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  • 1. 5 Ways We Look at Art
  • 2. 5 Ways We Look at ART:Sensory: Elements of ArtFormal: Principles of ArtTechnical: Media and Execution of ArtExpressive: Emotion/Mood of the ArtReflection of Society
  • 3. TechnicalTechnical refers to two major parts,Media and Execution: Media: What material is the artist using to create this work of art? Drawing, painting, wood, silkscreen, intaglio, clay, etc.
  • 4. Two Dimensional Media Fresco OilPastel Printmaking Watercolor
  • 5. TechnicalExecution: Execution refers to how skillfully the artist renders his work of art. Some painters, such as Hans Holbein or Jan Van Eyck paid excellent attention to detail, and this artwork is very well executed. Other artists, don’t render their artwork as realistically, but it better fits their style and their purpose for executing the work.
  • 6. Execution: RealisticHans Holbein Jan Van Eyck
  • 7. Execution: StylizedJacob Lawrence Henri Rousseau
  • 8. ExpressiveExpression is an important part of art.Some art is designed to be more emotional,while other art is designed to be moreintellectual.Creating a mood or an emotion is one of theprimary purposes of art. Everyone’sreaction will be different because everyoneis drawing from their own differentbackgrounds.
  • 9. EmotionFrancisco Goya, The Third of May, 1808
  • 10. Reflection of SocietyArt reflects life. Therefore, by studyingart of different cultures and times, wecan understand a lot about their way oflife. Art can reflect philosophy, religion,or simple daily life.
  • 11. Egypt: Book of the Dead
  • 12. Pieter Bruegel: Peasant Painter