New Training & Consulting Approach


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New Training & Consulting Approach

  5. 5. EVERYTHING ELSE BECOMES SOUND •Directions become clear •Means to be more profitable becomes evident •Planning, delegations and empowerment made easy•People’s organizational engagement / organizational commitment becomes more natural….
  7. 7. by BENDING THE SYSTEMS to CREATE THE RIGHT EXPERIENCE & IMPACTUPON THE BELIEF SYSTEM of the relevant STAKEHOLDERS (especially the newer generations & the challenging ones)
  8. 8. Experience based Outcome for Quality (EBOQ) Framework towards SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT DESIRABLE Stable Environment • Dynamisms Basic Tools ~0v Under Control ~ 0v O • Almost “Zero” U Variations DESIRED OUTCOME T • QE challengeCORPORATE WISH UNDERSTANDING P – Anticipate STATEMENTS ESTABLISHMENT OF COMPETENCIES NEEDS OF INTERESTED RATIONALIZED / KRA+KPI U i variations at(V, M, TL / Motto) SOP PARTIES T any given(Vision, Mission, Objectives, w m h w who time / point Policies / Motto) within the ~ 0v ~ 0v process Firm’s Life-cycle Emergence (Just existed)
  9. 9. Experience based Outcome for Quality (EBOQ) Framework towards SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PREDICTABLE Bigger Playing Field • Dynamisms Grow • U & P Variations The Need for Quality • QE challenge – Innovated Tools UV+PV UV+PV optimize UVs & PVs Experience Two Types of Variation Scripted (UV/PV) ~ 0v ~ 0v O U DESIRED OUTCOME T CORPORATE WISH UNDERSTANDING P STATEMENTS ESTABLISHMENT OF COMPETENCIES NEEDS OF INTERESTED RATIONALIZED / KRA+KPI U i s (V, M, TL / Motto) SOP PARTIES T (Vision, Mission, Objectives, w m h w who w Policies / Motto) ~ 0v ~ 0v ExperienceThe Need for Quality Requirements SOP Revised Competency Adjusted Two Types of Variation (UV/PV) UV+PV UV+PV Development of Firm (life- cycle) Infant-growth stage
  10. 10. Experience based Outcome for Quality (EBOQ) Framework towards SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT UNPREDICTABLE Complex Environment • Too complex, Variations beyond control, • QE challenge – bring Specialist Tools unpredictable variations Higher Level of Innovations Uncontrolled Variations under control Chaotic Scenarios Understood PREDICTABLE UV+PV UV+PV Innovated Tools Two Types of Variation (UV/PV) DESIRABLE ~ 0v ~ 0v O U DESIRED OUTCOME T CORPORATE WISH UNDERSTANDING P STATEMENTS ESTABLISHMENT OF COMPETENCIES NEEDS OF INTERESTED RATIONALIZED / KRA+KPI U i s m l (V, M, TL / Motto) SOP PARTIES T (Vision, Mission, Objectives, w m h w who w Policies / Motto) ~ 0v ~ 0v SOP Revised Specialist Interventions sought after / specialist competencies developed Two Types of Variation (UV/PV) UV+PV UV+PVenhanced Quality The Need for From maturity to Experience Uncontrolled Uncontrolled decline stage Variations Variations
  11. 11. HENCE OUR CHOSEN PATH (THUS FAR), PRODUCTS & SERVICES…. Consulting / Co-Creation Awareness Creation / Training • Systems Innovative Thinking (DRSK • (HOW TO) Creating The Innovative Model) MindsSYSTEMS IMPROVEMENTS / • Skewing Systems for Upcoming • (HOW TO) Problem Solving Towards Generation Innovative Decision Making INNOVATIONS • Refurbishment of Organizational • (HOW TO) Create a WIN-WIN-WIN Collaterals Based on New-Age Solutions Corporate Identity & Creative • (HOW TO) Transform Data Into Principles (PRINTS - Buntings, Posters, Practical Intelligence Profiles, Marketing Teasers, Multimedia (Montages), etc) Consulting / Co-Creation Awareness Creation / Training • Performance Indicators • A Range of Soft-Skills Training (based on our • Core Values Qualifiers & Quantifiable own DRSK© outcome based synthesis) • Data Mining & Analysis Services • All our trainings are tied down to key PERFORMANCE • (OUTCOME Based) Performance business (mini) projects which can help Management Systems Development departments deliver organizationals’ SYSTEMS • Module Development / TOT Sessions expectations • IT (Web-Based) Based Systems Development • Feasibility / Impact Study • Performance Gap Study • Academic / Market Research / Intelligence Consulting / Co-Creation Awareness Creation / Training • Compliance auditing • Lead Auditors Course • Documentation (SOPs, Checklists, • Advanced Auditing CompetencyMANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Manuals, etc) • Cost of Quality • Certifications • Total Quality Management • Systems Consolidations & Integrations
  12. 12. STRASYS SOLUTIONS’ AVINASH© Model of Consultancy** This is STRASYS’ bigger commitment of facilitation process (the total package) for any given scope or task of consultancy within an organization.
  13. 13. 1 CEO / Top Management Present AVINASH & Endorsement & 2 Endorsement Sought Go Ahead Adequacy Report ADEQUACY ASSESSMENT 3Disapproval Validation Endorsement Letter End of VERIFICATION & & Promises of Delivery withIntervention 4 Prerequisite Statements VALIDATION 5 Post Periodical Implementation 6 IMPLEMENTATION & 7 Mortem Report INTEGRATION 8 NAVIGATION 9 Periodical Navigation ReportRectifications Final Audit & Corrective 10 AUDIT 11 Measures Report Sustainability (3 years) Plan 12 SUSTAINABILITY 13 13 HANDING OVER 14 Full Submission of Reports, (of SYSTEM) Technology & Tools
  14. 14. OUR TEAM & EXPOSURE Managing Director cum Principal ConsultantDr Suresh Kumar Krishnan (PhD in QPI-Applied Statistics; have consulted many key public agencies in Malaysia) Director, Creatives & Client Management Victor J Nathan (Human Resource Development & Management with Instructional System Design (ISD) Competency) Associate ConsultantsDr Shankar Shanmugam (Pioneer in setting up government based systems with MAMPU) Dr Yusof Omar (Ex-Shell and Ex-Maybank’s L&D Head) Partnering Consultancies Dr Noreha Hussain (Statistician specialized in Web-Based & ICT Aided System) Edwin Soosai (Data Mining, Market Research & Risk Management Enterprise) Prabhakaran (Trainer cum Web-Based System Development)
  15. 15. Identify & New Aligned Towards Of Variations Of NormsImplement Notion Improvement Away from Current State Introducing New Ideas Aiming Customer By Deploying at Engagement, The Science of Variations Improvements Experience & Belief System INPUT OUTPUT OUTCOME Experiences The diligent & intelligent Services & Which Can process of dealing Products which ROCK with variations are improved the existing system of beliefs
  16. 16. STRASYS SOLUTIONS’ DRSK© Framework of Approach(based on our thesis on variations, experience, belief systems, an holistic approach to be innovative; in terms of products / services / feasibility & impact studies / technologies / programs)
  17. 17. Strasys’s DRSK© Framework is a unique approach to develop systems / products / services / studies / technologies /programs which are robust and innovative in it’s own kind. The approach was conceptualized by Dr Suresh Kumar andfurther substantiated with parallel research findings, academic models and industrial experiences.The framework, which would eventually work in total loop (each stage or phase is dynamically integrated with it’santecedent and consequent stages), has four distinct stages and each has two main components of work processes,namely:-1) Discrepancy Gauge – Demands (articulated needs) & Desirable Destiny Documentation2) Reality Checks – Charting out of possible experiences in the form of Reality Actions (Productive Variations; PVs) and Risk Elements (Unproductive Variations; UVs)3) Systemization – Standardization of processes and procedures (to navigate the realization of PVs and eliminate / reduce the UVs)4) Key-Indicators – Data Analytics / Synthesis tweaked towards establishment of Key Measures (Type I & Type II properties) and gauging of the KICK factors (factors that would impact upon the belief system of the stakeholders, especially the end-users)The schematic of the entire framework is as below.DISCREPANCY GAUGE REALITY CHECKS SYSTEMIZATION KEY-INDICATORS REALISTIC STANDARD KEY- DEMANDS ACTIONS -IZATION MEASURESD R S K DESIRABLE SUCCESS “KICK” RISKS DESTINY MODELS FACTORS
  18. 18. C O N TA C T U S