Social Media For the FMCG Industry- FMCG and social media


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FMCG Companies In The Social Media Era Need To Pay Close Attention To Their Customers

With the power of social media at their disposal, the behavior of consumers in the FMCG market has changed permanently. Shoppers use social media to research products and prices, review options, seek recommendations, etc. FMCG companies who are implementing a social media strategy need to listen closely to consumers to find out how they can strengthen bonds between brands and customers. In an insightful look at the opportunities for FMCG companies in the era of social media marketing, Brands must engage with their market, reach out to customers, find out their needs, and directly connect with them. Marketing activities should be a part of customers’ lives: connect with them wherever they go, ask questions, and get ideas.

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Social Media For the FMCG Industry- FMCG and social media

  1. 1. FMCG AND SOCIAL MEDIADecember 2010 Analysis of the eight most valuable *Interbrand Swiss brands* in the FMCG industry: (2009) How do they use social media? 1  
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS An  introduction  to  Social  Media   in  the  FMCG  industry..........................pag.  3                                          Best  and  worst  practices.....pag.  20                                                                                                                                                                                         Methodology...........................................pag.  4                                          Conclusions...............................pag.  21 Nescafè......................................................pag.  5-­‐6 Nestlè.........................................................pag.  7-­‐8 Lindt...........................................................pag.  9-­‐10 Nespresso.................................................pag.  11-­‐12 Migros........................................................pag.  13-­‐14 Coop............................................................pag.  15-­‐16 Ricola..........................................................pag.  172   Ovomaltine...............................................pag.  18-­‐19
  3. 3. An introduction to social media in the FMCG industry FMCG   (fast   moving   consumer   goods)   is   a   A   company   should  always  keep  in  mind  that   in   category  of   products   characterized   by  frequent   a  social  media  perspective  CUSTOMERS  are  the   purchase   and   usually   low   price.   We   consider   center   of   the   world.   It   is   about   their   value   FMCG  those  like  food,  toiletry,  and  so  on.   system,  not  the  companies’. As   a   brand,   what  you   absolutely  want   to   avoid   is   the   idea  of  commoditization,   which  basically   When   it   comes   to   social   media,   FMCG   means   having   a   category   of   products   companies   rely   on   an   approach   based   on   considered   all   the   same,   with   price   and   only   experience   and   entertainment   for   the   price  as  the  discriminating  variable. customers.   But   this  does  not  mean  taking  them   FMCG  companies  have  therefore  always   tried  to   for   stupids.   Customers   must   perceive   quality   be  more  creative   and  innovative  than   the  rest.   content.   Being   simplistic   is   not   he   same   as   The  entire   discipline  of  marketing,  for  example,   being  clear.  People  hate  to  be  treated  as  idiots. owns   a   lot   to   FMCS.   If   it   might   be   easy   to   Increasingly,   FMCG   companies   are   shifting   to   market   an   innovative,   wonderful   laptop,   the   social   media   platforms   to   gain   competitive   same  does   not  apply  to   some  common  washing   advantages.   There   was  a  time  in  which  brands   powder,   or   a   bar   of   chocolate   that   looks   (and   seemed   to   be   the   de_initive   solution   to   avoid   maybe   is)   exactly   as   one   thousand   of   other   commoditization   of  products.   Now   branding  is   ones.  And  maybe  it  even  costs  more. not  enough.   There  is  a   need  of  something  more.   That   is   why   many   FMCG   saw   a   huge   Social   media   might   be   a   good   platform   from   opportunity  in  Social  Media.   where  to  start.     Going  there  because   everybody  else  is  going  is   not   a   good   reason.   Social   media   are   THE  TREND increasingly   becoming   an   essential   tool   to   “We’ve   moved   away   from   TV   and   print   establish   contacts  with  customers   and   be  able   towards  online”   t o   e n g a g e   a n d   m a i n t a i n   a   va l u a b l e   Leone  Ashby,  skincare  brand  manager  for  Kao. relationship. This   is   the   trend   FMCG   companies   are   Several  are  the  advantages  offered:   following.   The   expectation   is   that   we   will   -­‐ Better  understanding  of  customers; witness   a   steadily   growth   of   investments   on   -­‐ Possibility   of   collecting   real   and   valuable   social   media,   with   an   exponential   growth   of   feedback; relevance  of  social  media  platforms. -­‐ Immediacy  and  speed  of  communication; -­‐ Possibility  of  getting  a   rich  understanding   FMCG   still   rely   very   much   on   traditional   of  problematic   issues,   or  bad  WOM  (word   strategies   (consider  that  more  than  60%  of  the   of  mouth)  before  it  is  too  late;   budget   expenditures   are   invested   on   TV   -­‐ Communicate   events,   promotions,   special   campaigns)*,   but   social  media   are  growing  fast,   offers,  new  launches; and   are   opening   a   world   of   opportunities.   -­‐ ENGAGE  PEOPLE  in  an  emotional  way; Nevertheless,   they   need   to   be   well   integrated   -­‐ Generate   buzz,   viral,   and   advocates   (the   into   a   consistent   and   holistic   marketing   best   kind   of   advertising   that   a   company   strategy.  As   a  standalone  social  media   will   just   may  desire,   because  it  is  among  peers  and   mean  very  little.   thus  more  credible); -­‐ Give   people   something   to   talk   about,   *  Smith,  Nicola,  2010.  FMCG  brands,  Newmediaage,  January  7.   making  them  feel  important.­‐brands/3008309.article The  following  report  deals  with  the  social   media  strategies   employed  by  the  eight  Swiss  most   valuable  brands  in  the  FMCG  industry  (Interbrand  2009).   The   analysis   will   be   carried   out   on   the   basis   of   their   use   of   social   media   tools,   social   characteristics  and  engagement  level  on  the  interested  channels.3  
  4. 4. METHODOLOGY followed in the report The   goal   of   our   report   is   to   analyse   the   usage   of   social   percentage  of   replies  to  customer  complaints.  For  the   media  tools   for   the   eight   most   valuable   Swiss   brands   in   same  reason  as  above,  we  only  considered  posts. the  FMCG  industry  (according  to  interbrand  2009).   4) Innovation:   as   an   indicator   of   innovation   we   Since   Facebook   is   the   only   social   media   which   is   computed   the   percentage   of   active   users   that   supported  by  all  the  companies,  we  used  this  platform  as   proposed   service   or   product   improvements.   Users   a   main   base   for   our   comparison.   In   addition   we   also   who  are  posting  were  considered  being  active.   analysed  Twitter  and  YouTube   as  far  as   there  were  ofQicial   5) Brand   Engagement:   we   took   the   number   of   pages  supported  by  the  examined  brands. channels   in   which   the   company   is   present   as   an   To   cope   with   the   huge   amount   of   available   posts   and   indicator   for   brand   engagement.   The   indicators   for   comments,   we   decided   to   limit   the   analysis   to   the   time   communication   leadership   have   also   a   certain   span   of   one   month,   which   was   in   our   case   November.   explanatory  power  for  the  brand  engagement. Generalizations   to   longer   periods   of   time   might   be   6) Communication   Leadership:  here,  we  had  a  look  at   possible,   but   we   could   not   determine   whether   the   the  number  of   posts  by  the  company  and  we  checked   variables  are  constant  over  time,  or  if  they  are  deviating.   if  the  company  does  offer  free  content. We   only   considered   the   ofQicial   pages,   since   it   is   where   7) Linking   value:  to  evaluate  the  linking  value  the  page   the   companies   try  to  moderate,  inQluence  and/or  actively   has   for   its   users,   we   calculated   the  percentage  user   support   the   conversation   with   the   consumers   and   posts  which  were  answered  by  other  users. amongst  them.   8) Other  additional   information:  we  observed  which   Users   are   considered   to   be   future,   present   or   past   page   boxes   were  available  to   users   and  if  there   were   consumers  of  the  brands,  that  is  why   users  are  also  called   applications.   consumers  or  customers  in  this  report. 9) General  Goals:  we   tried  to   estimate  the  general  goal   To   evaluate  the   usage  of  social  media,   we  tried   to  specify   of   the   speciQic   pages.   Of   course   this   point   is   just   a   the  variables   “dialog”,  “advocacy”,  “support”,  “innovation”,   general   estimation   and   only   the   company   itself   “brand   engagement”,   “leadership”   and   “linking   value”   knows  the  real  goal  of  their  page.   using  the  following  indicators: To   analyse   the   other   social   media   platforms,   namely   1) Dialog:   in   order   to   quantify   the   dialog   between   YouTube,   Twitter,   Flicker,   Migipedia,   and   discussion   company  and  consumers,  we   counted  the  number   of   forums   we   used   the   same   framework   as   above   but   ofQicial   pages,   the   number   of   “likes”,   the   used   applied   it   in  a   more   qualitative   manner.   Our   analysis   is   languages,   the   number   of   consumers   posting   and   not   so   speciQic   in   those   cases,   but   we   observe   data   in   commenting. general.   2) Advocacy:   to   have   a   measure   for   advocacy,   we   calculated   the   ratio   of   positive   posts   over   negative   posts  posted  by   users.   We  decided  to  only  take  posts   into  consideration   since  it   is   the   stronger  expression   of   someone’s   opinion   if   he   or   she   decides   that   that   The brands are ordered according to their opinion  is  worth  a  post. classification in the study of the 3) Support:     we  calculated  the  percentage   of  company   “Switzerland 40 most valuable brands” elaborated by Interbrand (2009) answers   to   direct   questions   posed  by   users   and   the  4  
  5. 5. Nescafé   is   a   brand  of   Nestlé,   representing   with  $   12.753  millions   the  most   valuable   brand   of   Switzerland   and   the   world’s   leading   coffee  brand.   Nescafé   is   known   for   its   instant   coffee.   It   provides   a   large  product  range  from  the  classic  Nescafé  stepping  into  Cappuccinos,  Latte  Macchiatos   and   iced   beverages.   Besides   instant   coffee,   Nestlé  introduced   Nescafé   Dolce   Gusto,   which   offers   single   cup   coffee  machines   with   corresponding   coffee   capsules   and   Nescafé   Xpress  including  coffee  to  go,  to  be  found  in  supermarkets  and  at  gas  stations. Dialogue Nr.  Of  total  ofQicial  pages 1 Pages  Nr  of  likes 893.644 Pages  Languages at  least  7 Number  of  Posts  on  the  Wall 270 Number  of  comments  on  the  wall 562 Advocacy Ratio  of  positive  messages  over  negative  messages  by  users  (only  for   107/3  =  35.67 posts) Support %  of  answers  to  direct  questions  (only  to  posts) 0% %  of  replies  to  customer  complaints  (only  to  posts) 0% Innovation Absolut  number  of  users  that  propose  service/product  improvements 11 %  of  users  that  propose  service/product  improvements 0,01% Brand  Engagement/ Nr.  of  channels  used 5 Social  presence Communication   Number  of  Posts  on  the  wall  by  the  company 7 Leadership Number  of  comments  on  the  wall  by  the  company 3 offers  free  content? Yes:  Videos,  Fotos Linking  Value %  of  users  who  discuss  with  their  peers  using  the  brand  related  social   16  of  270  =  6% media  spaces Other  additional   What  kind  of  boxes  are  available? Wall,  Info,  Photos,   information Youtube,  Twitter,   Notes,  Links,   Video,  My  Flickr,   Discussions,  Poll,   Events Type  of  applications? Youtube,  Twitter,   Flickr To   learn   what   customers   are   talking   about,   encourage   customers   to   talk   about   the   brand,   adver7se,  counter  rumours,  handle  complaints,  promote  new  offers  and  compe77ons General  goals  of  the   Nescafé   gets   a   lot   of   people   to   engage   themselves   by   expressing   themselves   on   the   Nescafé   Facebook  page Facebook   page.   But   they   do   get   hardly   any   ques7ons/complaints   or   ideas   by   their   customers,   which   would   be  good   sources  of   informa7on.  Nescafé  also   fails  to   get   customers  to   talk  to  each   other.  They  are  only  pos7ng  but  rarely  answering  to  other  users  posts.  
  6. 6. NESCAFÉ OTHER Nescafé Dolce- Twitter Flickr YoutubeSOCIAL MEDIA Gusto.ususers reached 353 pageviews/day Follower: 1150 Following depends: found: Min: 87, 70 Max: 105039% of users active 45 posts 11 tweets Comments: depends on the video: minimum: 0 (and 2 likes it, 0 don’t), max: 57 (and 87 like it, 1 don’t like comments)% of positive WOM 12/45=26.67% 1-way depends on each direct comments on the individual video page by others, all of them were positive% of negative WOM 1/45=2.2% 0% depends on each individua video% of users rceived reply 1/45=2.2% Nescafé retweeted once No interaction% of users proposed solutions 7/45=15.56% proposed 0% No interactionetc (co-creation) improvementNr. of channels used 5 5 5 5brand manages communities Yes: Online Community Retweets, special offers, Nescafé offers No direct contact betweendirectly? information, provides photostreams, shows employees and links to Nescafé videos favourite pictures that consumers, only video were uploaded by dissemination, creative members ads etc for people to send to their friends themselvesoffers free content? Articles, Recipe pairings, RSS Feed of Nescafé Only upload of pictures Commercial videos Coffee Style Quiz, Polls, tweets by other members Special offersfree entertainment No No No Advertising
  7. 7. Nestlé   S.A   is   the   biggest   company   in   the   world   in   producing  consumer-­‐packaged   goods   and  offering  a   most   diverse  range   of  products.     The   company   was   founded   in   1866   in   Switzerland,  Vevey,   where   is   still   based.   As   one   of   the   leading   wellness   and  nutrition  companies,  Nestlé   has  6,000  brands  present  in  different  markets   and   offers   a   range  of   products   (such   as   coffee,   bottled  water,  chocolate,  ice  cream,   frozen  and  refrigerated  food,  pet  food  etc.),  which  are  sold  all  around  the  world.  In  order  to  maintain  its  brand,  the  company  constantly  innovates  its  product  lines.   source: wikipedia Dialogue Nr.  Of  total  ofQicial  pages 1 Pages  Nr  of  likes 149.618 Pages  Languages 1-­‐7 Number  of  Posts  on  the  Wall 133 Number  of  comments  on  the  wall 237 Advocacy ratio  of  positive  messages  over  negative  messages  by  users  (only  for   29/16  =  1,812 posts) Support %  of  answers  to  direct  questions  (only  to  posts) 1  of  10  =  10% %  of  replies  to  customer  complaints  (only  to  posts) 0 Innovation Absolut  number  of  users  that  propose  service/product  improvements 1  out  of  133 %  of  users  that  propose  service/product  improvements 0,75 Brand  Engagement/ Nr.  of  channels  used 5 Social  presence Communication   Number  of  Posts  on  the  wall  by  the  company 6 Leadership Number  of  comments  on  the  wall  by  the  company 3 offers  free  content? Yes:  photos Linking  Value %  of  users  who  discuss  with  their  peers  using  the  brand  related  social   27,30% media  spaces Other  additional   What  kind  of  boxes  are  available? Wall,  Info,   information Discussions,   Notes,  Boxes   (Discussion   Board,  Favorite   Pages,  Links) Type  of  applications? None General  goals  of  the   To  allow  Nestle  to  make  consumers  aware  of  company  news,  product  innovation,  and   Facebook  page special  offers  and  to  allow  followers  a  free  space  to  share  thoughts  on  the  brand.
  8. 8. MIGROS OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA Youtube Flickr Linkedin Twitter Dialogue users reached Depends: Min: 135; 23,739 Followers 3,140 Followers Max : 3773 % of users active Depends on the 15 activeinnovation. video: min comments: 0; max comments: 4; max likes: 7; max dislikes: 1 Advocacy % of positive WOM All postivie - only One way promotions or job communication only serve  as  a  platform  for  employees. changes listed - written by Nestle % of negative WOM Support % of users rceived No interactivity, no No interactivity, no No requests No interactivity, no reply answers answers answers ADDITIONAL  INFORMATION  AND  GENERAL  STATISTICS:   Innovation % of users proposed No interactivity, so No interactivity, so No interactivity, so No interactivity, so solutions etc (co- no direct contact no direct contact no direct contact no direct contact creation) with employees or with employees or with employees or with employees or the brand the brand the brand the brand Brand Engagement/ Nr. of channels used 2 1 1 1 Social presence Communication brand manages No direct contact, No direct contact, Yes Yes - complete inform  consumers  about  future  plans,  products,  results,  production  and  R&D  activities.   Leadership communities only video only company`s control over tweets directly? dissemination for photo dissemination consumers (they can for consumers send the videos to their friends) FLICKR:  62  photo  sets.  Used  to  share  company’s  photos  about  new  products,  production  lines,  forums,  etc. offers free content? Yes, Videos Yes,Photos No RSS Feeds   YOUTUBE:   149  subscribers,  4.598  channel  views,  14  total  uploaded  videos,  12.815   total  upload   views.  Used  to  TWITTER:   3.140  followers,  14  tweets  in  November.   Used   to   display  newsworthy  company  events  and   product   LINKEDIN:   27.739   followers,   18.043   employees   on   it.   Used   to   display  company   information,   history  and   to   free entertainment Yes, Videos No No
  9. 9. Lindt   &   Sprüngli   is   recognized   in   the   market   for   high   quality  chocolate,   offering   a   wide   range   of   products   in   more   than   100  countries  all  over  the  world.  Founded   in   1845,   Lindt   &   Sprüngli   currently   counts   six  production  sites   in   Europe,   two   in   the   US   and   distribution  and  sales   companies   on   four   continents.   Since   1986,   the   shares   of  Chocoladefabriken   Lindt   &   Sprungli   AG   are   listed   on   the   Swiss  stock  exchange. Dialogue Nr.  Of  total  ofQicial  pages 14 Pages  Nr  of  likes 682.240 Pages  Languages 5 Number  of  Posts  on  the  Wall 71 Number  of  comments  on  the  wall 415 Advocacy ratio  of  positive  messages  over  negative  messages  by  users  (only  for   62/1   posts) Support %  of  answers  to  direct  questions  (only  to  posts) 0  of  0 %  of  replies  to  customer  complaints  (only  to  posts) 0  of  0 Innovation Absolut  number  of  users  that  propose  service/product  improvements 0  of  71 %  of  users  that  propose  service/product  improvements 0% Brand  Engagement/ Nr.  of  channels  used 5 Social  presence Communication   Number  of  Posts  on  the  wall  by  the  company 9 Leadership Number  of  comments  on  the  wall  by  the  company 0 offers  free  content? Yes:  Photos,   Events,  Links  to   other  ofQicial   pages Linking  Value %  of  users  who  discuss  with  their  peers  using  the  brand  related  social   0 media  spaces Other  additional   What  kind  of  boxes  are  available? Wall,Info,  Photos,   information Events,  Notes,   Worldwive Type  of  applications? no  apps  available General  goals  of  the   Promote   and   advertise   new   products,   keep   members   updated,   inform   followers   about   Facebook  page upcoming  events,  share  the  latest  news  related  to  Lindt  World.Lindt  provides  fourteen  ofQicial  pages  on  Facebook,   and  six  upcoming  ones.  Each  page  refers  to  a  speciQic  country  Lindt  is  present   in.  “Share  your  passion   for  chocolate”  is   the   motto  for   attracting  users  on  Facebook.   The  page   that   features   the  majority   of   the   followers   is   the   Italian   one.   Page   members   are   pretty   active   in   writing   posts   on   the   page   wall.   Their  principal  purpose  is  to  share  their  positive  opinions  about  speciQic  products.  In  fact,  no  negative  comments  are  present.  The  company  doesn’t  reply  to   fans’  comments  but   is  very   active  in  promoting  new  products  through  photo  albums/posts  and  upcoming  events  through  an  “Event”  section.
  10. 10. Dialogue users reached Follower: 945, Following 924 74 registered users, 3492 (visualisations ???) channel visualizations, 703557 total loading visualizations % of users active 113 tweets in November (84 Comments: depends on the of them as answer) video: minimum: 1 (and 3 likes it, 0 don’t), max: 277 (and 896 like it, 23 don’t like comments) Advocacy % of positive WOM 1-way depends on the video direct comments on the page by others (all anwers referred actively to positive tweets) % of negative WOM 1-way none direct comments on the page by others (no answers referred to negative tweets) Support % of users rceived reply The only information given: No interactivity so no 84 answers in 1 month, but answers no info on how many asked Innovation % of users proposed no answers to improvement No interactivity, so no direct solutions etc (co-creation) suggestions contact with employees or the brand Brand Engagement/Social Nr. of channels used 3 3 presence Communication Leadership brand manages communities they use to ask questions to page created recently directly? followers about specific (13/08/2010), just video products taste or the “lindt” posting, promoting trend meaning for them. In setter Roger Federer addition, they answer to followers’ opinions about products and suggest trying other products. offers free content? no Videos free entertainment no noYOUTUBE:  recently  opened.  The  channel  still  lacks  of  information  since  it  is  gaining  subscribers  day  by  day.  The  company  uses  the  channel  for  sharing  the  several  commercials  they  make.  Users  tend  to  comment  positively  on  each  posted  video.  No  negative  comments  were  found.        TWITTER:  the  social  platform  the  company  mostly  exploits.  The  ofQicial  page  “Lindt  USA”  features  945  followers.  The  ofQicial  language  is  English.  The  company  uses  Twitter  differently  from  Facebook.  Apparently,  there  are  page  administrators  that  actively  monitor  page  evolvement,  as  followers  seem  very  active  in  asking  product  related  questions  directly  to  the  company.  Replies  are  quite  immediate  and  there  is  high  interaction  between  the  two  parties.  In  addition  to  this,  administrators  are  use  to  ask  brand  perception  feelings  and  opinions  to  followers  such  as  “What  is  everyone  planning  on  cooking  and  baking  for  Thanksgiving  this  year?”,    “We  would  like  to  know:  What  does  Lindor  mean  to  you?”,  “What  do  you  like  best  about  our  Intense  Orange  Excellence  bar?”  
  11. 11. Nespresso   is   a   brand   of   the   multinational   Nestlè   that   produces  premium   quality  coffee  capsules   and   coffee   machines   (with  a   form   of  tie-­‐in).   Nespresso,   whose   revenues   have   been   of   2.77   billion   CHF    during   2009,   has   built   its   fame   by   introducing   a   new   class   product  promoted   with   very   consistent   marketing   strategies   and   substantial  investments.  A  heavy  usage  of  celebrity  endorsement,  together   with  the  idea   of   a   stylish,   reQined   and   exclusive   product   (even   we   are   in   the  FMGC  category),  contributed  to  the  strength  of  the  brand  worldwide. Dialogue Nr.  Of  total  ofQicial  pages 1 Pages  Nr  of  likes 628.613 Pages  Languages 1  ofQicial  and  other  8 Number  of  Posts  on  the  Wall 650  general,  6  corporate Number  of  comments  on  the  wall around  1400 Advocacy Ratio  of  positive  messages  over  negative  messages  by  users  (only   550/20  =  27,5 for  posts) Support %  of  answers  to  direct  questions  (only  to  posts) 13  of  66  =  20% %  of  replies  to  customer  complaints  (only  to  posts) 50% Innovation Absolut  number  of  users  that  propose  service/product   more  than  30 improvements %  of  users  that  propose  service/product  improvements 5% Brand   Nr.  of  channels  used 3 Engagement/ Social  presence Communication   Number  of  Posts  on  the  wall  by  the  company 650  general,  6  corporate Leadership Number  of  comments  on  the  wall  by  the  company 27 offers  free  content? Yes:  Videos,  Fotos,  Pools Linking  Value %  of  users  who  discuss  with  their  peers  using  the  brand  related   around  16% social  media  spaces Other  additional   What  kind  of  boxes  are  available? Wall,Info,  Coffee  types,   information Fotos,  Videos  (youtube),   House  rules,  Kazaar   event,  Twitter,   discussions,  Pools,  Events Type  of  applications? No  Apps  available Nespresso’s  facebook  provides  contents  and  information,  engages  fans,  produces  a  dynamic   General  goals  of   two-­‐ways  communication  by  fostering  the  dialogue  in  a  familiar  atmosphere.  Insipire  people   the  Facebook   with    discussions  about:  new  tastes  of  coffee  capsules,  tv  advertisements,  and  new  places,  or   page consumption  occasions.  People  are  generally  enthusiast  about  the  product  and  its  conceps.  Get   insights  and  ideas  (5%  of  comments  are  toward  innovative).Nurture    strong  attachment  showed   by  clients.  Support  should  be  improved.
  12. 12. Dialogue users reached Follower: 6266, Following 864 registered users, 1053 1.555.187 channel visualizations, 509.530 total loading visualizations % of users active 16 tweets in November (15 Comments: depends on the of them as answer) video Advocacy % of positive WOM 1-way depends on the video direct comments on the page by others % of negative WOM 1-way depends on the video direct comments on the page by others Support % of users rceived reply The only information given: No interactivity so no 16 tweets, 15 of them answers answers. Innovation % of users proposed no co-creation, just Strong interactivity solutions etc (co-creation) informational answers; generally about flavors, and shops availability Brand Engagement/Social Nr. of channels used 3 3 presence Communication Leadership brand manages communities it works mostly as a customer No, not directly, no direct directly? care arm. Topic of the contact between employees discussions are generally and consumers, only video about flavors, and shops dissemination, creative ads availability etc for people to send to their freinds themselves offers free content? RSS Feeds Yes, Video, and editing possibilty free entertainment No Creative advertising, high impact visual design, possibility of editing, see directors cut, see backstageYOUTUBE:  creativity  and   a  strong   user-­‐centered  perspective.  It  is  possible  to   sneak  a   peak  on   the   historical  tv  advertising  featuring  celebrities  like  George  Clooney,   but  it  is  also  possible  to  put  oneself  into  the  director’s  shoes.  The  user  can   see  director’s  cut,   choose   which  sequence   of   scenes  could  Qit  the   best  for   the  campaign,  and  even  create  its  own  spot  by  editing  different  visual  pieces  together.All   this   is  offered   in   a   very   dynamic   and   graphically   impacting   website.   The   user  has   the   sensation   to   be  providing  a  useful  opinion.  TWITTER:  a  customer  care  arm.   Tweets  are  limited  (only  632  up  to  the   end  of  November  2010).   The   size   of  followers   is   limited   as   well   if   compared   with   Facebook).   Most  relevant   topics  are:   location   of   Nespresso’s  shops  and  availability  of  coffee  Qlavor.  
  13. 13. Migros   is   a  cooperative  that  was   founded   in  Switzerland   in  1925  (Zürich)   and  that   is   divided   into   different   regions   (Bern,   Basel,  East-­‐Switzerland,   Ticino,   Aare,   Geneva,   Luzern,   Neuenburg-­‐Freiburg,  Wallis,  Waadt   ,  Zürich)  that  operate  independently  from  one  another.  Migros  is   traditionally  the  biggest  supermarketchain  in  Switzerland,   followed   by   Coop,   although  Coop   has   overcome  Migros   when   looking   only   at   the   traditional   sales   in  supermarkets,   but   when  you  take   into   account  that  Migros  owns  several   other   brands   from   different   sectors   (Generali  (insurances),   Globus   (high-­‐end   retail),   Fitnessparks,   Golf  Parks….)   then   Migros   still   is   the   largest   retail   brand   in  Switzerland.The   brand   has   traditionally   encompassed   values  such  as  swissness,  sustainability,  fair  prices  and  tradition. Dialogue Nr.  Of  total  ofQicial  pages 1 Pages  Nr  of  likes 25809 Pages  Languages 1  corporate,  3  in   the  comments Number  of  Posts  on  the  Wall 85 Number  of  comments  on  the  wall 213 Advocacy Ratio  of  positive  messages  over  negative  messages  by  users  (only  for   19/14  =  1.357 posts) Support %  of  answers  to  direct  questions  (only  to  posts) 31  of  37  =83.78% %  of  replies  to  customer  complaints  (only  to  posts) 16  of  17  =  94.12% Innovation Absolut  number  of  users  that  propose  service/product  improvements 9  of  85   %  of  users  that  propose  service/product  improvements 10,58% Brand  Engagement/ Nr.  of  channels  used 5 Social  presence Communication   Number  of  Posts  on  the  wall  by  the  company 19 Leadership Number  of  comments  on  the  wall  by  the  company 64 offers  free  content? Yes:  Videos,  Fotos Linking  Value %  of  users  who  discuss  with  their  peers  using  the  brand  related  social   35  of  85  =  41.17% media  spaces Other  additional   What  kind  of  boxes  are  available? Wall,Info,   information Christmas,  Fotos,   Videos,  Notes Type  of  applications? No  Apps  available General  goal  of  the   To  learn  what  customers  are  talking  about,  counter  rumours,  handle  complaints,  promote   Facebook  page:   new  offers  and  competitions
  14. 14. MIGROS OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA Migipedia Twitter Weihnacht YoutubeDialogue users reached 21140 pageviews/day Follower: 477, Following 469 1917 daily pageviews depends: found: Min: 87, Max: 105039 % of users active 5714 users/month 50 tweets in November (21 of them as 1742 monthly users Comments: depends on the answer) video: minimum: 0 (and 1 likes it, 0 don’t), max: 57 (and 144 like it, 6 don’t like comments)Advocacy % of positive WOM 14/287, or 14/36 evaluative 1-way direct depends on the video comments comments on the page by others (4 of 21 answers referred actively to a positive tweet) % of negative WOM 22/287, or 22/36 evaluative 1-way direct depends on the video comments comments on the page by others (5 of 21 answers referred to negative tweets)Support % of users rceived reply 8/287, but 100% of direct Migros gave 21 answers in 1 month, but No interactivity so no answers questions no info on how many askedInnovation % of users proposed 24/287 proposed improvements, 5/21 were answers to improvement No interactivity, so no direct solutions etc (co- 146/287 had new product ideas suggestions contact with employees or the creation) brandBrand Engagement/ Nr. of channels used 5 5 5 5Social presenceCommunication brand manages Yes: Forum somehow… retweets, special offers, info indirectly, no direct contact, but No, not directly, no directLeadership communities directly? dissemination, responses and reactive to competition: user generated contact between employees and tweets by others content on the site to engage consumers, only video other users and build dissemination, creative ads etc community; people can share for people to send to their their singing via twitter and freinds themselves facebook with friends offers free content? Youtube spots; what is RSS Feeds User generated content: singing Yes, Videos (Ads) Migipedia Video silent night", free recepies, special offers etc free entertainment Youtube spots No Singing competition (people Creative advertising singing silent night on their webcam and upload it to make the largest choir in the world)