of stuff available under one roof Everyday low prices, which attract customers Maximum percent of footfalls converted in sales Huge investment capacity Biggest value retail chain in India It offers a family shopping experience, where entire family can visit together. Available facilities such as online booking and delivery of goods. Weakness: Unable to meet store opening targets on time Falling revenue per sq ft General perception: ‘Low price = Low quality’ Overcrowded during offers Long lines at billing counters which are time consuming Limited only to value offering low price products. A no of branded products are still missing from Big Bazaar’s line of products. E.g. Jockey, Van heusen, Opportunity: A lot of scope in Indian organized retail as it stands at approximately 4%. Increasing mall culture in India. More people these days prefer to visit big stores where they can find large variety under one roof. Threats:
  15. 15. Competition from other value retail chains such as Shoprite, Reliance (Fresh and trends), Hypercity and D mart. Unorganized retail also appears to be a threat to Big Bazaar’s business. A large population still prefers to visit local convenient stores for daily purchases Changing Government policies International players looking to foray India. LIMITATIONS OF STUDY Time limit is the major constraint. As per the company’s rules many information were not disclosed. The H.R personnel were too busy in their schedule it was not possible to spend much time with them. METHODOLOGY ADOPTED Meeting customers for their suggestions and recommendations about the facilities in big bazaar (If they are satisfied or not). Discuss with Store manager and other employees at the store. Visiting the surfing websites of the company.
  16. 16. CONCLUSION As I was in the retail industry at Big bazaar, I learnt various aspects of Retail like inventory management, display pattern, promotions etc. also I was working with the department manager of the store and got to know the functioning of the store and how to manage the overall staff of the store. I got guidance from visual merchandising manager of the store about the visual merchandising in retail store, in that I learnt how to do promotions of new brand in store, how to utilize the given floor space to do proper positioning of respective brands according to new schemes or any occasions, I have also covered a part of handling customers query. At last, I would like to conclude that overall experience of SIP gave me immense knowledge of practical world and made me able to maintain good contact and relations with the superiors as well as with overall staff of the store.