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State Of The Map 2008 Geo Planet Lightning Deck
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State Of The Map 2008 Geo Planet Lightning Deck


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Yahoo! GeoPlanet lightning deck, presented on July 2008, at State of the Map 2008 in Limerick, Eire.

Yahoo! GeoPlanet lightning deck, presented on July 2008, at State of the Map 2008 in Limerick, Eire.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Yahoo! GeoPlanet Gary Gale, Yahoo! Geo Technologies State Of The Map 2008, Limerick, Eire July 2008 Yahoo! Geo Technologies
    • 2. GeoPlanet Key Features Yahoo! Geo Technologies
      • GeoPlanet contains
        • ~6m named geo-permanent Places
      • GeoPlanet focuses on Place not Space
        • How people work with, and think of, location
      • GeoPlanet provides:
        • Unique, permanent reference: WhereOnEarth ID (WOEID)
        • REST API:
          • lookup by place name
          • lookup by WOEID
          • browse hierarchy, neighbours and relationships
        • Numerous languages, exonyms and vernacular names
    • 3. Thinking About Place vs. Space Yahoo! Geo Technologies
    • 4. The WOEID Hierarchy
      • Continents
      • Countries
      • Counties
      • Regions
      • Area Codes
      • Neighborhoods
      • ZIP/post codes
    • 5. 561536 … You Are Here 561536
    • 6. A Global Geographic Ontology … Robust Location Hierarchies & Relationships Yahoo! Geo Technologies National Super-Region DMA, MSA City Postal Code State Ventura Nevada Pacific Northwest 91101 90403 91776 91103 90025 91901 Pasadena Sierra Madre South Pas Temple City Alhambra Los Angeles California Pacific States USA Utah Arizona California Nevada Los Angeles Sacramento Fresno Baja San Francisco San Gabriel Glendale Burbank Santa Monica San Gabriel 23424977 23689940 2347563 2442047 2468964 12795911 Parent Region Adjacent Regions Child Region
    • 7. Examples
      • Find the WOEID of a significant landmark:'sydney%20opera%20house')
      • Resolve a WOEID to a place:
      • Find the WOEID of a specific place:'northfield%20mn%20usa')
      • Obtain a range of WOEIDs that match a given place, ordered by the most likely:'springfield');start=0;count=5
      • Find the parent of a given WOEID (and return a detailed record):
      • Return the Placename for a given WOEID in a specific language (where it exists):'usa')?lang=fr
      • To obtain the representation of a place in JSON format:
      • To obtain a list of geographies that neighbor a specific WOEID:
      • Note: all of these endpoints require a Yahoo! Appid. Get one here:
    • 8. GeoPlanet Hosted by YDN Yahoo! Geo Technologies
    • 9. Find Out More: Yahoo! Geo Technologies Gary Gale | Martin Barnes | Check it out : Get in touch : Find us: We’re at 23689631 and 2502265