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  1. 1. Report Social Psychology (PSYC0103) Assignment 1 Vicky Lee Wei Kee (0313317) Lai Sze Chun (0313797) Tan Zi Cin (0314079) Tan Jessie (0313552) FNBE JULY 2013 – PSYC0103 Social Psychology Name: Vicky Lee Wei Kee, Lai Sze Chun, Tan Zi Cin, Tan Jessie
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION At the beginning of the semester, we are asked to from a group of four for assignment 3. For this assignment, we are required to do a video clip by incorporating the concepts learned in class, written report of the clip and presenting the clip to the class. The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to recognize and identify the connections among concepts and perspectives within psychology and with other disciplines. Besides, students will learn how to apply all these concepts taught in real life. By applying into our real life, students would have a better understanding of the concepts hence strengthen our knowledge of social psychology. This would help in everyone’s life especially in the aspect of communication with others, and this would reduce misunderstanding from happening. FNBE JULY 2013 – PSYC0103 Social Psychology Name: Vicky Lee Wei Kee, Lai Sze Chun, Tan Zi Cin, Tan Jessie
  3. 3. Summary of the video clip Scene 1 Venue: Taylor’s Amphitheatre One day, Vicky is sitting alone at the amphitheatre, playing with her phone while waiting for the bus. She is listening to the music and scrolling the news feed in the Facebook page. At that moment, her friend, Rave came and sit down beside Vicky. Rave chit chatted a little and then saw a post of a pretty girl from Vicky’s phone. He was attracted to the girl and began asking information of the girl from Vicky. Vicky began introducing her course mate, Jessie to Rave and teasing him. Rave was so attracted to Jessie and asked Vicky for Jessie’s hand phone number. After Vicky left, Rave began texting Jessie. Scene 2 Venue: School Compound Rave and Jessie got closer and closer since then and their relationships were no longer acquaintances. Until one day after a week, Rave had guts to call Jessie out for a lunch date, saying that he just came back from Paris and would like to talk more about Paris. Jessie love Paris and Eiffel Tower very much and therefore agree to go to the lunch date with Rave. Scene 3 Venue: Taylor’s Old Town White Coffee The next day, Rave arrived early at the restaurant. He was so nervous while waiting for Jessie. He was afraid that he might do something silly or clumsy, embarrassing himself. After a while, Jessie arrived. Rave stood up and introduced himself. And Jessie introduced herself too in a polite manner. Both of them had good first impressions towards each other. They then chit chat a little about France and Rave took out an Eiffel Tower keychain he bought from Paris and gave it to Jessie. Jessie FNBE JULY 2013 – PSYC0103 Social Psychology Name: Vicky Lee Wei Kee, Lai Sze Chun, Tan Zi Cin, Tan Jessie
  4. 4. was very happy and formed good impression towards Rave. After a while, Rave pulled out the menu and let Jessie to choose her food first. Rave called for the waiter, Jacquelyn to order food and drinks. While waiting for the food, Rave felt so awkward and panic. The waitress, Jacquelyn served their food. When the waiter was serving the hot white Coffee, Rave accidentally spilt a little of coffee at the side of the cup. Rave immediately apologized and said that the coffee was too full. Jessie thought in mind that Rave was being too panic and clumsy. She smiled a little. Then, Jessie began eating the soft-boiled egg she ordered. First she mixed the eggs in a ‘rude’ manner. Then she ate ‘rudely’, scoop by scoop and then held the bowl up and began swallowing it. Rave stared at Jessie in surprise at first, but then he still think that Jessie is a very open but not a shy person, showing her true self. He actually likes girls who are not shy. After they finished eating, Rave asked if Jessie wants to be his girlfriend, Jessie accepted it as she thought that Rave was very gentlemen and felt comfortable to be with him. She also thought that Rave is pretty much like her father: both manners and behaviours and accepted to be his girlfriend. FNBE JULY 2013 – PSYC0103 Social Psychology Name: Vicky Lee Wei Kee, Lai Sze Chun, Tan Zi Cin, Tan Jessie
  5. 5. CONCEPTS There are 12 concepts used in the video clip, they are Classical Conditioning: The Name-Letter Effect, Fritz Heider: Balance Theory, Self-fulfilling Prophecy, First Impression, Primacy Effect, Actor-observer Bias, Self-serving Bias, Dispositional Attribution, Situational Attribution, The Halo Effect, Reciprocity and Sigmund Freud and the parental Image Theory - Electra Complex. Classical Conditioning: The Name-Letter Effect is the tendency to show preference for the letters in our own name and stimuli that contain those letters. People prefer letters in their own name, especially their first and last initials over other letters. As people write their names thousands of times over a life time, so it’s unsurprisingly that people would prefer letters in them over other letters. In this case, Rave full name is Rave Jackson. When he heard that the girl’s name Vicky introduced to him was Jessie with an Initial J, in this case same as Rave’s last initial. He eventually prefer and like it. Fritz Heider: Balance Theory shows that people desire ‘cognitive consistency’. It conceptualizes the cognitive consistency motive as a drive toward psychological balance. People feel comfortable with others who share their attitudes. Heider proposed that "sentiment" or liking relationships are balanced if the affect valence in a system multiplies out to a positive result. For instance, Rave had a crush on Jessie and when Rave get to know that Jessie likes Paris and Eifel tower very much, he eventually formed a positive attribution and liking towards Paris and Eifel Tower because he likes Jessie. This has shown a balance state of the theory. Self-fulfilling Prophecy is causing beliefs about ourselves to become true by behaving in a manner consistent with those beliefs. It causes our own expectations to come true by acting in ways that licit expected behaviours from others. For instance, before the date, Rave worried that he would have acted clumsy or silly when he get to panic, embarrassing himself in front of the girl, Jessie. During the lunch date, Rave was too panic that he really did something clumsy. When the waiter served a cup of FNBE JULY 2013 – PSYC0103 Social Psychology Name: Vicky Lee Wei Kee, Lai Sze Chun, Tan Zi Cin, Tan Jessie
  6. 6. hot coffee, he spilled the coffee a bit at the side and Jessie smiled a little in which Rave thought that he really did embarrassed himself and his fear came true. First Impression are impressions made instantaneously toward a person whom you have just met. In the story, this theory is shown when Rave and Jessie first met. Rave stood up and introduced himself in a very polite manner and Jessie did that too right after Rave. So, both of them have developed their first impression towards each other when they first came into contact. As Rave and Jessie both acted politely, so they had developed a very good first impression towards each other. Primacy Effect is the first piece of information we receive will have the most impact on our own impression. For example, Rave have developed a very good first impression towards Jessie. This concept will later work with ‘The Halo Effect’ when the story continue to develop. Actor-observer Bias happens when a person is making dispositional attributions for others behaviours but situational attributions for our own. In this case, Jessie had made a dispositional attribution for Rave for being so panic and clumsy. Although this is a cognitive process without being verbally expressed, but Jessie is still making dispositional attribution for Rave. Self-serving Bias is the tendency to attribute negative effects or unsuccessful behaviours to situational factors. The self-serving bias is our body self-defence mechanism. Lots of people are doing this without conscious. For Rave, he spilt the coffee and immediately says that the coffee was too full. This statement indicates that Rave is attributing negative effects happening to him to situational factor. Dispositional Attribution is where we assume that the cause of an action is due to a person’s internal characteristics. Situational Attribution is where we assume the cause of an action is due to external or environmental factors. The Halo Effect explains that one positive attribute will cause us to attribute other positive qualities to an individual. This concept work comes after the ‘primacy effect’. Rave have developed a very good first impression towards Jessie, through this concept, Rave will attribute another positive qualities to Jessie. Although Jessie FNBE JULY 2013 – PSYC0103 Social Psychology Name: Vicky Lee Wei Kee, Lai Sze Chun, Tan Zi Cin, Tan Jessie
  7. 7. ate the half-boiled egg rudely, Rave did not attributes negative qualities towards Jessie. However, he likes the way Jessie showing her true self without hiding and accepts it. Reciprocity happens when we find someone like us, we tend to like them back and leads to higher level of trust. This happens when Rave likes Jessie, and Jessie does not reject to be friend with him first. Slowly, Jessie likes Rave also. According to the Electra Complex, the father becomes the first love for the female child. These feelings are eventually suppressed. Eventually, the female adolescent seek a mate with the qualities of her father. At the last part of the story when Rave asks whether Jessie would be his girlfriend, Jessie thinks for a while and what had popped up in her mind was Rave is like her father, he shares the common personalities with Jessie’s father and made that Jessie like him more and choose to be his girlfriend. FNBE JULY 2013 – PSYC0103 Social Psychology Name: Vicky Lee Wei Kee, Lai Sze Chun, Tan Zi Cin, Tan Jessie
  8. 8. CONCLUSION Through this project, all of us have a better understanding of Social Psychology concepts and know how to apply into real life. This would be the main benefits we gained from the assignment. Then, we have also learnt more about video shooting skills, and also acting skills. As all of us are not a good or experienced actor or actress, in front of camera, it is hard for us to act naturally. Often we felt nervous and awkward in front of camera. However, we tried our best to overcome these difficulties and managed to finish our video. In conclusion, this is a very nice experience for all of us as there is not much assignments where we need to act. Besides gaining more knowledge and understanding of Social Psychology, we were also indulged in the fun of video shooting. FNBE JULY 2013 – PSYC0103 Social Psychology Name: Vicky Lee Wei Kee, Lai Sze Chun, Tan Zi Cin, Tan Jessie