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Viafo investor pitch deck 2012
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Viafo investor pitch deck 2012


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Viafo's Pitch Deck for Angel List

Viafo's Pitch Deck for Angel List

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Introducing ViafoPowering the SoMoLo App Economy
  • 2. ‘SoMoLo’ all things digital are becoming Mobile all things mobile are becoming Social all things social are becoming Local Thom Gruhler, Global Managing Partner, Telecom & Technology, McCann Worldgroup
  • 3. What We Do Make it easy for Brands, Publishers, OEMs and Developers to integrate Web Services like Social Networks with their Apps and manage these App-Service integrations more efficiently
  • 4. Why Customers Need Viafo • Apps are becoming the primary digital consumer touch point • Integrating Services is key to driving engagement & reducing churn • Managing multiple services in diverse regions across multiple platforms is expensive and time consuming. • Viafo dramatically reduces costs by simplifying management, speeding up development and accelerating time to market;
  • 5. Client ROI • With Viafo, multiple Services can be integrated for the cost of a single Service • Integration to 2 Services = 1X savings • Major Players typically integrate at least 3 Services on 3 devices =4X or more savings
  • 6. How It Works • Customers integrate their App, just once, with the Viafo Services Gateway • Using Web Based Management, Customers can add, control and manage the different services, view ‘In App’ insight, etc…
  • 7. Who Needs It • Media Companies, Retailers, Developers, Agencies, Platform Developers, Carriers and OEMS • Anybody building an app, mobile web app or connected application for phones, tablets, TVs or cars • This is projected to be a $17bn market in 2012
  • 8. How We Make Money • Media Companies, Retailers pay Service fees for using the gateway • App Developers can access a free limited use version. • Platform Developers, Carriers and OEM’s are Co- Marketing Partners
  • 9. What We Need • Capital to accelerate our growth in new market • $500,000 to build on the success since Q3 2011 launch • We will: – Build a larger Full Time engineering team – Do more marketing activities – Grow our sales team
  • 10. Progress to Date • Launched our V1 product • Gained Nokia, Samsung, Scanbuy, Pepper and others as paying customers • Generated $140,000 in revenues in H2 2011 after Q3 launch of gateway • Goal: $400,000 in H1 2012
  • 11. Financials and Exit $16,000,000 • Current Burn Rate $14,000,000 $12,000,000 $48,000, growing to $10,000,000 $85,000 post funding Sales $8,000,000 Operating Costs $6,000,000 • Revenue target EBITDA $4,000,000 2012, $1,100,000 $2,000,000 growing to $13,000,000 $- 2012 2013 2014 2015 $(2,000,000) in 2015 • Multiple viable exit scenarios, including early acquisition by one of the current Cloud, API infrastructure, Connected Device OS or Mobile Platform Providers
  • 12. Contact Us TodaySeattle – David O’Neill +1 206 972 1140 david@viafo.comBay Area – Fred Chieux +1 512 577 4653