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Kfc itb

  1. 1. DEDICATION In everyone’s success there is someone who supports him/her to get successful in life. In our life there are lots of people who supported us in our success This Report is dedicated to OUR Dear Parents OUR Honorable Teacher MISS QURAT UL AIN SHAH Without Who's Guidance this would Not have been possible & OUR beloved Colleagues REASON FOR CHOOSING K.F.C AS AN ORANIZATION:-
  2. 2. We were supposed to visit an organization in which different department works as a single unit. In which we can get information about how they work, what they work etc etc. so we all group members thought of going to K.F.C. the main reason why we choose K.F.C as our organization is that whenever we listern to this word K.F.C the first thing that comes into our mind is an fastfood place we never think that it is also an organization which has got things like other multinational organization and in our daily routine life we usually go there and just order whatever we want to eat but we never pay attention from where it is coming, how is actually making it and many other things??? So we decide that we will be the one that will come to know that how K.F.C is running its different departments and how is he generating sales revenue. MARKETING STRATEGIES OF KFC ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:I would like to express my gratitude to my institution IQRA UNIVERSITY for giving me the permission to choose my topic for the dissertation in KFC. ABSTRACT:Kfc primarily sells chicken pieces, wraps, salads &sandwiches, while its primary focus is fried chicken. Kfc also offers a line grilled & roasted chicken products &
  3. 3. desserts. Outside North America, Kfc offers beef based products such as hamburgers or kebabs, pork based products such as ribs & other regional fare. Kfc was founded by colonel Harland sanders in 1952. FAMOUS SAYING:KFC specialized in chicken and they says, “No body’s cooking like KFC today and we are the chicken experts” “There is no competitor for spicy chicken which is made by KFC” "Become a fanatic yourself and head over to your nearest KFC restaurant to enjoy some tender, juicy, freshly prepared Original Recipe® Chicken!” “To be the leader in western style q u i c k s e r v i c e r e s t a u r a n t s t h r o u g h friendly service, good quality food and clean atmosphere” CONTENTS Topic Page # • HOW RESEARCH IS DONE 7 • OBJECTIVE 7 • INTRODUCTION 8-9 • BRIEF ABOUT KFC 8-9 • PRODUCTS OF KFC 10 • KFC & FCSR 11-13
  4. 4. • SOCIAL/EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES • DEPARTMENTS OF KFC 13-15 15-18 • MARKETING MIX OF KFC 19 • CO-BRANDINGS OF K.F.C 19 • SWOT ANALYSIS • GOALS OF KFC 20-21 21 • SALES AND REVENUE 21-22 • ACHIEVEMENT 23-24 • RECOMMENDATIONS 24 • BIBLOGRAPHY 24 Marketing Research and methods to collect information: Marketing research was done before launching the product through different mediums. Survey Research: KFC conducted survey through questionnaires and informal interviews. Questionnaires were distributed in the KFC restaurant, different offices, open market and Bazaars. They went out in the market to know people’s likings and disliking. Observational Research:
  5. 5. They also conducted research by observational method, the company representatives simply observed the market, pointed out the market need compared with each and every aspect of the product demanded by the customers, observed what exactly their customer want, their need… Experimental Research: They offered their customers a promotional meal before making their mind whether they want to buy it or not, whether they are comfortable with their newly launched Sub 80. This way includes in the experimental research because by doing this KFC can get feedback from the customers on the spot, and they can improve their product on the very right time OBJECTIVE:             The main objectives of KFC are as follows:To sell chicken & other products to its customers. To gain money so that they could buy food. To be more popular than other fast food chains. To expand its business & be more popular worldwide. To make more profit. To have polite employees. To make their customers happy. To increase variety on their menu list. To make their service faster & friendlier. To sell high quality products. To have biggest market share. To beat its competitors like McDonalds, Pizza hut, Subway, Hardees. INTRODUCTION:KFC was founded by colonel Harland sanders in 1952 & is widely known as the world famous fast food restaurant based in Louisville, Kentucky us.KFC has been a brand & operatingsegment.KFC primarily sells chicken pieces, wraps, salads & sandwiches ,while its primary focus is fried chicken. It also offers a line of grilled & roasted chicken products, side dishes &desserts. Outside North
  6. 6. America KFC offers beef based products such as ribs & other regional fare. In April 2007 the company began using its original name, KFC for its signage packaging & advertising in us as a part of a new corporate rebranding program.KFC specialty is fried chicken served in various forms. Its primary product is pressure fried pieces of chicken made with original recipe, the other chicken offering extra crispy is made using a garlic marinade & double dipping the chicken in flour before deep frying in a standard industrial kitchen type machine. Kentucky grilled chicken is targeted towards health conscious customers. It features marinated breasts, thigh s, drumsticks & wings that are coated with seasonings before being grilled. It has less fat, calories & sodium than the original recipe fried chicken.KFC has two lines of sandwiches its regular chicken sandwiches &its snackers line .The regular sandwiches are served on either assume seed or corn dusted roll & are made from either whole breast fillets chopped chicken in a sauce or fried chicken strips. The snakers line are value priced items that consists of chicken strips &various toppings. In United Kingdom, Australia & Newzealand, sandwiches are referred to as burgers; there is chicken fillet burger (a chicken breast fillet coated in an original recipe coating with salad garnish &mayonnaise) & a zinger burger as former but with a spicier coating& salsa. The kfc twister is a wrap that consists of either chicken strips or roasted chicken, tomato, lettuce & pepper mayonnaise wrapped in a tortilla. In Europe the twister is sold in two varieties:-Grilled twister(chicken strips) & grilled Mexican twister.KFC fillers are a 9 in 23cm sub, available in four varieties over the summer period in Australia. Shish kebabs are also being sold by kfc. Wrap star is a variant of the kfc twister, consisting of chicken strips with salsa, cheese, salad, pepper mayonnaise & other ingredients, contained in a compressed tortilla. In
  7. 7. some international locations, kfc may sell hamburgers, pork's ribs or fish. In us KFC began offering fish snacker sandwich during lent in2006.The fish snacker consists of a rectangular patty of Alaskan Pollock on a small bun & is the fifth KFC menu item. Some of other products sold by KFC in other countries include zinger burger, chili cheese fries, parfait desserts, Sara lee desserts , krushers available in Australia, South Africa, India &Newzealand are drinks containing real bits. They include classic rushers, smoothie krushers & fruit krushers. Other than fried chicken many KFC restaurants serve side dishes like coleslaw, various potato based items including potato wedges, French fries & mashed potatoes with gravy, biscuits, baked beans, macaroni & cheese, macaroni salad, rice, steamed vegetables& corn on the cob. PRODUCTS OF KFC:•SUB60 •Zinger Jr. • • • • Chicken: 1 piece 2 pieces 5 pieces 10 pieces
  8. 8. Combos: • Chicken Meals • Sandwich Meals • Family Meals • • • • • • Desserts & Beverages: Fruit Salad Regular & Large Drink Regular & Large Mineral Water Tea Scoop of Walls Ice cream Coffee • • • • • • • Snacks & Side Orders: 5 & 20 Pieces Nuggets Arabian Rice 5 & 10 Pieces Hot wings Dinner Roll Regular & Large Fries Hot Shots Corn on the Cob KFC & FCSR FCSR (Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility) It is a Foundation of like-thinking, Socially Responsible Companies that takes a pro-active stance against social injustices in the communities in which we live and work. Some might call it Corporate Crusaders for positive social change.It is a Foundation of Companies that pools its financial and intellectual capital to create unified campaigns against
  9. 9. social injustice, and do social good where governments, charities, foundations, and the private sector in general have often failed. It is a Foundation of Companies that feels it is our Corporate Social Responsibility to bring social injustices to the attention of our society, and then use our own resources and the resources of others to create, educate and help eliminate these injustices. It is a Foundation of Multi-National Companies that not only "talks the talk," but also "walks the talk." During its first 4-years of operations, the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility has provided 2.5 million Hot-Meals to some of Poland’s most needy children. It feed 60,000 meals each month to 3,000 hungry Polish children in schools each school day in Northwest Poland, a place it like to call the PromiseLand. MISSION STATEMENT The Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility encourages corporations to be Socially Responsible, and to assist them in achieving commercial success in ways that respect ethical values, people in need, their communities and the environment. Realizing that the greatest incentive to participating in social good is to participate in social good itself, the Foundation vigorously develops and supports philanthropic activities. Foundation members live up to their responsibilities to society by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to each community in which they do business. KFC MEMBER OF FCSR American Restaurants Sp. Zo.o (AmRests), owners of Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken have a long tradition of being Socially Responsible and in helping Polish people in need for more than 10 years. Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken are Members of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility. The Socially Responsible culture of Am Rest is ongoing, and is an integral part of all Corporate activities. It reflects Am rest's key values of “Obligations toward Society.” Social Responsibility played a major part in the 10th year anniversary celebration of Are Rests in Poland? As a part of the formal activities, employees and the management of Pizza Hut and KFC participated in a very special day of activities with a group of mentally disabled children and young adults in Am Rest’s home town of Wroclaw. Employees learned a great deal about their community as they joined hands with a special group of people they knew little or nothing about, mentally disabled children. They spent time getting to knowing each other, sang songs, played games and actually worked closely with the children’s teachers and therapists in conducting daily rehabilitation activities. This was not in any way an ordinary day. After a full Saturday morning of fun and play, the children were treated to a special lunch especially prepared for them by Poland’s very best. And wouldn’t you know it? World famous slices of Pizza Hut pizza and scrumptious KFC chicken wings and legs were the specialty of the day! It was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. The special kids of Wroclaw loved every minute, and the Am Rest employees returned home knowing that they had responsibly made a difference in every life they touched that Saturday morning. The memories are sure to last for all of these new friends. Thank you Am Rest for making a difference! Am Rest had 113 Pizza Huts and KFCs in Poland, and 22 KFCs in the Czech Republic at the end of 2003.
  10. 10. KFC handshake for hearing impaired In Pakistan, the first KFC outlet with impaired persons was opened in Karachi. Local firm Cupola, Pakistan Ltd is behind the Karachi venture, and it plans to open two more outlets in the next two months that rely on employees with differences. The company has a charitable foundation(the Cupola Care Foundation), which has been active in educational initiatives (such as the provision of libraries and staff and educational support for underprivileged children).However, this venture is aimed at providing disabled persons with job opportunities and to promote effective communication between with and without disabilities. It also allows the business community to see that hearing and speech impaired people can be just as effective employees as anybody else. Cupola CEO Rafiq Rangoonwala was the man behind the drive to open Pakistan first food outlet run entirely by disabled staff. His immediate plans involved opening outlets in Lahore and Pindi using the same model. However, it has been a challenge to identify and train staff. 30 prospective employees were chosen from local deaf school. They underwent regular KFC training, which took six weeks. Additionally, the Gulshan e-Iqbal outlet required modifications for the new staff. For instance, there are no bells in the restaurant. Cupola installed light bulbs instead to let staff know when meals had been cooked. Menus are illustrative so that customers who can sign can simply point to the meal they desire. Working at the restaurant has provided significant opportunities to several of the staff. When Anam Zahid, a young, hearing impaired female college student, told her family that she wanted a part-time job they were concerned and initially hesitant. When she learnt of a KFC outlet hiring deaf staff, however, her family was very supportive, believing that the environment was safe and secure. Asadullah Siddiqui, 20, says he was initially nervous about interacting with normal people but he now feels proud about what he achieved. Others have reported improved self esteem and believe that people no longer look at them with pity. Being hearing impaired in Pakistan can as anywhere be a challenge. The opportunities provided at the new outlet are a significant step forward in a country where disabilities can lead people to live in a cocoon. Working with colleagues with similar disabilities has enabled the staff to grow in confidence. KFC has taken the initiative to bring the handicapped into the mainstream. KFC has ventured into serving the community in a meaningful manner, by providing employment to a section of society that is often ignored. While the government has
  11. 11. promised aid to schools for the deaf and dumb (such as DEWA), KFC is providing a public service and employment opportunities with equal pay (offerred to unimpaired employees) to these individuals. Nasir Haq Nawaz admits (via a translator) that prior to being employed with KFC, he was sitting at home getting frustrated with a useless Bachelors degree in his hands, and often he would get 'hyper'. However, following employment at KFC he has become happier and feels useful. Anum Zahid, a young girl who wears spectacles, dons a hijab and sports a sunny smile, is a student of Intermediate at DEWA. Along with studying she is working at KFC, handing over her salary to her father. Naturally, being able to earn has developed in her a new kind of confidence. She positively asserts that, "Customers give no trouble at all," and that she is "very happy working at KFC." KFC has given the hearingimpaired individuals a sense of worth, having a 'positively discriminatory' employment policy of hiring only hearing impaired individuals at the particular branch; however it is no pushover, for a minimum educational qualification exists of holding at least a Matriculation degree. KFC has opened similar branches employing the hearing impaired in Egypt and Malaysia and plans to open one soon in Lahore as well. The effort deserves a lot of appreciation. In a country, where public sector spending by the government is at a minimum, a corporation's effort acquires an even greater significance. However important as it is to locate a corporation's actions in context of pushing up profits, in a country like Pakistan where the disabled face enormous adversity, KFC's endeavor remains praiseworthy. SOCIAL/EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES:A matter close to our heart, one that we strongly feel you as our customer. You have always been kind supporters and partners to what Cupola /KFC – Pakistan is today. We are grateful and appreciate your patronage! We have recently felt a major void in the way business is conducted in Pakistan. A lot of lip service is provided to economic and social development, yet no action in actuality taken. Recently, we have taken a couple of initiatives, which we feel address this disparity, especially in the field of education: Teacher’s Convention: • Teacher’s Convention 2006: • Teacher’s Convention 2005; • Teacher’s Convention 2004; Teacher’s Training workshop: Women’s Forum: KFC Campus (TCF School): Educational Enhancement Program: Charity Begins at School The objectives of “Charity begins at School” is to help needy children throughout Pakistan. To play an active role in the development of our nation’s most valuable natural Resources – our children; to unite all members of local communities in common causes in the month of Ramadan each year during the annual collection and distribution Campaign; to contribute to better communities in the future.
  12. 12. KFC wants to promote the spirit of helping the less fortunate of our society among our partner school kinds. Through this program students will collect: Toys Cash Old books Stationary items Clothes These funds are given to SOS, Cares & Kindess Rahat Gah, Education & Training for Special Kids and other social welfare organization. The kids will hand over the good to the organizations themselves and will be actively involved in the program. Faryad: Is the environmental campaign by KFC Pakistan. The main project of Faryad is tree plantation, creating awareness & cleaning the environment and traffic rules and regulation. We did series of FM-100 program with school principals to create the awareness of environmental pollution among school children. Jail Visits: Our existing penal system has thousands of children who were born in prison and know no existence outside of these prisons. KFC Pakistan periodically visits these under privileged children along with Chicky (our children mascot) to entertain them. Free food and gifts are provided. Special Children: There are three ways in which we cater to them: Visits to their Facilities to provide entertainment, again through Chicky; Visits to our facilities for food and entertainment; All new unit opening are done by special children as our guests of honor to inaugurate the outlet. DEPARTMENTS OF KFC: Marketing Department  Finance Department  Operation Department  HRM Department  Quality Control Department
  13. 13.  The Health Department o Marketing department: Marketing is the delivery of the right product to the right customer, at the right place, at the right time and at the right price through right communication and promotion. Marketing is often dynamic, challenging, and rewarding it can also be frustrating and even disappointing. But it is never dull. In KFC all the Marketing efforts (Product Planning, Pricing, Distribution and Promotion) are designed and combined in a coherent and consistent way. They have the updated knowledge of market situation. They keep eye on actions of the competitors. They consider that all employees are potentially good, responsible, helpful and trustworthy and they have given them opportunity for growth, selfcontrol and personal responsibility. They know that teamwork and collaboration generate a greater volume of production than does destructive interpersonal competition. Now Kentucky Fried Chicken captures a maximum market share. This is only due to excellent marketing strategies adopted by the organization. Marketing department is the main and most active department of the Kentucky Fried Chicken it perform all the key activities of the business. The basic purpose of the marketing department is to advertise its products in the market and keep eye on the competitors that what they are doing. The department introduces the new policies and satisfying the customers. The body of the department is comprised of Marketing Manager, Assistant Marketing Manager and Planning Manager. o FINANCE DEPARTMENT: The finance department provides close support the business manager on the financial implication of business strategies that are formulated. Regular feedback is also given to Departmental Heads to facilitate monitoring of cost at the department level. The finance department prepares statutory accounts and management accounts of the business. The statutory accounts comprise of all the final accounts of business transactions, Profit and Loss accounts, COGS (cost of good sold), Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement etc. which, by law, the business has to prepare. The Finance Department analysis the business results and prepares the monthly and quartly review of business operations. The Cashier handles routine day to day cash transactions.
  14. 14. This Department is also responsible for maintaining fixed assets listening and arranging insurance cover on the assets of the business the tax related issues of the Business and all the transactions processing’s, e.g. recording of sales and payments etc, are also handle by the Finance Department. Finally the Finance Department liaises with internal and external auditors, product margins, variable cost and fixed assets within the business as well. o OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT: It is very important department in the Kentucky Fried Chicken. The incharge of the operation department is operation manager. This operation manager is responsible for the following operations and functions. ·Cooking ·Cleanliness ·Administration of restaurant. ·Complaint handling of the customers ·Daily order to procurement Department ·Day to day demand forecasting ·Daily lectures to crew people ·Trained the employees o HRM DEPARTMENT: According to the marketing manager of KFC that HRM Department play a very important role in the organization. The aim of this department to provide a highly qualified and competent employees to the organization. The HRM Department performs the following functions: ·Reviewing application form ·Interviewing applicants ·Inducting new employees ·Appraising employees performance ·Make a decision about the employees training
  15. 15. ·Provide a career advice to subordinates o QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT: Quality control means monitoring the quality weight, strength, consistency, color, taste, reliability, finish, or any one of myriad of characteristics to ensure that the products meet the international standard.For this purpose there is separate department in Kentucky Fried Chicken which is responsible for the quality control. This department satisfying the customers needs for the quality, and differentiate the organization from the competitors and attract the large number of customers.The duty of this department is check the raw material that whether it is according to the standard or not. Department check the quality each and every step till the final product. Because according to the Marketing Manager of KFC the early detection of defective part of process can save the cost of further work on the product. o The Health Department: The Bureau of Food Safety and Community Sanitization’s food safety program is responsible for conducting pre-permit, routine and complaintgenerated inspections of approximately 25,000 food service establishments (FSEs), of which some 22,000 are restaurants. Each restaurant receives an annual inspection, during which an inspector examines a range of sanitary issues. Inspectors check for conditions conducive to rodents and for overt signs of rodent activity.Inspections may also be triggered by complaints or by inspection failures. Under current policy, complaint inspections may be comprehensive or targeted to the complaint. A separate Health Department program, the Office of Pest Control Services, assesses and responds to complaints about rats in communities. This program inspects properties for signs of rats and for conditions conducive to their presence. When violations are found, owners are ordered to rectify them. The program promotes an integrated pest management approach, which emphasizes prevention over extermination. The program also conducts a rodent-control academy for building operators and pest-control professionals. The Office of Pest Control Services recently offered its first course for food safety . Environmental concerns: KFC in the US has been accused by Greenpeace of a large destruction of the Amazon Rainforest, because the supply of soy used for chicken food that KFC receives from Cargill has been traced back to the European KFC. Cargill has reportedly been exporting soy illegally for several years. The Greenpeace organization researched the issue and brought it to the attention of the parent company YUM! Brands, Inc. The parent company denied the illegal operation, and said that their supply of soy is grown in parts of Brazil.Greenpeace has called
  16. 16. on KFC to stop purchasing soy from Cargill, to avoid contributing to the destruction of the Amazon. Animal rights: Protesters demonstrating outside a KFC restaurant in Royal Oak, Michigan… Since 2003, animal rights and welfare organizations, led by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), have been protesting KFC’s treatment of the animals used for its products. These groups claim that the recommendations of the KFC Animal Welfare Advisory Council have been ignored. Adele Douglass, a former member of the council, said in an SEC filing reported on by the Chicago Times, that KFC "never had any meetings. They never asked any advice, and then they touted to the press that they had this animal-welfare advisory committee. I felt like I was being used." .. KFC responded by saying the chickens used in its products are bought from suppliers like Perdue Farms, Tyson Foods, and Pilgrim's Pride, and that these suppliers are routinely monitored for animal welfare violations. Several PETA undercover investigations and videos of these and other KFC suppliers purporting to show chickens being beaten, ripped apart, and thrown against walls contradict KFC’s claims. PETA has criticised some of the practices of chicken breeders, such as beak trimming and overcrowding, but KFC says its suppliers meets UK legal requirements. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs recommends a maximum stocking density of 34 kg— around 30 chickens—per square metre, and say that in circumstances where beak trimming needs to be carried out to prevent the birds injuring each other, only one third of the beak should be trimmed "measured from the tip towards the entrance of the nostrils". PETA states that they have held more than 12,000 demonstrations at KFC outlets since 2003 because of this alleged mistreatment of chickens by KFC suppliers.In June 2008, KFC Canada agreed to PETA's demands for better welfare standards, including favoring suppliers who use controlled-atmosphere killing (CAK) of chickens, and other welfare standards as well as introducing a vegan sandwich at 65% of its outlets. PETA has called off its campaign against KFC Canada, but continues to demonstrate against KFC elsewhere in the world.
  17. 17. MARKETING MIX KFC:1.Product:Kfc speciality is fried chicken served in variousforms.Kfc primary product is pressure fried pieces of chickenmade with original recipe.Products are generated based on thegeographical locations. In Kfc feedback is taken from customers in order to know thecustomers demands so that improvements can be made by thecompany.Kfc focuses on pure & fresh food in order to create adistinct & clear position in the minds of customers kfc has astrong brand name & they are leading the market in friedchicken. 2.Price:Kfc adopts cost base price strategy,pricing of the productincludes govt tax & excise duty & then comes the final stage of determining the price of the product. Kfc globally enters the market using market skimming.Theirproducts are priced high & target the middle to upper classpeople.Compared to its competitors kfc has a monopoly in friedchickens,thus kfc has an upper hand in pricing their friedchickens. 3.Place:Kfc have their outlets close tocolleges,schools,cinemas,malls & market which are mostlypopulated by young & those people who are in hurry.Inaddition they also have outlets close to muslim populatedareas. They provide free home delivery to offices & homes,result inseveral outlets to cater to the needs of people in & around thecity.Due to hectic lifestyle of the people the fast food conceptsaves time of preparing food & gives the customer a full mealquickly. 4.Promotion:Promotion is the main tool to bring all the chickenlovers attention towards its delicious one of a kind productfried chicken.They try to promote their product throughradio,television,billboards,flyers. Kfc try to sponsor events in order to strengthen their companyimage. CO-BRANDING
  18. 18. K.F.C has major tie-ups with various companies as their co branding strategy:1. COCA COLA 2. BARBIE 3. HOTWHEELS 4. DISNEY PIXAR SWOT ANALYSIS KFC:                   STRENGTH:It is a very famous fast food chain outlet that started fromLouisville Kentucky. It has been known to be a leader in the chicken restaurantsegment with annual sale of more than a billion dollars. It has more than 50% of the market share in fast food industry& new entrants are finding it very difficult to capture its share. It has gained enormous recognition as a reputable brand forfast food & has globally positioned itself well in industry. It has a high global brand image compared to its othercompetitors. It has a strong presence over its competitors with its primaryproduct fried chicken. It has strong location,store management,motivated work force& franchises. It has a strong distribution network such as outlets in shoppingmalls,airports etc. WEAKNESSES:Kfc is not innovative because it serves only the chicken products to the customers. It doesn't offer any new or differentiated products. It felt after the market was offering new products because it was doubling other fast food chains to remain competitive. Its merger with different corporations resulted in big cultural problem for kfc employees such as merger with Pepsi co. The company is only focusing on few locations & is ignoring to check standards at franchises in different countries. Kfc is facing problems to maintain the higher standards of hygienic food & is being charged in different countries due to poor standards of hygiene food. Some of the examples are as follows:In 2007 A kfc outlet in new York city was initiated to be rat infected. In 2009 a kfc store in London was also charged with 13 Food hygiene fines. A court case in 2010 exposed poor hygiene at a kfc store in Sydney, Australia. OPPORTUNITIES: Changing demographics trends provides opportunity to diversify into new products & locations.
  19. 19. Increasing demand for foodstuff eaten outside the home. Expand globally to capture the untapped markets & increase the revenue. The company can take advantage of Nafta (North American free trade agreement). Expansion for the Latin American markets. Consumers are becoming health conscious so they decided to introduce new products line for this segment.  To be environmentally responsible because it will improve thepublic image of kfc & will help it to increase its revenue.  To diversify into other fast foods & meals.  To open more outlets in metro to increase their presence.             THREATS:Kfc is facing strong competition from its competitors, such as McDonalds, yum, subway & pizza hut. It is also facing competition from local restaurants in differentcountries of the world. The company is facing problem in maintaining same standardsat their international franchises. To sustain a market leadership position in the global fast foodindustry. Other players are turning to new menu offerings, locations &outlets. Increase in number of health conscious consumers. Saturated fast food industry in the market. GOALS OF KFC:-  Build an organization dedicated to excellence.  Consistently deliver superior quality and value in our products and services.  Maintain a commitment to innovation for continuous improvement and grow, striving always to be the leader in the market place changes.  Generate consistently superior financial returns and benefits our owner and employees. INCREASE IN SALES REVENUE :-
  20. 20. for KFC franchisee, Collins Foods reported a very valuable increase in all franchisee of all over Pakistan but specially in Karachi and in Karachi the branch of saddar A increase in sales revenue has been reported by Collins Foods Limited, which is the franchisee for the KFC brand in Karachi, and operates the Sizzler business in Australia. For the first half of the financial year 2012, ending 16 October, Collins Foods was up 1.2 percent compared to the previous first half year, with sales at $186.9 million. The company has also announced an expected pro forma net profit after tax to be about $20 million, with a loss of approximately $500,000.
  21. 21. ACHIEVEMENT:RECOMMENDATIONS FOR KFC:o If kfc could increase company own restaurants, which enables it to control quality, services & restaurant cleanliness therefore more capital is needed. o Kfc need to make sure that their restaurants offer a diversified menu. o To provide their customers with quality food, excellent service & restaurant cleanliness. o Kfc should always listen to their customers & try follow new trends on market in order to satisfy their customers. o The company should try to develop new products that customers want in order to increase their financial performance & value. BIBLOGRAPHYwww.google.com www.scribd.com www.wikipedia.com