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Final portfolio

  1. 1. Observation + Live Experience + Love What You Do =Account Planning 1
  2. 2. Table Of Contents l Fina lio tfo Por 1 Introduction: Account Planning 4 About Me: Resume 6 Campaign 01: The Big Rumble Org 19 Campaign 02: Aquarium Of Bay San Francisco California 26 Planning Project 01: Product & Service Development Method Cleaning Center 2
  3. 3. 30 Planning Project 02: Creating New Utility “Localian” 38 Planning Project 03: Strategic Branding Midori Melon Liqueur 44 Planning Project 04: Sub-culture X Fashion The Strawberry Generation & Kenneth Cole 50 Bonus: Portfolio CD-ROM 3
  4. 4. y 01 Vick ng About Me i Weich g n Cha  09/2007~Current Master of Fine Art Candidate, Advertising, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. 09/2000~06/2004 Bachelor of Art, Advertising and Mass Communication, Fu Jen University, Taipei, Taiwan   Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Photo Impact, Quark Express, Microsoft Office Word, Power Point, Excel, etc.   English, Japanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese and Cantonese About Vicky Chang 4
  5. 5.  Six Spoke Media Inc. Taiwan Account Manager, 03/2010~Current Academy of Art University, San Francisco MFA Program, Advertising School, Account Planner, 09/2007~Current Academy of Art University 2009 Advertising Spring Show Account Planning Silver Prize Cathay Pacific Airways Taiwan Customer service Department, 05/2005-07/2007 Dayeh Takashimaya Group Advertising and Communication Department Account Planner and Copywriter, 08/2004-05/2005 Saatchi& Saatchi Taiwan Internship, 03/2003-04/2003 5 About Vicky Chang
  6. 6. Portfolio 02 The Campaign Big e l R umb /Ins truc Trev tor/ Old o ersh r aw Advanced Concept Developing /Art Dire Dan ctor/ Pra iel /Account Planner/ Vicky dilla Chang o r/ rect /Ar t Di n Peiyu Lai /Art Di rector/ Brian Owens 6
  7. 7. Advanced Concept Developing 7
  8. 8. Creative Brief. What are the most insightful things we know about them? Why does our client need to advertise? People who live in the Bay Area quite enjoy the environment. However, People are generally unaware of what The Big they must be wary at all times of the Rumble does, and don’t know how to prepare invisible threat that lingers around themselves effectively for a quake. The Big Rumble them---earthquakes. Although wants to encourage people to learn more about people become suddenly alert after earthquake preparedness through their website an earthquake, they will soon forget and local events. and won’t remember until the next one happens. Generally speaking, the people there take little to no What is the advertising going to accomplish? earthquake precautions. They need to be prepared at all times. The Big Rumble wants to educate everyone, Actions and especially the residents of Bay Area, to get well prepared to face earthquakes, and to always be alert. measurements that can be Who are we going to connect with? HUGE. Independent Bay Area residents who are over 18, living on their own, with roommates or family members. What else is there to know that supports this message? The Big Rumble will serve as the “go-to” website for earthquake preparedness, where people can obtain information by doing “Quake Quiz”, or by participating in Quake Events. These are the steps to make everyone in Bay Area become highly aware of earthquakes. The Big Rumble Org 8
  9. 9. The Big Idea Actions and measurements that can be HUGE. There are some supplies which people always neglect that can be “HUGE” during the after math of an earthquake. Being well prepared is the best precaution to take when facing an earthquake. We want to make our tagline “This can be HUGE after an earthquake” in to the secondary logo of the campaign. We place a great deal of emphasis on emergency equipment and supplies to remind people in Bay Area to prepare these things in advance. 9 The Big Rumble Org
  10. 10. 01. Bus Shelter Portable lantern light tubes glow in the dark. People waiting for the bus at night will realize how important it is to have light in the dark. The Big Rumble Org 10
  11. 11. 02. Matchbook Board In order to emphasize the importance of matchbooks, plenty of matchbooks would be attached on the outdoor board, and this board would be settled in a location where many people pass by. There will be a poster saying “A matchbook is huge after an earthquake” after all matchbooks have been taken off. 11 The Big Rumble Org
  12. 12. The Big Rumble Org 12
  13. 13. 03. Earthquake Supplies Vending Machine A vending machine in need is a real vending machine indeed. An earthquake supplies vending machine would be set up in Bart Station. This machine sells bottled water, flashlights, can food, cup noodles, and batteries, etc. We want to provide the real supplies to our audience and tell them these things would be important after an earthquake. Besides, people need to have some cash with them in case they need to buy these supplies. 13 The Big Rumble Org
  14. 14. 04. Generator with Refrigerator Set this up in the public. This peice of equipment can be vitally important during blackouts, and food can still be preserved. The Big Rumble Org 14
  15. 15. 05. Mailer Through this radio-like mailer we want to emphasize the importance of batteries. Batteries can be used in flashlights and radio devices, which are very important pieces of equipment during an earthquake. 15 The Big Rumble Org
  16. 16. 06. Packaging Stickers To emphasize the importance of can food and cup noodles, we have designed and attached labels to can food and cup noodles lids. Before people going to have the food, make them think first: It’s huge after an earthquake. The Big Rumble Org 16
  17. 17. 07. Interactive Based on the idea that people often use cell phones for light in the dark, we came up with the “iCandle” application idea to help people out during blackouts. People can access and download iCandle for their iPhones through web banner. They can use iCandle to make their iPhones’ screens light up for a long period of time. The message we want to deliver is “A candle can be huge after an earth- quake.” The iCandle is a very fine alternative to the traditional candle. 17 The Big Rumble Org
  18. 18. 08. T-shirt A cool give away that highlights those individuals that are well informed and prepared for the next earthquake. The Big Rumble Org 18
  19. 19. Aq uar of B ium Portfolio 03 a Campaign San y /Instructor/ Fra Lisa nci sco Dorman /Account Planner/ Vicky Campaign 1 /Art Director/ /Instructor/ Mani Chang Nicolas /Account Planner/ Hatami Mathisen John Quintana /Account Planner/ Renee /Copywriter/ Zallers Nurkastelia Anugrasindy /Copywriter/ Dave Cramer 19
  20. 20. Campaign 1 20
  21. 21. Creative Brief. What are the most insightful things we know about them? Why does our client need to advertise? Parents want to find a place where To reach out to local families and make the Aquarium their kids can be kids: a regular part of family fun. Free to ask loud questions To touch things To be curious What is the advertising going to accomplish? To laugh To run around a bit To make some of their own choices Increase local attendance and generate interest in their new exhibits: Banana slug, hedgehog, and The Aquarium while still having friendly, supportive non-parentals to connect with skink. of the Bay is • Taking the kids out should not be a hassle. Who are we going to connect with? your local kid • Parents want give their kids a “real” experience, something outside of expert. video games. Mid- high income families with children in Bay Area. • Restless, rainy days are when parents need a way to get those ants out of the kids’ pants. What else is there to know that supports this message? There’s a friendly naturalist around every corner • Each naturalist is comfortable with kids and knows how to keep them engaged. • Special learning programs and arts & crafts sessions are offered by the Aquarium to kids. • The joy of witnessing new discoveries is a motivation for everyone who works there; making connecting with kids even more meaningful. • The Aquarium offers a unique experience for playground bragging rights: “Guess what! I got to touch a shark this weekend!” 21 Aquarium Of Bay
  22. 22. 01. Print : Banana Slug Named after the fruit They’re yellow like banana. Only slimier. -Maddy, Age 10 Tagline: An experience that inspires Aquarium Of Bay 22
  23. 23. 02. Print : Hedgehog Prickly Prick hedgehog Aren’t really blue like sonic. Ouch! They’re really sharp! –Karen, Age 7 Tagline: An experience that inspires 23 Aquarium Of Bay
  24. 24. 03. Print : Skink Mini dinosaur with a curious blue tongue. Blueberry ice cream? - Alex, Age 9 Tagline: An experience that inspires Aquarium Of Bay 24
  25. 25. 04. Billboard: New Animals to inspire yours. 25 Aquarium Of Bay
  26. 26. Portfolio 03 Planning Project M Cl od eth g Cen in ean r te Creative Planning /Instructor/ Justin Cox /Account Planner/ Vicky Chang 26
  27. 27. Creative Planning New Product and Service Development 27
  28. 28. 1 Current Situation 3 Urbany Trend A forever-growing number 5 Target Audience Primary: Urban young people People always see laundry as of more sophisticated, more (25-30), who work from Mon- a time-consuming job. People demanding, but also more try- day to Friday, and have big who send their clothes to out-prone, super-wired urban social circles and busy social cleaners may also have to wait consumers are snapping up lives during the weekends. for a long time to get their more ‘daring’ goods, services, Secondary: Urban mothers things back. To those people, experiences, campaigns and (30-45), who also work 5 days these services are sub-par. conversations. a week, and spend weekends They don’t really know what to with her family. do with their clothes. 2 Insight Big Idea To create a memorable laundry Method Cleaning Center+ experience for customers. People Urban Pride+ Transparency= rarely remember the last time they Your laundry is a member of the did their laundry , and struggle to Method Cleaning Community. recall any laundry in general. 4 Description 6 Positioning Method Cleaning Center is -New option for urbany laundry based on the membership -Create a community for your laundry system. People need to -A transparent laundry service become members in order -A better management for your laundry to enjoy the service. Method Cleaning center 28
  29. 29. 7 Human Needs 1 Men& Self: Feel safe and comfortable 8 Engagement Method Cleaning center 1 Inquiry Ask Method Laundry Experts 2 Men& Men: Build a relationship and about garment caring, washing tips, or trust circle product/service information. 3 Men& Machine: Identity& safety 2 Home Delivery Service Schedule your 4 Men& Nature: Protect the environment pick-up& home delivery dry clean service by using Method product & service online, Method Cleaning Center will help 5 Men& Society: You and your laundry you out. are in the community, and all of us should 3 Laundry Pick-up Service be responsible for the environment and 4 Laundry Reminder Trough E-mail or be concerned about the environmental text message to remind customers to do issues around the globe. their laundry. Social Relationship+ Social Consciousness Doing the laundry is a kind of relationship between you and your laundry service company. Both of you should bear the responsibility of protecting the environ- ment, and having the consciousness of making the world a better place. 9 How to get the word out about its awesomeness? 1 Agenda this New Method Cleaning Center in supermarket laundry product areas, ex. Safeway, Costco, Target, etc. 2 Put this new business on Google Map, which will allow people to see New Method Cleaning Center on it. 3 Cooperate with 24hr Fitness Centers, to let their members know about this service, and have them become members. 4 Cooperate with urban apparel retailers, like Urban Outfitters, American Apparel. Discount coupons will be provided when they register for Method membership. Customers who register online through these two stores, can get one free Method Laundry Detergent. 29
  30. 30. Portfolio 04 Planning Localian Media Utility Project /Instructor/ /Instructor/ Joshua Brandau Brady Media Planning Baltezore /Account Planner/ Vicky Chang 30
  31. 31. Media Planning Creating New Utility 31
  32. 32. Our target audience does not want treated as strangers or tourists 1 Public Transportation while they’re traveling. They want route map around the to be involved in the city and the World+ GPS People always assume travel culture of the country, talking to 2 Language translator planning to be a long, tedious local people in their language with 3 Weather forecaster process and time consuming simple phrases, and trying local 4 Next Transportation job. The most complicated part food. These things will make them Service tracking system of traveling is figuring out the feel more comfortable, as if they 5 Culture tips and country Metro route map, and finding were in their home countries. information the way around. TARGET BIG IDEA PROBLEM INSIGHT FEATURES Backpackers. Be Local. Localian Utility 32
  33. 33. 1 On-the-go travel information 2 All information is updatable by connecting with the Internet. 3 Overcome the language barrier 4 Fit into local culture. DESIGN INFLUENCE BENEFITS THE UTILITY 1 Lonely Planet+ digital map/ Electronic device. 2 Search by station name. 3 Wi-Fi Access. 4 Language support. 5 Weather Forecasting.  You were here tracking. 33 Localian Utility
  34. 34. Design Interface Search by Countries / Cities Localian Utility 34
  35. 35. Design Interface Search by Stations 35 Localian Utility
  36. 36. Street View Navigation Localian Utility 36
  37. 37. Design Interface Phrase Book : Two-Way Translation 37 Localian Utility
  38. 38. i idor Portfolio 05 M elon r Planning M u L ique Project /Instructor/ Shauna Axton /Instructor/ Account Planning 2 ner/ Ryan Riley /Account Plan Sydel /Account Planner/ Sakuma /Acco unt Pl anner Apo Vicky / Bordin Chang 38
  39. 39. Strategic Branding Account Planning 2 for Midori 39
  40. 40. Why does our client need to advertise? Midori Melon Liqueur needs re-position because of its low awareness and vague recognition in the U.S liqueur market. People who have heard of Midori, only know it’s a green, melon-flavored liqueur, but are not really aware of how it should be drank. People generally have the wrong idea of what Midori is, so Who are we going to connect with? our task is to straighten those misconceptions have Social Butterflies and Worker Bees who are help it make its second debut in the liqueur market. working from 9am to 5pm, every week on each week day. They are not heavy drinkers but like to spend time drinking and sharing life experiences with friends. They need to enjoy weekends and relax by being with a close group of friends. What is the advertising going to accomplish? We want Midori to have a unique personality and give Midori a different time, place, and experience to asso- ciated with. Help Midori get rid of the “girly, too sweet” stereotypes, or the reputation of being known as just Midori Sour. Midori liqueur 40
  41. 41. What else is there to know that supports this message? These people have their reasons to say “cheers.” It doesn’t have to be on a holiday or a special event, as long as they feel like celebrating anything with friends, there’s a need for a quick “cheers.” Midori is the taste of everyday celebrations. What are the most insightful things we know about them? The way that they relax themselves is by drinking some soft, and light drinks with their friends. While drinking, they share what they do, and what has What is the personality and tone? happened during the past few days. Light drinking The personality should embody a celebratory is a way to balance their social time with work time, and festive quality without being overly zealous which resets their minds and relieving the pressure or shallow. And the feeling should be genuinely they have accumulated from work, helping them welcoming with a casual tone, like friends chat- get ready for next week’s work. ting with one another. 41 Midori liqueur
  42. 42. BRAND IMAGES Midori liqueur 42
  43. 43. MARKETING INITIATIVES Social Marketing: -Create events and e-vites on social communities -A place to post new recipes and mixes Sponsored events: -Gallery/restaurant events: -Bottomless brunch specials -Restaurants to give complimentary drink before dinner -1 free bottle a month to participating bars/lounges/clubs that put this drink on their specialty cocktail menu -Midori nights at supper clubs, everyone who wears green gets in free, and all midori + champagne drinks are discounted -Bottle/table service comes with free round of midori+champagne -‘House drink’ for charity events at clubs/lounges/bars -Co-sponsor events with Skyy spirits 43 Midori liqueur
  44. 44. The rry e Portfolio 06 awb tion Str ra e Planning Gen nneth X Ke ole C Project /Instructor/ Cameron Maddux One-On-One Directed Study /Acco unt Pl anner / Vicky Chang 44
  45. 45. One-On-One Directed Study Sub-Culture x Fashion 45
  46. 46. Who “The Strawberry Generation” refers to young The Strawberry people born between 1981 and 1990 in Taiwan. Generation Why Their image is pretty, and appetizing, but in reality they’re fragile and weak--- just like strawberries. Where does it come from? “The Strawberries” originally targeted consumers under 15 years old, because they are especially attentive towards things that are new and fresh. What is the reason? There was a book called “Office Report”, published in 1993, and the author talked about how young people nowadays are too unaggressive towards their work, always being indecisive and never endeavoring to keep their jobs for a long time. The author calls these people “strawberries”, for they re- semble strawberries in every sense; from the pretty image and delicate minds. The Strawberry Generation 46
  47. 47. The Strawberries Social Rights Work hard, party even harder, but creative and active Kenneth Cole Well-Being Independent Responsible Political Landscape The Strawberries X Kenneth Cole Hard Times Help the Strawberries be aware of social consciousness 47 The Strawberry Generation
  48. 48. Kenneth Cole “Awareness” The Strawberry Generation 48
  49. 49. Kenneth Cole’s ideals can encourage the Strawberry Generation to contribute to the world, and give back to society by broadcasting their voices through social media. The people of the Strawberry Generation who purchase his products will be inspired by his ideals and become a little less self-centered and develop a stronger social consciousness. 49 The Strawberry Generation
  50. 50. Thank You. 50