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The ant and the grasshopper 4ºb
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The ant and the grasshopper 4ºb


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The ant and the grasshoper. 4ºB. Semana del teatro en inglés. CEP Virgen de la Villa.

The ant and the grasshoper. 4ºB. Semana del teatro en inglés. CEP Virgen de la Villa.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The ants and the grasshoppers Flower Ant Ladybug Bee Sun Snake Grasshopper BeatlesSCENE 1 – (Summer music playing and a poster withAUGUST written on it)A group of animals are talking in a corner while another group ofgrasshoppers are singing while playing guitars. − Sun: It´s summer time! − Flower: It`s very hot! − Sun: The weather is very nice! − Ladybug 1: The sky is blue! − Bee 1: It`s a wonderful day! − Ladybug 2: The sun is hot! − Ladybug 3: The sun is bright! − Ladybug 4: Yes, it very hot! − Bee 2: It`s very hot! − Snake 1: Let`s go play! − Snake 2: Yeah, let`s play! − ALL: Yeah! Let`s play, let`s play! -Beatle 1: But September is coming - Beatle2:Yes you are right - Beatle 3:But now it`s hot. I prefer to play - Beatle 1: We need to prepare for the winter. - Beatle2: No we have lots of time to play. -Beatle 3: Don`t worry . It is time to play
  • 2. - Beatle 1: I agree with you. We have time.- Beatle 3: Yes, I don`t like to Work.- Beatle 1: Let`s play with the rest of the animals.- Beatle2: No, no I don`t think so.-Beatle 3: Don`t be sillySCENE 2Seven ants come in with food on their back. Each grasshopperspeaks with its matched ant. − Grasshopper 1: Miss ant, please stop! − Ant 1: I cannot! I cannot stop working! − Grasshopper 2: The summer is long, you can work another day. − Ant 2: The summer is short, I have to work today! − Grasshopper 3: The summer is very long, you can find food another day! − Ant 3: No, I have to find food today. I do not have much time! − Grasshopper 4: We can play right now. Let`s play! − Ant 4: No, I cannot play! Sorry, I cannot! − Grasshopper 5: The summer is long, there are many days. − Ant 5: Winter is coming soon, we do not have much time. − Grasshopper 6: Miss ant, please stop! − Ant 6: I cannot stop now. − Grasshopper 7: Miss ant, let`s sing while I play my guitar. − Grasshopper 5: No, winter is coming! I told you before, we need to prepare food for the winter.
  • 3. − Grasshopper 5: Let`s play the guitar and singing.SCENE 3 – (Winter music and a poster with November writtenon it)The animals are putting on scarfs, caps, gloves and jackets onwhen the sun comes out. − Sun: It`s very very cold today... (as s/he is walking away) − Flowers: Yes, it`s very cold today. − Ladybug 1: I don´t like the rain! (as s/he opens umbrella and walks out) − Bee 1: brrr... the wind is very cold! (as s/he walks out) − Ladybug 2: I am going home because I am very cold and I prefer to be in my home. − Bee 2: It´s raining! I´m going home where I will be warm next to my fireplace. − Ladybug 4: Yes, yes. Let`s go home. . Let`s go home. − Snakes: It´s a winter day and the weather is really, really bad. It´s horrible, let´s go home!(winter music plays once again)SCENE 4It´s a winter day and the grasshoppers are wearing scarfs, caps,gloves and jackets. − Grasshopper 1: I`m cold, very very cold and we don´t have any food to eat. − Grasshopper 2: I´m very hungry!
  • 4. − Grasshopper 3: I´m very cold and also very hungry. − Grasshopper 4: We don´t have any food. − Grasshopper 5: Why didn´t we prepare any food for the winter? Grasshopper 5: We need to eat because our bodies need energy in order to survive. Grasshopper 5: We need to eat because our bodies needenergy in order to survive. − Grasshopper 6: Mrs. Ant, can you please open the door? Please! It´s very cold outside and we don´t have anything to eat. − Grasshopper 7: Mrs. Ant can we eat with you... Please! I´m really hungry! − ALL: Please!!! We are hungry! Please!!! It´s very cold and we are hungry.(As one ant walks out of the door) − Ant 1: I worked hard in the summer so we could have food now, during the cold winter. − Ant 2: Yes!!! We worked hard while you where singing and playing your guitars. − Ant 3: You didn´t think during the summer about the food you would need for the winter. − Grasshopper 1: I´m so sorry! I promise that I will work hard next summer. − Grasshopper 2: Please help us! We need to eat! − Grasshopper 3: It´s very cold outside. Perhaps we can help you clean the house or we could prepare the food??? − Ant 4: I suppose, let´s go inside! − Ant 5: We can all eat together. − Ant 6: We have a lot of food that we can share with you.
  • 5. − Ant 2: You spent your summer days playing while we spent our days working very hard. − Ant 1: We have enough food for everyone. − Grasshopper 4: Thanks for your help − Grasshopper 5: Next summer we will work hard and prepare food for the winter. We have learned our lesson! − Grasshopper 6: Yes, we are going to change. − Grasshopper 7: Thank you very much!All together they start to eat and then begin to dance together.