Geo-intelligence Through Open Location


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Geo-intelligence Through Open Location; presented on July 11th. 2009 at State Of The Map '09 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  • Yahoo! and OpenStreetMap have a bit of history ….
  • We’ve helped OSM in the past … I think Steve C summed this up earlier as “Yahoo! imagery, infringed, royally” … but that’s OK as we’re all geo-friends here.And OSM have helped us … OSM tiles have been used to help geotagFlickr photos in Beijing, in Kabul and in Baghdad. Aaron, Flickr’s geo-engineering geo-genius may have touched on this in yesterday’s Keynote but just as a reminder of this, here’s Flickrgeotagging for Beijing before the use of OSM tile and here it is after we added OSM tiles.
  • So last year I did a lightning talk on our recently launchedGeoPlanet web service and mentioned the geoidentifier we call WOEIDs, which I may mention again later, but only once.
  • This year I could have talked about our recently launched Placemaker web service …
  • But I didn’t want to do a sales or a product pitch … but the last thing I wanted was for Steve or Nick to go all Fake Ed Parsons on me …So instead I’m going to talk about something a whole lot bigger and more challenging for all of us, I’m going to talk about open and about Yahoo!, about open and about OSM and open and about geo data.
  • Geo-intelligence Through Open Location

    1. Geo-Intelligence through Open LocationState of the Map, July 2009Gary Gale, Yahoo! Geo Technologies<br />
    2. Poolie on Flickr :<br />
    3.<br /><br />
    4. Open ownership, control and exchange …<br />Mag3737 on Flickr :<br />
    5. Locations get in but they don’t get out …<br />Erik98122 on Flickr :<br />
    6. Open ownership …<br />Wiccked on Flickr :<br />
    7. Open control …<br />Takomabibelot on Flickr :<br />
    8. Open exchange …<br />Sashafatcat on Flickr :<br />
    9. Not everyone believes in open location…<br />Thetruthabout on Flickr :<br />
    10. (Geo)Babel<br />Addresses:<br />Yahoo! Inc.<br />125 Shaftesbury Ave, London, WC2H 8AD, United Kingdom<br />R Fidencio Ramos, 195 - 12o andar, Sao Paulo, 04551-010, Brazil<br />Place Names:<br /><ul><li>Detroit, Michigan
    11. Sri Lanka
    12. The Bay Area
    13. L’Arc de Triomphe
    14. The British Museum</li></ul>Location Tokens:<br />IP Addresses:<br />Cell IDLAC: 20442/6015<br />Wifi Beacons: #c5243b212<br />Coordinates:<br />37°49′11″N 122°28′43″W<br />37.819722, -122.478611<br />37° 47′ 0″ S, 145° 7′ 30″ E-37.783333, 145.125<br />Identifiers:<br />OSM Way: 65606<br />OSM Way: 47811<br />WOEIDs<br />Nrbelex on Flickr :<br />
    15. 2010<br />
    16. DiyanaKamaruza on Flickr :<br />RosselAmanzo on Flickr :<br />Der Willy on Flickr :<br />
    17. Lost Star on Flickr :<br />A Geo Shopping List<br /><ul><li>Coverage and completeness
    18. What is complete?
    19. Data tag consistency
    20. Licensing
    21. Overenthusiastic contributors adding proprietary data
    22. Data Quality and Integrity
    23. Verification
    24. Bad data
    25. Duplicates
    26. Coordinate Data
    27. Centroids, Bounding Boxes, Vectors
    28. Post Codes, Phone Codes, etc
    29. Addresses</li></li></ul><li>The Future<br />Fleurdemur on Flickr :<br />
    30. Caveman 92223 on Flickr :<br />
    31. GuruAnt on Flickr :<br />
    32. Thank you for listening …<br /><br /><br /><br />
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