Fat role in body health


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Dr. Waqas Nawaz
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Fat role in body health

  1. 1. Submitted To: Dr.Farooq MalikFat Role Submitted By:In Body Waqas Nawaz 11-Arid-975 Health
  2. 2. More Than The Amount Of Fat, It’s The TypesOf Fat You Eat That Really Matter.Bad FatsIncrease Cholesterol & Your Risk OfCertain Diseases, While Good Fats ProtectYour Heart & Support Overall Health.FatsFats are organic compounds which are made up of C,H2 & O2.They act as an energysource in foods.Fats are found in both liquid & solid form.These are composed ofsaturated & unsaturated fatty acids. Important Role Of Fats In Body> Supply calories to body (1g of Fat = 9 kcal) which is double than Carbohydrates &Proteins (4 kcal)> Stores body’s extra calories by filling fat cells that help to insulate the body> Act as an energy source> Healthy skin & hair are maintained by fat> Fat deposits protects vital organs> Fat helps the body to absorb and move the vitamins A, D, E, and K through thebloodstream.> Fat help to maintain healthy hair & skin> Provide essential fatty acids ’’linoleic acid (omega-6) & alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3)’’ to body which body can’t synthesize on its own.They are important in controllinginflammation,blood clotting & brain development.The richest source of these fatty acidsis oily fish
  3. 3. Fats can be divided into 3 groups/kinds1) Good Fats / Unsaturated Fats2) Bad Fats / Saturated Fats3) Worst Fats / Trans Fats Good Fats / Unsaturated FatsUnsaturated fats help the body against very disease.These can be divided into 2 types1) Monounsaturated Fats2) Polyunsaturated FatsMonounsaturated Fat> Decrease LDL cholesterol level> Increase HDL cholesterol level Monounsaturated fats are favored over polyunsaturated fats because> Prevent Increase in blood triglycerides some research suggests that polyunsaturated fats are less stable &Polyunsaturated Fat high amount of polyunsaturated fats> Decrease LDL cholesterol level can cause a reduction in HDL also.> Lower the blood pressure
  4. 4. > Protect brain & nervous system> Fight against inflammation Bad Fats / Saturated FatsSaturated fats are solid at room temperature.The amount of eaten saturated fat has afar greater effect on blood cholesterol level than the amount of cholesterol containingfoods in diet.Effects are greater for fatty acids with medium chain lengths (e.g. LauricC12:2,myristic C14:0,palmitic C16:0) than for those with longer chain lengths.> Increase total blood cholesterol level> Increase LDL cholesterol level> Harvard School of Public Health, in a study published in March 2010, found thatreplacing saturated fats with an equal amount of polyunsaturated fats did indeedreduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 19 percent.> Perhaps,saturated fats may not be so bad after all.They are certainly an importantsource of vitamins and minerals Worst Fats / Trans FatsThese are also known as ‘Hydrogenated Fats’ because these are made during ahydrogenation process where liquid vegetable oils are converted into solid fats.Transfats are found in all kinds of processed foods from French Fries to Cookies.
  5. 5. Trans fats are thought to be worse for us than saturated fats because they not only raise total & LDL (bad) cholesterol, they also lower HDL (good) cholesterol. Negative Effects Of Trans FatsFood companies like to use trans fats because they are inexpensive & last for a longtime.Trans fats also give a desirable taste & texture to many snacks.Many fast foodrestaurants use trans fats for frying because oils with trans fats can be used over andover in commercial fryers.Short Term Effects> Increase LDL cholesterol level> Decrease HDL cholesterol level> Increase level of triglycerides ( a type of fat in blood) which may cause hardening ofarteries> Food with trans fats is difficult to digest> Reduce responsiveness of cells lining blood vessels which may cause inflammationLong Term Effects> Trans fats can lead to clogged arteries which can lead to Heart Attack or Stroke> Trans fats double the risk of Heart Diseases> Increase Obesity> Raise the risk of Diabetes> Increase the chances of Cancer
  6. 6. Negative Effect Of High Body Fat In Different WaysHigh body fat does not cause a change in chemical shape or structure of harmones butit perform negative effects on level of harmones circulating in blood.It also alters thecharacteristics of target cells. Other hormones include melatonin, which controls thesleep cycle, the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone, and insulin and glucagon,which stabilize blood sugar levels.Endocrine SystemEndocrine system is made of harmones & glands that secrete them.Harmones regulatemany body functions e.g. behavior,mood,appetite,sexual function & growth.> Excessive or insufficient levels of harmones can cause a lot of health problems e.g.Cushing’s Syndrome & DiabetesInsulinHigh body fat can disturb insulin level in body> Hyperinsulemia is closely linked with high body fat> Hyperinsulinemia can lead to insulin resistance, in turn increasing the risk of type 2diabetesAdiponectin & Leptin> People with high body fat have lower levels of Adiponectin, a beneficial hormone thatbreaks down fat and promotes insulin sensitivity
  7. 7. > High body fat decrease the level of Leptin (a harmone that controls appetite) signalingthe body to eat less Fat = Adiponectin = Insulin Sensitivity Fat = Leptin = AppetiteMetabolic SyndromeHigh body fat, particularly around the waist, is associated with metabolic syndrome, acondition with a constellation of symptoms that include insulin resistance, glucoseintolerance, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels and high bloodtriglycerides.Metabolic syndrome increases your risk of serious health problems such asdiabetes, heart disease and stroke. A waist circumference of over 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women is one ofthe diagnostic criteria for metabolic syndrome.What Kind Of Fats Should We Eat?> We should limit our fat intake to no more than 30-35 % of daily calories> Most of fat eaten should be unsaturated> Use liquid oils over solid fats in cookingIf a food label proudly touts 0g trans fats, it doesnt transform that food into a health food. Itmeans that the hydrogenated fat has been replaced by another kind of fat, often a saturatedtropical fat, which may or may not be more beneficial
  8. 8. Low Fat Lifestyle A Low Fat Lifestyle Increases Your Energy and Sense of Well-BeingA low fat lifestyle includes an appropriate amount of exercise. Exercise increases yourmetabolic rate, which can help you stay trim and healthy. Regular exercise gives you moreenergy, helps you sleep better, and makes your bones and muscles stronger. Regular exercisecan prevent osteoporosis, and reduces your risk of injury by strengthening joints and improvingbalance.Regular exercise also increases your sense of well-being. Exercise lowers your levels ofanxiety and can help you deal with stress; its also known to help improve mood and emotionaldisorders, such as depression. A Low Fat Lifestyle Can Help You Manage Your Weight and HealthA low fat lifestyle is key to any good weight management strategy. Regular exercise is oftenmore effective than drug therapy in reducing levels of LDL cholesterol, the "bad" cholesterolthat contributes to heart disease. Even a small reduction in weight can help prevent chronicillness, such as diabetes and heart disease. Weight training can prevent and in some caseseven begin to reverse osteoporosis. A Healthy Lifestyle Enhances Your Feelings of Wellness and ControlA healthy lifestyle consisting of regular exercise and a low fat diet of fresh foods preparedaccording to healthy recipes, can greatly enhance your sense of well-being. A low fat lifestylecan help you manage or prevent chronic health conditions, leading to greater quality of life eveninto old age. A healthy lifestyle can even help you stay independent into your senior years.In addition, a healthy lifestyle consisting of regular exercise and a low fat diet can help you feel morecomforatable in your body, and increase your self esteen and self confidence. Youll have a better attitudeabout life, yourself and your environment. Youll be stronger, more flexible and enjoy a higher level ofstamina.
  9. 9. A healthy lifestyle helps you feel more in control of your own destinyYoull sleep better, and good sleep patterns help you feel more rested throughout the day, lessfrazzled, and less likely to become stressed, emotional and overwhelmed. Youll even be ableto gain some level of control over chronic illness, even mental illnesses like depression andanxiety disorders. Youll increase your quality of life and be more likely to remain independentat an old age