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  2. 2. Tanti marketing, un approccio comune • Marketing tradizionale • Marketing relazionale • Social marketing • Societal marketing • Marketing territoriale • Societing
  3. 3. AZIENDA marketing interno DIPENDENTE marketing marketing interattivo CLIENTE
  5. 5. Contribution Svolgimento del compito routinario Svolgimento di compiti straordinari Innovazione Creatività Trasmissione dei valori Creazione di un buon clima Aiuto agli altri Promozione verso gli interni Promozione all’esterno
  6. 6. Retribuzione PREZZO (Price) LAVORO (Product) Stipendio valore assoluto Congruenza con le proprie caratt. Stipendio valore relativo Apprendimento Progressione di stipendio Divertimento Incentivi Sfida Benefits Competizione POSTO DI LAVORO (Place) COMUNICAZIONE (Promotion) Comodità logistica Prestigio dell’organizzazione Clima organizzativo Immagine Qualità ambienti fisici Comunicazione Comodità orari
  7. 7. Sviluppo Brand Deutsche Telekom British Retribuzione Telecom Ambiente 0 1 2 3 4 Fonte:
  8. 8. Livello di conoscenza Reclutamento Formazione $ 40.000 * assunto Defection
  9. 9. Why Diversity Matters at Microsoft At Microsoft we think of the business case for diversity as having three components: talent, customers, and innovation. Talent Microsoft seeks to attract and retain the best and brightest employees. This enables us to gain a competitive advantage in the new emerging markets. Customers If we truly want to have a compelling value proposition for our customers, we must understand the rich diversity of our customer base. Innovation We work to build innovative products for an increasingly diverse customer base by using the diverse talents, ideas, and perspectives of our employees.
  10. 10. Diversity at Microsoft Diversity Mission Statement Microsoft strives to understand, value, and incorporate the differences each employee brings to the company so that we can build the greatest multicultural workplace in the technology industry and reflect the growing diversity and inclusion of our communities and the global marketplace. Diversity Vision Statement To establish Microsoft as a global leader in diversity and inclusion by driving global executive leadership, engagement, and accountability and by increasing workforce diversity at all levels, building value and commitment for work-life balance, and building capabilities for people and organizations. Diversity Values The diversity values at Microsoft are: 11.Thinking and acting globally. Microsoft employs a multicultural workforce that generates innovative decision-making for diverse customers and partners. 12.Innovating. Innovation helps lower the costs of technology. 13.Showing leadership. Microsoft shows leadership by supporting the communities in which we work and live. Strategy Overview Microsoft's diversity and inclusion strategy is an important part of our business priorities. We are working with executives across the company to support and drive our efforts. The pillars of our diversity and inclusion strategy are: •Driving leadership accountability and ownership. •Attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce. •Creating a culture and climate of respect and inclusion.
  12. 12. Employee Onboarding Process 26
  13. 13. Ford Motor Company Talent Management System Today’s recruiting environment is dynamic, fast-paced, and highly competitive. The resources needed to fuel business success will be in short supply. A top-notch recruiting and sourcing strategy is only as effective as an organization’s ability to attract, engage, develop, and retain top performers. 27
  14. 14. 28
  15. 15. Ford Motor Company Talent Management System Goals •Attract, engage, develop, assimilate, and retain employees who are committed to the success of Ford Motor Company •Strengthen the relationship between the Company, candidates, and new hires during each phase of the recruiting process (pre-employment, on-boarding, re- recruiting) •Streamline and build a cohesive recruiting process •Build relationship with candidates from first contract through first six months of employment 29
  16. 16. Ford Motor Company Talent Management System Phases Pre-employment •Enhanced communication of employer brand through e- cards and website to attract more candidates •Development of pre-screen selection tools for each function to better align candidates’ skills •Focus on selecting the “right” candidate through use of the Ford Leader Behavior Interview 30
  17. 17. Ford Motor Company Talent Management System Phases On-Boarding •Continuous reinforcement of the Company’s brand, values, and strengths through e-cards •Preparation and expectation setting for the first day of employment through e-cards and an on-boarding website •E-card communication of employees start date and “to do list” to the supervisor ensuring that everything is ready for their first day 31
  18. 18. Ford Motor Company Talent Management System Phases Re-recruiting •Provide tools to new employees to help them acclimate, engage, and become more productive •Strengthen the employee/supervisor relationship through communication and encouraging the supervisor to display bold leadership •Support the employees transition into the business by urging the supervisor and the employee to create a Learning and Development Plan 32
  19. 19. Ford Motor Company Talent Management System Communications Components Taking Employer Branding to a whole new level •Driving candidates to •Inviting candidates to Talent Management Conferences •Relationship Management •Offer •On-boarding new employees •Retention 33
  20. 20. 4a Pre-Offer Accepted Follow Up Offer 72 Hour E-Card sent by Hodes 1 Sell acceptance of offer 2 3 OFFER New Hire Talent Ask to answer questions Offer NO Management or concerns New Hire Talent RESPONSE Recruiter Office Contact 4b.1 Conference E-mail sent by Management We’re Still Thinking Invitation Recruiter Office Conference Direct candidates 4b About You to site to fill out We’re Still Thinking forms for event About You E-Card sent by Hodes Sent by Ford E-Card Standard Statement sent by Hodes post conference Recruiter Office Contact Standard Statement 1a 4c ACTIVE Recruiter Office Contact 4b.2 New Hire Talent Management We’re Still Thinking Close Out Letter Conference Registration Site PENDING About You CANDIDATE Unable to match Quarterly E-Card qualifications sent by Hodes Standard Statement Sent by Hodes Standard Statement Recruiter Office Contact 4d.1+ Keep The Doors Open 4d Diversity Focus OFFER Keep The Doors Open DECLINED Quarterly E-Card 4d.1+ sent by Hodes Keep The Doors Open Standard Statement Survey (why did you decline) Environment Focus Invite Process Details Opt-in for ongoing communication 4d.1+ Update Profile Keep The Doors Open Refer a Friend Innovation Focus Recruiter Office Contact Opt-in to receive Product Blue Indicates White Indicates 4d.1+ information Ford Action Hodes Action Keep The Doors Open BrandsFocus 34
  21. 21. Offer Accepted to Start Date E-mails sent every 30 days until start date 5 6 7 8 9 Offer Accepted Waiting to start Waiting to start Waiting to start Waiting to start Welcome to Ford E-card E-card E-card E-card E-card Ford sends Hodes list E-mail sent by Hodes 30 day E-Card 30 day E-Card 30 day E-Card 30 day E-Card sent by Hodes sent by Hodes sent by Hodes sent by Hodes Name | Title Start Date of Offer Supervisor name (if Link to New Hire website Accepted available) Link to New Hire website Link to New Hire website Link to New Hire website Link to Onboarding Site 10a 5b E-mail to Supervisor New Employee Website Forms Video: Welcome To The Ford Family Your new hire starts Monday (Intro by Bill Ford) E-cards sent 2 is everything ready? (Interactive History) Vision, Mission, weeks before (The Ford Experience) and Values Message from Director on Ford sends HODES data start date Employee Resource Groups feed on new hire start date Diversity Link to Ford Diversity Site Send Friend Receives 10b Family/Friends e-Post Card E-mail to new hire E-Cards Link to Ford Careers and to Ford products Are you ready to start Learning’s Link to TM website Make the World a Better Place Brands 35
  22. 22. Post Start Date E-mails sent to new hire every 30 days after start date for 1st Year 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Welcome kit E-card Drive Your Career Co-Hort Group The “way Forward” Innovation Transition to the business Survey E-card E-card E-card E-card E-card E-Card Sent by Hodes on first day of employment Sent by Hodes sent by Hodes after sixth Sent by Hodes Sent by Hodes Sent by Hodes Sent by Hodes month Link to important Ford information Information on career path Invitation to participate in a Expectations and Link to Online Survey and personal development series of focus groups for The part each employee Ford innovations transition to the actual On-boarding process Link to Survey on TM Talent Management plays in the “way forward” business unit system thus far E-mails sent to Supervisor on Start Date 18 19 Supervisor Survey Co-Hort Group E-card E-card Sent by Hodes after employees second week Sent by Hodes Invitation to participate in a Link to Survey on series of focus groups for satisfaction of TM system Talent Management 36
  23. 23. Invitation E-Card • Invitation to the Talent Management Conference • Links to Conference Website 37
  24. 24. Invitation follow-up E- Card • Sent after no response to invite • Links to Conference Website 38
  25. 25. Conference Registration Site • Forms • What To Expect • Sample Agenda • Travel Arrangements • Expense Reports • Questions 39
  26. 26. No Offer and Offer Declined E-cards • Sent to candidates who Ford is still considering hiring • Sent to candidates who declined an offer, but Ford wants to keep in contact with 40
  27. 27. Offer Declined E-cards • Sent quarterly to candidates who opted- in for more information on Ford • Focus on brands, diversity, good works, etc. 41
  28. 28. Offer E-card 42
  29. 29. Offer Accepted/Welcome to Ford E-Card • Contains Name, Job Title and Start Date (if available) • Links to New Employee On Boarding Website 43
  30. 30. New Employee On Boarding Website • Welcome from Bill Ford • Brands • Vision, Mission & Values • Learning • Make the World a better place • Innovations • Talent Management • Diversity • Send E-Cards • Orientation and first day information
  31. 31. Send E-Cards • Send Family or Friends custom designed e-cards announcing the beginning of your new career at Ford • Invitation to family to purchase a Ford vehicle with a invitation id number 45
  32. 32. Two weeks prior to start E-cards to supervisor and to new hire •Supervisor---Is everything ready for your new hire? •New Employee--- Are you all ready to start? 46
  33. 33. Re-recruiting E- cards •Sent each month for first six months •Information on career path, personal development, the “Way Forward” plan, etc. 47
  34. 34. Survey E-cards •Sent to new employee two weeks after start date and after first six months •Sent to Supervisor two weeks after employee starts 48
  35. 35. Cohort Group E-cards •Sent to a random group of new employees and their supervisors •Invited to participate in a series of cohort/focus groups •Data provided back for process improvement 49