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  • In oposite to real, having new TV baby has many advantages – you know from the beggining, how your new offspring should behave and which sort of friends he or she should choose. When you hear from yours CEO enthusiastic note: lets have a new TV, he/she must give you information, you need – and the rest is on you…
  • how many of us have already experienced the ups and downs of having new tv baby born? We are pround to bring to market 2 heatlhy babies – rebeling green boy and well behaving pink baby girl
  • Looks short? It is, but in fact, its all you need to start… the rest will come. Programme highlights help, but you know yours programming guys, they are same as you – still tunning the concept so better dont wait and start drafting concepts. And test them.
  • Testing concepts is a great opportunity but be aware – results can bite. From time to time you just have to be brave. On the end you are the one who is responsible for results of new TV launch.
  • To avoid any possible failure, work with the best possible people you can afford. The usually do not cost much, have a lot of fresh ideas and when you are lucky and find the right bunch of people, they will give their heart into the project. Both our new channels were prepared together with studio Oficina. And both of them won their piece of Promax.
  • As you will see in a minute, cool is prooving everyday that punk is not dead. 2D and typography? In 2009? Bingo!
  • Never underestimate the power of having fun…
  • Or Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris
  • Nothing is saint. Especially Xmas…
  • In case of prima LOVE even the name is composed from key brand attributes…
  • Girls want to have some fun too…
  • Girls want to have some fun too…
  • Sometimes help is needed.
  • Having more babies is good for healthy economics….
  • Never underestimate the power of having fun…
  • Economically active „kid“ can help to pay out a bit of costs of houshold: could bring some money back in merchanfising and subleting of the license fee. As well current teenager keeps its bu low thanks to beeing very active at social media networks…
  • So. When the big day is approaching, remember all the fun you had in the beginning – and never fear to ask for help. Professionals.
  • It would never work so well without great support of all management team of Prima group.
  • Czech family album

    1. 1. Have fun bringigng new brands to life
    2. 2. What about having… a new TV? OK, get ready: - learning yours TA habits and language - spying out programming details - preparing new and new concepts - throwing them away and preparing new ones - increasing coffee addiction - long and passionate creative meetings - usually very short pregnancy - kids costs money!
    3. 3. PRIMA Group CZ family album PRIMA Prima COOL Prima LOVE PRIMA age: 17yrs size: 20,25 % share in 15+ Family type Prima COOL age: 2,5 yrs size: 5,08 % share in 15-54 Exagerrating rebel in green Prima LOVE age: 7 months size: 1,93 % share in 15-54 Next door good looking friend
    4. 4. Prima COOL Channelprofile Prima LOVE channelprofile Primary target group: M25-34 Wider Targetgroup: A15-54 Programming: • Young, slightly male skewed Schedule structure: • Schedule based onacquisitions with frequent use of rerunsandfast reruns Content: • Action, Adrenaline,Sci-fi, Reality, Fun, Crazy Comedy,Sport PrimaryTarget group: F 20-40 WiderTargetgroup: A15-54 Programming: • romantic, female skewed Schedule structure: •Schedule based on acquisitions with frequent use of reruns and fast reruns Content: •Romance in a milion ways,telenovelas, sitcoms, classy soap operas,comedies
    5. 5. Take the best! DNA counts… Do as much as you can with yours seniors – yours trust will motivate them to jump over any fence on the road. Find best external creative talents – and make them part of yours team. Do not waste time with big fishes – young and smalls are much more hungry for adrenalin and success! Have fun all together – be sure viewers will notice and appreciate it later. And not just them…
    6. 6. Prima COOL unlimited ›TVfor people, who, infact, hatewatching TV › Most original and creative TVbrand built on ironyand having fun. Fun at any price. ›Typhografyas a keybranding element. › Uniquestation voice (our speaker is sooo cool!)
    7. 7. PrimaLOVE branding with passion Key words: Láska(LOVE) Osud (Destiny) Vztahy (Relationships) Emoce (Emotions)
    8. 8. Share trends Czech FTA market groups Zdroj dat: ATO-MEDIARESEARCH 95% 100% 118% 104% 97% 91% 93% 97% 88% 80% 90% 100% 110% 120% 1.pol 2009 1.pol 2010 1.pol 2011 indexshareD15+(1.H2008=100%) Skupina Prima Nova+Nova Cinema Skupina ČT
    9. 9. Great help from small ones increasing bonding Small channels launches changed channel bonding Nova group significantly lost most loyal viewers Launches of new channels shifted loyal Nova viewers to Prima and ČT groups Even Prima lost part of loyal viewers as well as Nova, in total Prima group has almost the same number of most loyal viewers as Nova Group (30:32 %) Brand dynamics study – Czech TV Market, summer 2012 % Key TV brand groups bonding development Prima group Nova group ČT group Others 30% 32% 26% 12% 23% 48% 19% 10%
    10. 10. Prima COOL teenager › brand succes story: newline of streatwear (represent) energydrink in proces of development FB most effective communication channel
    11. 11. Like a real pregnancy… most fun you have on a real beginning: enjoy every second!!! Thanks for attention