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Final report taq cargo

  1. 1. Project Report of “Supply Chain Management” ON Logistics MANAGEMENT Submitted to: Mr. Anas Iftikhar Submitted by: Kiran Fahim (6532) Sehrish Fatima (6698) Shela Khiliji (6324) Unsa Zulfiqar Ali (6045) Submission Date: 1
  2. 2. Date: December, 19 2012 2
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS By the grace of Allah Almighty, we have successfully completed the term report of our “Supply Chain Management” project on "Logistic Management." The project was allocated to our group by Mr. Anas Iftikhar. We are thankful to him for giving us a chance to visit an organization and gain knowledge of about the procedure of supply chain and logistics management. This will definitely help us in enhancing our managerial and creative skills. In our successful visit to the organization named “The TAQ Organization”, we are thankful to several people without whom our visit and accomplishment of project would not have been possible. We would like to thank our families for their support and coping up with our nonexistence. Our class fellows and friends also helped us by means of their suggestions, ideas and thoughts. At last but not the least, our group members are truly thankful to each other for supporting and complementing each other at any time as needed. 3
  4. 4. LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION December, 19 2012 Mr. Anas Iftikhar Course Facilitator, Iqra University, Gulshan Campus, Karachi. Respected Sir, This is the final project report of “Supply Chain Management” based on the study of Logistic Management and visited to “The TAQ Organization” as requested to being submitted to you on December, 19 2012 during the fall semester 2012. The main purpose of this report is to obtain all the as possible information as about different elements of Supply Chain Process. Sincerely, Kiran Fahim Sehrish Fatima 4
  5. 5. TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS...................................3 TABLE OF CONTENTS ....................................5 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The TAQ Organization (TTO) is Pakistan's most important group occupied in international transportation, forwarding and logistics business. The business that began its operations over 40 years ago keep on move forward presenting extensive range of services. Its range of activities included international freight forwarding (inbound/outbound), supply chain logistics, industrial project handling, transit trade movement, land transport by rail/road, door-to-door delivery, wholesale freight management, custom house brokerage, risk management, insurance facilitation, and education and training. TAQ having a wide network of warehouses at strategic localities and offices in eleven cities controlling all major export and import center’s of Pakistan at Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Gujranwala and Sukkur. As well as in different foreign country, the organization has an ambassador office at Toronto, Canada. TAQ offers its clients the exclusive blend of local market know how and worldwide vision. It has the volume clout to bargain favorable duty and service package with carriers. 5
  6. 6. TAQ wins Consumers Choice Award 2011 for Best International Logistics Services The TAQ Organization (TTO) was awarded Consumers Choice Award 2011 for offering best international logistics services at a ceremony held at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi on February 22, 2012. 6
  7. 7. Leaders of trade and industry, as well as senior representatives of leading brands from different sectors, including durables, services and FMCGs, were present to receive their awards in their respective categories. In all 104 brands were selected on the basis of a survey conducted by Consumers Association of Pakistan. TTO was chosen from the freight forwarding and logistics sector. Each award winner was given a trophy and certificate. The event was covered extensively by the print and electronic media. MISSION STATEMENT To be a leading global organization of the region in the fields of transportation and modern logistic systems, We will try hard to win the confidence and respect of our customers as reliable, responsive, skilled and highly caring organization providing global logistics solutions of higher international standards. While always being conscious of our responsibilities towards society, maximum growth and development of all individual in TAQ Logistics team and best possible returns to our stockholders. Company Core Values The TAQ Organization's survival and expansion is administrated by its real core standards and that is to make available the best possible 7
  8. 8. service to its clients; to sustain its reputation as a reliable, responsive, expert and concerned organization; to be law permanent; and to energetically struggle in satisfying its responsibilities towards the society. 8
  9. 9. Work Environment To continue and maintain healthy and pollution-free environment, both within the organization premises and outside, and to contribute and support efforts aimed at its conservation and restoration for our own selves and for the upcoming generations. Human Resource Care To promote and retain a secure and healthy work environment for workers, and to support or cause to support them and their families in medical and health emergencies within the structure and to the best level approved by the organization. Training and Improvement To provide equivalent opportunity to all team associates for improving their talents and careers, also permitting them to efficiently handle with consequences in professional and personal life to sustained growth and improvement of customers' business and our own. 9
  10. 10. Services Air Freight Export Export air freight, including pickup and overland transportation, export consolidation, documentation, warehousing, customs clearance, airport handling etc. Ocean Freight Export Export ocean freight, including pickup and overland export documentation, transportation, consolidation, CFS and warehousing, container stuffing as per the distribution plan, customs clearance, port handling etc. Overland Transportation Domestic overland rail and road transportation, bonded and un- bonded, shippers premises to dry ports, to ports/airports for export, ports/airports to dry ports to consignees for imports 10
  11. 11. Multiple results for Air & Sea Freight Imports For imports of commodities by air and sea from Europe, North America, Far East or else any other part of the world TAQ offers tailormade services, the salient features of which are modified resolutions, on-time delivery and overall investments in landed costs. TAQ has the experience practice of handling complete range and variety of import commodities. In line by means of the requirements of its clients it has product specific services. For example, for life savings drugs the services are designed to convene special care requirements. For textile accessories time-definite aspect is given the top priority and for extra-large import shipments the advantages offered are modern innovative and creative handling. In other words, whatever the volume and sort of shipment TAQ has the experience and capital to provide the right solutions. Multi-Modal Transportation Sea-Air and Air-Sea multimodal transportation, combining overland transportation, both bonded and un-bonded Project Management TAQ Logistics Solution (TLS) is the devoted brand of The TAQ Organization (TTO) for one-window project logistics. Specially adjusted to delight today's customers, TLS has the potential and experience to handle big or small projects, organization the complete transportation and logistics of shipments creating from any part of the world to the project site in Pakistan. 11
  12. 12. Purchase Order Follow-up Position reports from production to dispatch, examination and capacity confirmation as per purchase order, shipping papers compilation and dispatch and other position reports required by the consignees. Warehousing and Distribution Services TAQ Logistics Solutions has a nationwide infrastructure of offices and warehouses prepared to handle delivery and inventory management to support with the largely logistics compulsory to meet customer needs. The entire system provides the communications procedure and supports the commitment to quality and total customer fulfillment. TAQ has obtained this specialization over a number of years and now are totally equipped to assist its customers in their inventory and sharing cost optimization hard work without compromising on excellence. Custom House Brokerage TAQ offer export and import traditions clearance conveniences at all customs ports of Pakistan. Devoted, skilled and professionally taught workforce for each item of export and import. 12
  13. 13. Entire Transport Service TAQ is an entirely service logistics partner, covering up all type of transports, products and services. Dealing with TAQ means a only source solution to all export and import freight forwarding needs. With its huge covered CFS/warehouses at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, additionally to enough cargo space facilities in each city where it has its offices and also has well prepared to provide a total transport service idea. Mutually with demanding use of e-mail and electronic data switch over internet, involving all its offices in Pakistan and its abroad counterparts, TAQ has the responsiveness and dependability that goes with its promise to the total service concept. As of the customers point of vision the total transport service concept involves extensive savings, as well as greater all-round services, more so in import for re-export cases. Display Freight Handling TAQ provides a tailor-made product for movement and managing of display freight goods - in close teamwork with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP). Firmly a one-window action our services cover all portions of transportation and logistics, counting special documentation and managing at foreign objectives required for display goods. 13
  14. 14. For further queries in this regard you are welcome to contact our Branch Product Managers (Export) at any of our countrywide network of offices. SUPPLY CHAIN QUESTIONAIRE TAQ Cargo offers a diverse range of complete services which are discussed upon meeting & inquiring different services form various supply chain personnel’s. Briefly explain what the Taq cargo is? TAQ Cargo is a multi dimension organization that is providing key logistic services to its customers. It works as an intermediary between Suppliers often called (Consigner) & Purchaser (Consignee). Whenever the supplier & customer come in agreement to sell or purchase some goods, in the act of bringing that good the logistics serves as a life blood for smooth delivery of material to the destination port, Taq cargo serves the same What is the Size of Ware House and it’sAllocation  27500 sq ft x 4  Storing depends upon the size of boxes  Sales department tell about the allocation and customer needs how much of space needed  Warehouse keep all material of zong 14
  15. 15. How goods are imported by Sea or Air? Whenever the supplier & customer are in the process of negotiation they must discuss about deliver mode either by sea or Air. In the event of delivery by sea, the two terms are quite prominent FOB =Freight on Board -It includes the cost of good but freight has to paid by consignee. CNF= Cost with freight charges are Included In case of FOB shipment by sea, the consignee nominate the freight forwarding company however in CNF it’s the responsibility of Consigner i.e.; supplier has to arrange the forwarding services of goods at the port of destination All shipment via Air is generally CNF basis, Air Freight is USD $ 5/kg usually depending upon quantity & air carrier. What documents are necessary in the event of Good clearance? Usually shipments by Air are immediate; however in sea shipment it took 4 – 12 weeks to reach the consignment at destination port especially from china. Once the goods reaches to Karachi port, the nominated agent of forwarding agency contact the consignee (Customer) to collect the goods. The consignee would then bring original document like Invoice, Packing list, Master Airway bill / Bill of lading, Certificate of origin, (Form 3, 5 & 7) with custom clearance letter. The forwarding company then issue Delivery order commonly called as (D.O) 15
  16. 16. What the D.O is & what charges does it have? Sea freight shipments are charged "per cubic metre" therefore we would always need to know the size of the shipment before we can advise the final cost. Delivery order is the document which is issued by freight forwarding company to Consignee, it includes different charges like; Dock charges, Cargo space charges, Machinery charges, cargo loading unloading charges, Port chargers, demurrage in case of late clearance etc Demonstrate the application of supply chain management in your company? The core component of Supply chain is Logistics, at Taq cargo we have big warehouse where goods are stored & issue to customer in bulk or as per their request What are the benefits of making long term relations with your clients? We have acquire 5 yr forwarding contract with major telecommunication operators like Zong, Telenor & PTCL these long term contracts are benefiting us to increase our market share in industry & attracting new prosperous customer How does your organization work? Lean or agile supply chain? At Taq cargo our prime focus is on toward lean supply chain facility to customers, because this helped us in efficient planning, cost saving, 16
  17. 17. reduce wastage & timely availability of inventory needed by customers in future Do you practice velocity principle? The warehouse ensures the velocity principle. Material that is to be sent through outward are kept at the exit gate and place where inward logistics deliver material is kept free so that it is shifted in correct and allocated place. Do you have procurement department? What items you procure most? We do have warehouse that work in accordance with the planning & material needs of customer. Requisition of new equipments & machineries are interlinked at all end through integrated management system. These help us in understanding customer’s requirement. Are you serving domestically located items or emphasize on imported goods? We are offering import & export of material we have domestic & foreign customers all around the world What challenges you encounter during Supply chain process? The major challenge is timely availability of goods, the lead time for sea shipment is 4-12weeks however material efficient planning, ordering & correct deliveries are key factor for success of supply chain specially logistics 17
  18. 18. What is your inventory management process? How it works? The business is basically about logistics and of both inbound and outbound the shipment when received is carried through trucks (which are out sourced) in the warehouse which is situated in Shah latif town.The warehouse manager is responsible to manage the inventory by properly staging the material according to respective category, client, batch Number & sequence. Every material shipment get recorded & updated via ERP system Do you have ERP software? We have implemented ERP material management system module that help customers & suppliers in real time recording, updating, controlling, forecasting & ordering material periodically What is your current project in progress? Our present 5yr project with Zong & telenor is under progress. Telecom equipment as imported from china by zong for it’s upcoming 3G service in Pakistan & old telecom equipment being brought back to warehouse. What logistic services you offer your customers? We offer outbound services for distribution of material from warehouse to all Pakistan & inboud services from china, in order to bring material at warehouse 18
  19. 19. What kind of warehouse services do you offer? The customer delivery basically depends upon the parts ordered by telecom companies. zong Pakistan basically import manufactured parts from China which are used in telecom towers in entire city and so are ordered by telecom companies so zong basically sells these parts to TELENOR and its self Zong in karachi. The delivery is made when an engineer who is sitting at warehouse receives a mail from customer its usually in early morning and it is delivered to them in 24hours.The warehouse manager receives the mail hard copy and then start outward logistics. Do you practice cross docking? Cross docking is there but Taq distribute material on daily requirement What is your cycle count? The cycle count is an important aspect to know about inventory the ware house does it weekly and reports the zong so that it can adjust with its customers. Reference 19
  20. 20. 20