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Interaction12 Redux



Redux of the Interactions 12 conference in Dublin.

Redux of the Interactions 12 conference in Dublin.



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Interaction12 Redux Interaction12 Redux Presentation Transcript

  • REDUXLouise Taylor & Vicky Teinaki
  • 4th Interactions conference(& first out of North America)749 attendees at conference(800 total)33 countries representedacross 6 continentsStatistics:
  • Dublin, Ireland Feb 1–4 2012
  • A City of Writing … and Drinking
  • Backchannels & In Jokes
  • Sketchnotes
  • And very big sponsors : Microsoft, Google….Parties. With Geeks. Be very afraid.
  • Lots. Of. Talks.
  • Conference Themes
  • Conference ThemesThe Edges of Interaction DesignStorytellingInnovation
  • Jonas Löwgren, Anthony Dunne Photo courtesy of Joe Sokohl
  • Fabian Hemmert
  • Genevieve Bell Photo courtesy of Joe Sokohl
  • Amber Case
  • Ariel Waldman
  • Adrian Westaway
  • Conference ThemesThe Edges of Interaction DesignStorytellingInnovation
  • Jeroen Van Geel
  • Entertainment
  • Abi Jones
  • Giles ColborneSlides:
  • Conference ThemesThe Edges of Interaction DesignStorytellingInnovation
  • Luke Williams Photo courtesy of Joe Sohkohl
  • Jonathan KahnSlides:
  • IXD12 Conferenceconceptual framework• Theory• Context• Strategy• Dialogue• Ecosystems• BehaviourReference:
  • IXDA Interaction Design Awards
  • Inaugral Event Photo courtesy of Joe Sokohl
  • CategoriesOptimisingMaking daily activities more efficient.EngagingCapturing attention, creating delight & delivering meaning.EmpoweringEnabling people to go beyond their limits.ExpressingEncouraging self expression and/or creativity.ConnectingFacilitating communication between people & communities.DisruptingRe-imagining completely an existing product or serviceby creating new behaviors, usages or markets.
  • IXDA Award Winners
  • Video story telling
  • Also…
  • Dan Saffer, ‘How To Lie With Design Thinking’
  • Consideration for Researchers
  • Consideration for ResearchersThe talks usually look & sound good.Quality can vary though.Unfortunately, the interesting stuff ismostly hidden behind NDAs!
  • Researchers are, on the whole, enthusiastically embraced
  • e.g. Maggie Breslin’s Mayo Clinic Work Photo from @justsomeguy
  • Consideration for Researchers… though you may hit the A words!(A for Academic—“how will I use this in my work?”—or Art “isn’t this just art?” )Non-paper conferences can’t helpa university either, unfortunately.
  • Interaction 13‘Social Impact, Social Innovation.’Toronto, Canada early February (tocoincide with Toronto Design Week)Newcastle?See Thomas Greenough if you’re interested
  • ResourcesIxDA: ixda.orgInteraction 12: Awards: awards.ixda.orgJohnny Holland reports &