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Dark knight rises posters

  1. 1. Dark knight rises posters This poster is on billboards, phone booths and around shopping centres. This poster shows ‘the dark knight rises’ to be a boisterous violent film. It is generally quite a plain back setting but due to its marketing and in a sequence of good films it can get away with this. This poster does appeal to me although Im a girl who tends not to go for action films as my friends have told me it is really interesting and will be good (this is ‘word of mouth’, one of the best ways to promote film and is free). This tends to happen with sequels.
  2. 2. Dark knight rises websiteThis website is very well laid out and marketed very well, as soon as this page loads the trailercomes on and fills the whole page you can skip trailer and go back to homepage (as above) orjust carry on watching trailer this is very clever as viewers tend to continue watching trailerwhich promotes. You can buy tickets straight of the website which is really important to draw inaudience before it has even come out (helps word of mouth). On the website there are gamesand apps which you can play which boosts promotion when they post them on facebook and
  3. 3. Dark knight risesThis trailer is one of three, in which this ones goes very fast then slow showing tension building,the trailer does make the film look very exciting and that it will do just as well as ‘Dark Knight’. Ithas ‘Christopher Nolan’ in big letters as the director which is huge in the world of internationaldirectors, also he did such a success on the first one.The shots they use are close ups mostly on danger and tension. The micro features show violentweapons and skin fit costume for batgirl which interests men, and the power of batgirl interestwomen.
  4. 4. Promotion of actors This is promoting the film at the MTV movie awards 2012 which all the famous actors and movie lovers were watching. By doing this it is making the film known before it has been fully released. By having the main three actors there making jokes with each other sets a good back stage view from the film. Also before they walked out they shown a clip of the film promoting it more on MTV TV. The dark knight rises won ‘the most anticipated film at the ‘Guys movie choice awards’. Promoting it to men, building up the suspense and awareness of when the film is going to come out The actors in the dark knight have twitter and different social networking pages, where they constantly put updates on the ‘dark knight’ interesting their fans.
  5. 5. Viral campaigns This pictures focuses both on a man named Dr. Leonid Pavel, a Russian nuclear physicist, and both contain text that’s been covered up as if they were taken from some special ops mission. One is a profile of the man and the other is a transcript from a conversation between the CIA and the Militia who are/were protecting him. Aboutboul was cast back in May into the villainous role of a “mad scientist” in The Dark Knight Rises, which led some to believe he could be playing Hugo Strange. Knowing that character description, it’s tough to believe it’s just a coincidence so now we’re very curious as to how these play into the background of the film’s story.
  6. 6. Over on TheDarkKnightRises.com, a case file for an “Anonymous Vigilante Investigation” invites users to explore the warrant for the arrest of John Doe (aka Batman). Obviously, the Bat went into hiding at the end of Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight,” accepting responsibility for the crimes committed by Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face). What are Batman’s charges? Let’s just say “Criminal Possession of a Weapon” comes up u multiple times.Further analysis of the documents in the file suggest somethingcalled “Harvey Dent Day” in the city of Gotham, with the As expected, this ‘Dark Knight’Mayor of Gotham calling on all Officers of Peace in the city to viral campaign is directly tied tojoin forces to apprehend the Batman. the new trailer fans areThen, the fun begins. anticipating. As photos areThe viral site has addresses from around the globe, where fans being submitted from globalare supposed to grab “photographic evidence of graffiti related positions listed on the viral site,to any movement in support of the vigilante’s return.” Photos WB is releasing images fromshould be submitted to the e-mail addresses signified on the the upcoming trailer, whichWeb site. Right now, most of the addresses are in France, you can see as part of a quiltAustralia, China, India, Mexico, South America and beyond. ComingSoon fashioned below.
  7. 7. You can make out key phrases and shots of Batman, Catwoman, JosephGordon-Levitt’s police officer and, of course, Bane. Expect more images tobe added throughout the day, and U.S. and Canada locations where viralhunters can seek photographs around 8 a.m. PST
  8. 8. Tucked away in a dossier containing Batmans GCPD criminal file are documents detailing where Batman stands following the events of The Dark Knight: Namely, at the top of the citys hit list, having taken the rap for murder, kidnapping, and aggravated assault. In a viral call to action cleverly disguised as a police memo, "officers" are directed to find pieces of pro-Batman graffiti stencilled across Gotham City in an effort to stamp out grassroots support for the caped crusader. "Officers should also beWith The Dark Knight Rises release fast approaching, Warner Bros. directed to report any and allhas launched their latest bit of buzz-driving viral marketing by information pertaining to theteasing a brand-new trailer for the July release. But in order to see investigation to the designatedthat trailer, Bat-fans must first "help" the Gotham City Police contact This includesDepartment "find" Batman by tracking hundreds of pieces of Bat- submitting photographicgraffiti strategically placed around the world; for each bit of graffiti evidence of graffiti related tolocated and tagged via social media, Warner Bros. will unveil the any movement in support of the vigilante’s return so we cannew trailer one frame at a time. Graffiti: its not just for Oscar- suppress it before it becomes anominees anymore! problem.
  9. 9. By these companies supporting the ‘Dark Knight Rises; it is also promoting theircompanies. These are also big companies, so by having these behind film allows them tohave more money equalling more marketing for the film.
  10. 10. This is the fan page of the Dark Knight rises. Showing where all their fans come from. Thetop three cities where it is most popular are three main ones in the world that mostlyeveryone knows about. By having the different icons shows what apps people have.There are a variety of different icons but the main one seems to be Tumbler designer.
  11. 11. The dark knight rises have downloads which use on Ipads, Facebook, desktops, iPhones and posters.This is a game called ‘The fire rises’ which is a big caption for Dark Knight Rises and ison all the posters promoting it. People play all across the world competing to get thehighest score. Promoting places which will be shown in the film, showing people willgo and watch who have placed these games and recognise them.
  12. 12. This shows ‘about the film’ which anyone who goes onto the website can look at. This canbe of synopsis, cast and the film makers. Having this promotes the film as when I wasreading this I am not really interested in watching this, where as now I would go and watchthis; Therefore reading this may attract more people who aren’t necessary fans to go andwatch it. Making the film have an wider audience increasing ‘word of mouth’.