8 def the sacred well


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8 def the sacred well

  1. 1. THE SACRED WELLby Judy DonnellyPage 335
  2. 2. Vocabulary• Empire• Skeletons• Dredge• HOMOPHONES • wait weight • horse hoarse • night knight • pear pair • principle principal
  3. 3. VOCABULARY EXERCISE1. The bones of each of the __________ look old and grayish.2. The king ruled his ________ for more than fifty years.3. Archeologists sometimes use a ________ to dig up bones or artifacts.4. The artist painted a graveyard filled with __________ to represent Death.
  4. 4. THINK IT THROUGHAnswer for homework.
  5. 5. What makes the Sacred Well so mysteriousto Edward?• Edward has read that the Mayans used to throw treasures and young girls into the well to please the rain god that lived at the bottom.
  6. 6. Tell how Edward proves that the story aboutthe Sacred Well is true.• Edward decides to search the well, so he took deep-sea- diving lessons,then bought a dredge. He solved the problem of where to dig by throwing in logs and watching where they went into the water. After several weeks, the dredge brought up treasures and human skeletons, proving that the story of the Sacred Well was true.
  7. 7. What else does Edward find to show howthe ancient Mayans used the Sacred Well?• He found more skeletons of men and children who may have been slaves or prisioners, as well as weapons, carvings, and scraps of clothing.
  8. 8. What steps does Edward take to solve themystery of the well?• He buys a dredge to dig into the well, drops logs into the water to find out where to dig, dives into the water himself to bring up more artifacts.
  9. 9. Why do you think he risks his life so manytimes to explore this site?• He is determined to prove the story true or false; he can’t find out what he wants to know any other way; no one else is brave enough to do what he did; he has the knowledge, skill, and confidence to take that risk. He believes that he will survive.
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