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RxCare - A Patient Record Management System that caters to agony areas for a Doctor such as Managing Patient Records, Appointment Scheduling, Prescription Management, Managing Partners & a simplified billing.

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  1. 1. You need IT !
  2. 2. Why RxCare? • To retain your existing clients• RxCare is a Tool especially • To establish a “personal touch” with the designed keeping in mind the patients Doctors’ needs. • Key benefits to the Doctors• The key highlights of RxCare  Maintain & Manage Patients Information  Simple to use  Manage time efficiently  Affordable  Multi User support  Robust  Manage referrals  Send SMS using your own Name  Billing & Receipt Generation  Analytical Reports Built on the fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management “CRM”; RxCare helps Doctors in sustaining a Relationship with his / her Patients
  3. 3. Your time is Precious… Scheduling Appointments  Send SMS to Patients Using your own Name (eg LM- Dr Gupta)  Establish a personal connection with the Patients LM-Dr GUPTA Dear Amit, your appointmentKnow your has been scheduled for daily / weekly 04/02/2011 with Dr Gupta at 11:00 hour appointmentsSchedule/ Reschedule / Cancel appointments Sends SMS to the patients for their next appointment. Option to remind patients on the day of the appointment
  4. 4. Establish a personal touch…Address your patients with their name Built on the fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management “CRM”; RxCare helps Doctors in sustaining a Relationship with his / her Patients
  5. 5. You Care…. Enquire about well being of past illness Any 24 Jun 2011 18.10 Service: Consultancy Report, X- Ray, Image etc. can be attached Typical Patient behavior Dr Gupta Continue same drug, Refer to Surgeon” Dear Doctor, You prescribed me a medicine last time. Itwas great…Can you prescribe the same one again.. I do not have the last prescription/ and also don’t remember the medicine name”
  6. 6. Billing & Receipt Generation…. Enquire about well being of past illness Generate receiptsGenerate bills
  7. 7. Efficient Management…. View ReportsBlood GroupAppointmentsPartner ListPartner ReconciliationRegistered PatientsPatients ProfilePeriodic AppointmentsPrescription DetailService Cost Report Track your Track Partner services cost Referrals
  8. 8. Why you need IT How RxCare helps you  Retain your existing Clients  Establish a personal connection  To keep your self updated with the Patient  Improve your Efficiency  Organize your self better  Increase Productivity  Manage Your patients  Increase visibility on the  Manage your Partners Internet (Pathologies/ Doctors/ Hospital) RxCare : An Overview RxCare Highlights Key Features Easy to use  Patient Information & Management Simplistic design  Appointment Scheduler Robust IT Architecture  Pathology / Hospital / Medical SMS at a click Store referrals management Multi User support  Billing/ Receipt  Intelligent Analytical Reports
  9. 9. Contact Us Email rxcare@vibescom.in Call 0120 - 4101680 Online Visibility www.rxcare.co.in Corporate Website www.vibescom.in• Visit our Medical Information website for Patients; and Professional Networking forum for Doctors www.rxcare.co.in Register now and get visibility online http://drsamitbanerji.rxcare.co.in http://drtarana.rxcare.co.in