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  1. 1. Magnaghi Aeronautica Magnaghi Aeronautica THE GROUP
  2. 2. Magnaghi Aeronautica Invesco S.r.l. Magnaghi Aeronautica S.p.A. Magnaghi Aircrafts MagnaghiSalver S.p.A. Metal Sud S.r.l. S.r.l. Brasil .
  3. 3. Magnaghi AeronauticaINTRODUCTION• The Group is focused on acquiring and developing Aeronautic Companies, operating in high-technology niches.• The Group operates in three sectors: design, development and manufacturing of advanced structures and parts in composite materials (Salver, Brindisi), design, development, manufacturing and product support of landing gear systems (Magnaghi, Napoli), surface treatments, non destructive controls and maintenance of aerostructures (Metal Sud).• The target of the Group’s companies is the consolidation of their competitive position in the Industry in the Italian and International Market, through the participation in Major International Programs. This objective will be pursued also through direct investment abroad according to the internationalization strategy in place .
  5. 5. Magnaghi AeronauticaTOTAL GROUP MAN POWER: 564 Total Group man power : 714 • 564 in ITALY Metal sud ; 32 • 150 in Brazil 261 Magnaghi ; 215 Salver ; 271 support to production 26% Ind. Eng, R&D Manufacturing 4% 62% Support to production Sales, Admin,Proc, H/R 21% 8% ind eng. 4% Engineering 13% Manufacturing+PS 51% Sales, Admin,Proc, H/R 11%
  6. 6. Magnaghi AeronauticaCUSTOMERS INTHE WORLD
  7. 7. Magnaghi Aeronauticayears of landings Magnaghi Aeronautica THE COMPANY
  8. 8. Magnaghi AeronauticaCompany Profile  Born in1936;  77 years experience in Aeronautics:  Design, Development, Production and In-Service support for Landing gears and Hydraulic components and devices  260 employees;  50 engineers in Engineering Department;  Production plant: 28.000 sm;
  9. 9. Magnaghi AeronauticaCompany Milestones  1936 Naples plant installation;  1960-1970 Start of Messier-Bugatti Cooperation on several programs. E.g.: G222, S-211, A-129, AMX, ATR 72/42 MLG;  1970-1990 Growth in Design activities with IPR development;  1997 C-27J Landing Gear system  2001 New ownership;  2002 M- 346 R/E system  2009 T-129  2009 G222 Afghanistan  2010 ATR NLG  2010 AW 169 LGS  2011 P180 Avanti III – P180 MP  2011 Embraer KC-390 Ramp and Cargo Doors Actuation Sys.  2012 NH90 Deck Lock updated version  2012 Embraer KC-390 stabilizer strut & actuation Sys.
  10. 10. Magnaghi AeronauticaProduct Life Cycle: from “white paper” to in-service maintenance
  11. 11. Magnaghi Aeronautica Magnaghi Aeronautica THE PRODUCTS
  12. 12. Magnaghi Aeronautica Aeronautic Market Evolution Valore Mercato €100B Civil segment Delivery value Forecast last 20 years 80 100% Business Jet 11% 80 Wide Body 40% 60 60 40 40 Narrow Body 39% 20 Business Jet Regional 10% 0 20 Wide Body Narrow Body 0 Regional 1986 1989 1992 1995 1998 2001 2004 2007 2010 2013 2016 2019 2022 2025 Delivery value •In the next 20 years, expected 27.000 new civil aircrafts and more than next 20 years 18.000 business jets 100% Business Jet 10% 80 •The market demand will grow of 64%, in volume terms (+75% in value 60 Wide Body 49% terms) 40 Narrow Body 32% •Narrow Body aircrafts with the higher expected market share (in 20 Regional 9% deliveries terms), and Wide Body aircrafts with the highest market 0 value shareSource: Analyst Report, Company Reports 14
  13. 13. Magnaghi AeronauticaFixed Wing Commercial Product ExamplesProgram SystemATR 72/42 Main and Nose landing Gears; Tail BumperSJ-100 Main Landing Gear Components Nose and Main LandingP-180 Gears;
  14. 14. Magnaghi Aeronautica Fixed Wings Market Forecast Business Aircraft Bombardier Forecasting model 16
  15. 15. Magnaghi Aeronautica Fixed Wings Market Forecast Business AircraftGlobal markets show continued and increasing requirement for business aircrafts due to:• Business jet utilization, was up significantly year-over-year.• Business aviation penetration in the fastest expanding world economies, China and India in particular.• Economic recovery in the United States26.000 Business aircraft will be produced in the next 20 years, this according the most recentand eligible forecast from Bombardier . 10.500 in the period 2010-2019 15.500 in the period 2020-2029 There is a strong long-term potential for business aircraft segments Bombardier Aerospace 2010 Business Aircraft Market Forecast. 17
  16. 16. Magnaghi AeronauticaFixed Wing Transport Product ExamplesProgram SystemC-27J Landing Gear SystemG-222 Landing Gear System
  17. 17. Magnaghi AeronauticaFixed Wing Defence/Trainer Product ExamplesProgram SystemEFA R/E system componentsM-346 R/E SystemAMX Nose Landing GearM-311 LGSS-211
  18. 18. Magnaghi Aeronautica Rotary Wings Market Forecast Rotary WingsThere is a strong long-term demand for both civil and military helicopter segments.Global markets show continued and increasing requirement for helicopters due to •Fleet demographics driving replacement demand, •Technology improvements flowing into new products, •Emerging markets offer substantial upside.16.900 helicopters will be produced in the next 10 years, this according the most recentand eligible forecast from Rolls-Royce. 10.900 civil helicopters  6.000 military helicoptersThe rise in orders for the helicopter is due •defense rotorcraft requirements for ongoing military operations, •humanitarian and theater transport, •demand growth for corporate helicopters and oil and gas exploration.According Honeywell forecast for helicopter Market purchase expectations for 2012and 2013 are 40% up over 2011, suggesting the market demand will accelerate next years.The Agusta-Westland helicopter ranked highest and can be considered benchmarks forcurrent production helicopters. 20
  19. 19. Magnaghi AeronauticaRotary wing product exampleProgram SystemT-129 Main and Nose landing GearsAW-109 Main and Nose Landing Gears Deck Lock SystemNH-90AW-169 Landing gear System
  20. 20. Magnaghi Aeronautica Rotary Wings Market Forecast Rotary WingsHelicopter sales forecast 2011-2020 by units AW 169 4,5 TonOver 10,900 Civil rotorcraft deliveries Singles (60%) and light twins (20%) helicopterlead the market by units 22 forecast from Rolls-Royce
  21. 21. Magnaghi AeronauticaSpecial Versions product exampleProgram SystemSky-x LGSBarracuda Main Landing GearIris-T Motor Case
  22. 22. Magnaghi Aeronautica FIXED WINGMRO programs ROTARY WING
  23. 23. Magnaghi Aeronautica MRO Landing Gear- Current Situation and Forecast 2011-2016 MRO total value Forecast of Number of Maintenance orders vs. civil aircrafts components: ca.7,5B$ landing gears (2004-2016) 3.000 Wheels & Brakes 2.333 2.457 17% Altro 2.335 27% 2.178 2.085 2.000 1.948 1.9271.9641.972 11,3 APU 1.517 14% 7,5 1.300Flight Control 6% 1.000 979 881 Avionica Carrelli 14% 7% Engine Fuel &Control Engine Exhaust 7% 8% 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 MRO components market growth, mainly due to the landing gears segmentSource: Aerostrategy, Aviation Week 25
  24. 24. Magnaghi Aeronautica Salver
  25. 25. Magnaghi AeronauticaBrief History• Salver Was established in 1970, since that time the Company entered into the Aeronautical Market developing and producing parts in composite material for aeronautical application.• The Company , in following year, has been acquired first by Ciba A.G. (1989), then by Hexcel Corp (1996), and finally in June 1999 by Invesco Group.• INVESCO-SALVER has undertaken considerable Investments in new facilities - lay out, new equipments and qualified personnel, in order to defend, consolidate and improve its ability to compete over the global Market.
  26. 26. Magnaghi AeronauticaCurrent Facilities Clean Room Salver 2 Automatic cut of prepregs LECTRA Autoclave Laboratory NDI Control Controlled measurement machine DEA
  27. 27. Magnaghi Aeronautica SALVER PRODUCTS
  28. 28. Magnaghi Aeronautica B787 – Inlet Outer Barrel B787 – ECS Ducts B767 / B777 Radome Assy B767 CFRP laminate & sandwich Kevlar laminate & sandwich B777 structure structureEpoxy/Glass sandwich structure A380 ECS – Fan Cowls & RSS A380 ECS – Composites Ducts B787 AW139 – Tail Plane Multinterface, Outlet, Oval Ducts Made of hybrid prepreg AW13 A380 9 SALVER PRODUCTS
  29. 29. Magnaghi Aeronautica P180 – Horizontal StabilizerHS Assy made of Epoxy/Carbon prepreg, cured by 180°C.
  30. 30. Magnaghi AeronauticaA380 Fan Duct - A318÷A321 Belly Fairing A380 A320 A380 FAN COWL A318 A321 BELLY FAIRINGS
  31. 31. Magnaghi AeronauticaBombardier C-Series Wing Components Spoilers (1 GND, 4 MFS) Body: CFRP (honeycomb stiffened pre-preg) Fittings: Al Alloy Outboard Flap CFRP (RTM/RTI) Inboard Flap CFRP (RTM/RTI ) MLG doors AW139
  32. 32. Magnaghi Aeronautica Magnaghi Aeronautica Titolo presentazione Sky Arrow Aircraft posto, gg mese aaaa
  33. 33. Magnaghi AeronauticaCurrent products Certified aircraft (EASA/VLA - FAR 23) • Sky Arrow 650 • Sky Arrow 650/N (Night version) • Sky Arrow 710 RLG (Retractile LG) • Sky Arrow Rawas / ERA (Remotely Assisted Working Aerial System / Environmental Research Aircraft) Self Certified aircraft • Sky Arrow 600 Sport (ASTM F2245) • Sky Arrow 450 Ultralight Experimental •Kit Sky Arrow 1450L
  34. 34. Magnaghi Aeronautica Possible missionsThe sensors you can install onboard are suitable for:• fire detection and operations managing• satellite maps integration• environment and pollution analysis• borders control• crop growing analysis• dangerous gases and radioactive analysis• sport meetings images broadcasting.
  35. 35. Magnaghi Aeronautica The Aerial Working Platform Data acquired from camera and sensors can be recorded and analyzed both in real time on board or after the flight through a mobile or a fixed station.Fixed ground station Antenna GPS (Garmin 35-HVS) Monitor LCD LMD-1041 SV3010 Monitor LCD FD-2560 Mobile ground station VISTA da A Antenna Telemetria (SAMA) Antenna Video "A" (SAMA) Trasmettitore dati telemetria N°2 Trasmettitore Video N°1 TTL VTL20-5C Registratore Video N°2 Sony DSR-20P Interfaccia elettronica
  36. 36. Magnaghi Aeronautica Aircraft Description The Sky Arrow AWP is a “two seats in tandem” aircraft. This particular configuration allows the pilots to have up to 300 of visibility. The wing is above the fuselage and a pushing propeller is placed behind the cabin, as a result pilots visibility is increased. In addition, sensors and devices used for surveillance and research missions, usually installed in the nose or in the bottom of the fuselage, are not disturbed by the propeller wake. The aircraft structure is made of fiber carbon and a lot of experience has been achieved around its design. In fact, the Sky Arrow has been the first all carbon-fiber aircraft to be certified for general aviation in the world. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES All carbon-fiber airframe issues Long life, sturdy and no corrosion Staggered tandem seating and side sticks Outstanding comfort Pushing configuration and wrap- Unparalleled outside visibility around canopy Rotax 912iS engine (auto-fuel) Hi-tech, low consumption Integral 112 l. wing tanks Over 3,20-hour endurance (standard) (650+ NM range)45 Magnaghi Aerospace Sky Arrow
  37. 37. Magnaghi Aeronautica Aircraft: Characteristics & Performances CHARACTERISTICS PERFORMANCE (@MTOW, sea level) Length 24.9 ft Take off distance (ground roll)580 ft Height 8.4 ft Take off distance over 50 ft obst. 1400 ft Wing span 31.5 ft Landing distance (ground roll) 425 ft Wing area 145 sq ft Landing distance over 50 ft obst. 670 ft Seats/arrangement 2-Tandem Rate of climb, sea level 840 fpm Engine type Rotax 912 S2 Fuel consumption (@ 75% power, s.l.) 4,9 gal/hr Engine power @ 5.800 RPM 98 Hp Service ceiling 13,500 ft Propeller Hoffmann, 2-blade, fixed pitch Cruise speed (@ 75% power, 6000 ft) 101 kts Max. gross weight (MTOW) 1,433 lbs Maximum Speed 105 kts Empty Weight 877 lbs Stall Speed (30 flaps DN) 40 kts Useful Load 556 lbs Endurance: (@ 75 % power, no res.) 5 h 20 Max Fuel capacity 18 gals Max range: (@ 75% power, no res.) 330 nm46 Magnaghi Aerospace Sky Arrow
  38. 38. Magnaghi Aeronautica Aircraft Missions Due to its design specifications and flying qualities, Sky Arrow is placed at the leading edge of aerial surveillance missions at medium-low altitude and speed. Magnaghi Aerospace is in position to provide a Multi-Role Aerial platform for Cost-Effective Missions, such as: A) ENVIROMENTAL MISSIONS • Low altitude Territory Monitoring Analysis & Research • Search for water and electrical energy leakages • Beach and coastal areas monitoring • Early detection of plant parasite damage • Defoliation damage assessment • Identification of waste discharge in water and land • Mapping of burnt areas and damage assessment • Crop monitoring • Water stress on crops - Crop disease assessment • Pollution detection in internal and coastal waters • Thermal energy waist monitoring during cold seasons • Electrical Lines control • Oil Pipelines Control47 Magnaghi Aerospace Sky Arrow