Frida kahlo


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Frida kahlo

  1. 1. Mexican painterCoyoacàn, Mexico City, July 6 / 1907 – July 13 / 1954
  2. 4. His life was marked by physical suffering that began with the polio he contracted in 1913 and continued with various diseases, injuries, accidents and operations. The first illness left him a permanent sequel: the right leg much thinner than the left.
  3. 5. In 1922 went to school “Escuela Nacional Preparatoria”, (first time get woman) there was very naughty and she met her husband, Diego Rivera was painting a mural at their school.
  4. 6. she had a serious accident which destroyed his body, left her in bed, he began painting self-portraits in the bathroom and the bed was a loving woman who brought back to life and led by the Mexican artistic. Diego later married and ten years later divorced.
  5. 7. Diego had suggested Frida to dress in traditional costume consisting of long dresses Mexican colors and exotic jewelry. This, together with his scowling face, became its brand image. He loved his paintings and was also his biggest fan. Frida, in turn, was the most critical Diego.
  6. 8. After separation of Frida Kahlo Diego completed a self-portrait made up of two personalities: The Two Fridas. With this painting, treats the marital crisis, through the separation of Frida Tehuana costume and the other Frida, European roots, which existed before meeting him. The hearts of the two women are connected to each other through a vein, the European part of Frida Kahlo rejected threatens to lose all his blood.
  7. 9. Between 1937 and 1939 the Ukrainian revolutionary communist leader Leon Trotsky lived in exile in his home in Coyoacan with his wife, had an affair with him and he was in jail charged with her murder, was released along with her husband Diego.
  8. 10. In 1953 he organized a major exhibition of his art, his health was very bad because this came in an ambulance and a hospital bed, was placed in the center of the gallery, there told jokes, drank and sang.
  9. 11. <ul><li>She died in Coyoacan on July 13, 1954, was covered with the flag of the Mexican Communist Party </li></ul>