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Open Location, presented June 2009 at the mashup* Being Digital event at the CBI Conference Centre, London

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  • The Internet is a geographic environment …
  • … servers in Seoul …
  • … can host information about downtown San Francisco …
  • … which is accessible from London.
  • Until recently, the inability to detect a precise user location, combined with the Internet's geographically independent topology, has frustrated the automated provision of highly local, georelevant information.
  • However, the advent of the proliferation of position/location enabled mobile devices, coupled with the latest technological innovation in determining a user's precise location, have created a singular opportunity in which content and advertising can be geographically focused on the user's immediate surroundings and delivered at the time they are most relevant.
  • Introduced by Tyler Bell at Where 2.0 in San Jose last month as part of the launch of GeoPlanet Data and Placemaker, Open Location is a Geo Technologies' ethos, served by the products and platforms we release, that stresses the need for open and accessible location data and the data is the most important thing there is in the location field.
  • As Andrew Scott, CEO of Rummble, so eloquently said in January of this year, “it’s all about the data, stupid”
  • ... We believe in an Open Location ecosystem that thrives on the movement of locations in-and-out of the system – agnostic to device or application, contrasting our approach to other players in the Mobile and LBS space, who take a 'roach motel' (they get in but they don't get out) approach to user location.
  • The tenets of the initiative focus on the ideas of Open Ownership, Open Control and Open Exchange
  • Open Ownership: users have control over their locations that we manage on their behalf; opting in, openness and transparency around this subject increase both use and trust.
  • Open Control: we will manage user-location centrally, not by device or platform; a location detected on a user's mobile phone will enhance geographically his online experience. A user therefore needs go only one place to manage how his location is consumed on the Internet.
  • Open Exchange: locations added to the Yahoo! network are made available off the Yahoo! network. We act as a location-enrichment center.
  • But we believe it’s the best way forward
  • mashup*, Being Digital, Open Location

    1. 1. Open Location Being Digital, June 9th, 2009 Gary Gale, Yahoo! Geo Technologies
    2. 2. The Internet is geographic … Caveman 92223 on Flickr : -2-
    3. 3. … servers in Seoul … Xoxoryan on Flickr : -3-
    4. 4. … serve content on San Francisco … Agrinberg on Flickr : -4-
    5. 5. … to users in London … -5-
    6. 6. “Where am I?” Alexanderdrachmann on Flickr : -6-
    7. 7. Location enabled mobile devices … Gothick_matt on Flickr : -7-
    8. 8. Open Location debuts at Where 2.0 Maitri on Flickr : -8-
    9. 9. It’s about the data Sigizmund on Flickr : -9-
    10. 10. Locations get in but they don’t get out … Erik98122 on Flickr : -10-
    11. 11. Open ownership, control and exchange … Mag3737 on Flickr : -11-
    12. 12. Open ownership … Wiccked on Flickr : -12-
    13. 13. Open control … Takomabibelot on Flickr : -13-
    14. 14. Open exchange … Sashafatcat on Flickr : -14-
    15. 15. Not everyone believes in open location… Thetruthabout on Flickr : -15-
    16. 16. Thank you for listening … -16-
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