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In the present scenario, for any Doctor to be competitive and efficient it is necessary to automate his daily functions. RX Care is complete doctor management software which increases the competitiveness and efficiency of the Doctors by automating their daily administrative functions and let doctors’ focus on their patients completely.


As a Doctor, you routinely have to capture a large amount of information about your patient in order to provide good medical care .Medicine is a pen and paper intensive domain, where clinical history, examination findings, lab reports, scans, appointments all happen on paper. Paper get lost, misplaced, RX Care can help you manage your paper work more efficiently. RX Care can help you increase your productivity, by allowing you easy access instantly to all your patient´s medical records, no matter where you are!

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RxCare-Vibes Communications

  1. 1. SolutionforDoctors
  2. 2. Vibes Communications Pvt Ltd Vibes Communications – Introduction Our endeavour is to provide solutions and services to our clients which not only add value but also help them to run their business beyond the conventional ways. We support our clients by bringing in the most innovative yet simple solutions which help them to run their businesses better and increase profitability. Our solutions are an end result of focused research & analysis coupled with the essence that they should be simple to use. RxCare Medicine is the most critical and challenging profession of all. In today’s world, people are getting more health conscious and want to live a healthy life. Doctors play a major role for an individual’s well being. Today, when everything is technology oriented and the medical profession h as grown by leaps and bounds, doctors, at their personal front should have a software which keeps them aligned to the technology being used in specialty hospital. Vibes Communication makes this possible with Rx Care!technology consulting for an end to end solution 2|P ag e
  3. 3. Vibes Communications Pvt Ltd Features of RxCare Use Case for Doctor: 1. Registration of Patient. 2. Appointment Schedule/Reschedule & Sequence Number Generation. 3. Doctor attending patient as per schedule. 4. Capturing prescription-disease, symptoms, medicine & diet. 5. Billing & Receipt 6. Medical Certificate and Consent 7. Scheduling Future Visit 8. Capturing partner visit by patient in patient history. 9. Maintain patient database, disease/symptoms/prescription knowledgebase. 10. Flexibility of creating services as per Specialization 11. Report Generation Action associated with each Use Cases Registration of Patient 1. Create New Patient record 2. Edit/Delete patient record 3. Search Patient by: name/age/location/disease/blood group 4. View Patient record 5. SMS alerts to patients for Appointments Reminders.technology at work for you 3|P ag e
  4. 4. Vibes Communications Pvt LtdAppointment Schedule & Sequence Number Generation 1. Create New Appointment 2. Edit Appointment 3. View Appointment 4. Inform Patient about schedule over the SMS a. SMS Text if pre feeded and it goes on the Doctor’s/Clinic’s name to have a better ‘connect’ to a patient. b. SMS Reminders if Appointment is of future dateDoctor attending patient as per schedule 1. View Patient History 2. View Disease & Related Symptoms from Database 3. View Medication related to disease from symptomsCapturing blood group, prescription, disease, symptoms,medicine & diet for patient 1. Add prescribed medicines and patient symptoms 2. Add details w.r.t blood group, food, allergies 3. Medicine Database is populated as per the Alphabet as soon as Doctor enters some Alphabet. 4. View & Print Complete appointment action on Doctor’s Letterhead built on the simple framework of Customer Retention4|P ag e
  5. 5. Vibes Communications Pvt LtdBilling & Receipt Generation 1. Generate Patient’s Bill & Receipt 2. View Patient’s Bill & Receipt 3. Search Old Bills 4. Patient Tagging with BillMedical Certificate & Consent Signing 1. Generating & Tracking Medical Certificate for Patients on a single click. 2. Taking the signature from Patient on Consent Form and tracking through search.flexible solutions for your business needs5|P ag e
  6. 6. Vibes Communications Pvt LtdScheduling future visit 1. Add details for future visit: Date & Time 2. Add test and procedures to be conducted before the visit 3. View Future Appointments 4. Perform follow up with patient via SMS for appointmentCapturing partner visit by patient in patient history 1. Add details w.r.t referring to other Doctor/Pathology/Radiology Lab 2. Add/attach report details in patients profile 3. View details w.r.t referring to other Doctor/Pathology/Radiology Lab on Daily/Weekly & Monthly basis 4. Print all the referrals doctor/ radiology centre wiseMaintain patient database, disease/symptoms/prescriptionknowledgebase 1. Manage patient’s prescriptions 2. Diagnose patient as per past prescriptions 3. Add Symptoms, Medicine, Medical Test and Precaution etc for each disease 4. Search facility based on Symptoms/ Medicine/ Medical Test / Precaution and showing rest of the related results connecting your business to the technology resources you need6|P ag e
  7. 7. Vibes Communications Pvt LtdFlexibility of Adding Services, Medicines, Bill Items,Partners as per Specialization 1. Doctor can add all of the above as per specializations. This product is very generic and can be flexible all across specializations.Report Generation 1. Daily Visits Report (Weekly/Monthly) 2. Business Intelligence Reports 3. Partner Reconciliation Reports 4. Services Cost ReportsContact us:Vibes Communications Pvt Ltdwww.vibescom.in, www.rxcare.co.inadmin@rxcare.co.in+91 120 4101680 determined to serve…7|P ag e