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Symantec backup exec 12 technical assessment  sts  exam objectives
Symantec backup exec 12 technical assessment  sts  exam objectives
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Symantec backup exec 12 technical assessment sts exam objectives


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  • 1. Symantec Backup Exec 12 Technical Assessment (STS) Exam ObjectivesSection 1 Overview and Architecture • Objective 1.1 Identify and describe the basic elements of Backup Exec. • Objective 1.2 Identify the types of devices you can use with Backup Exec. • Objective 1.3 Define media-related terms and concepts. • Objective 1.4 Compare the differences between the various backup methods used by Backup Exec. • Objective 1.5 Explain the purpose of the Backup Exec Database. • Objective 1.6 Describe the new features and enhancements in Backup Exec 12 • Objective 1.7 Describe how to integrate Symantec security products, such as Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) and Symantec Protection Network (SPN) with Backup Exec 12. • Objective 1.8 Describe Granular Restore Technology (GRT). • Objective 1.9 Describe how to use the Enterprise Vault Agent. • Objective 1.10 Describe the enhancements to the Active Directory Recovery Agent. • Objective 1.11 Describe desktop and laptop option enhancements. • Objective 1.12 Describe Intelligent Disaster Recovery option enhancements. • Objective 1.13 Describe Continuous Protection Server enhancements.Section 2 Install and Configuration • Objective 2.1 Configure devices from within the Backup Exec Administration Console. • Objective 2.2 Explain how device pools are used by Backup Exec. • Objective 2.3 Control advanced device functions from within the Backup Exec Administration Console. • Objective 2.4 Use Backup Exec to manage media in attached devices.
  • 2. • Objective 2.5 Explain the functions of a backup job. • Objective 2.6 Describe additional media settings that can be configured for backup jobs. • Objective 2.7 Restore data from a backup set. • Objective 2.8 Describe some of the common media rotation models you can implement in your backup environment. • Objective 2.9 Create jobs and policies to duplicate backup sets. • Objective 2.10 Enhance backup job functionality by configuring advanced settings. • Objective 2.11 Tune storage devices to improve their efficiency. • Objective 2.12 Configure global settings for your media server. • Objective 2.13 Create and edit selection lists.Section 3 Management and Reporting • Objective 3.1 Explain why media catalogs are essential to restore operations. • Objective 3.2 Troubleshoot selection lists. • Objective 3.3 Specify device and media settings for backup jobs. • Objective 3.4 Establish schedules for backup jobs. • Objective 3.5 Use Backup Execs vaulting function to protect your media from physical damage. • Objective 3.6 Create policies to organize your backups and support your media rotation schedule. • Objective 3.7 Create templates to be used in policies. • Objective 3.8 Assign relationship rules to templates within a policy. • Objective 3.9 Monitor Backup Exec activity using the Job Monitor and reports. • Objective 3.10 Manage alerts, error-handling rules, and notification settings. • Objective 3.11 Gather information about your Backup Exec environment using utilities bundled with Backup Exec.