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The Ins and Outs of Legal Translation: What You Need to Know to Save Time and Money

The Ins and Outs of Legal Translation: What You Need to Know to Save Time and Money






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    The Ins and Outs of Legal Translation: What You Need to Know to Save Time and Money The Ins and Outs of Legal Translation: What You Need to Know to Save Time and Money Presentation Transcript

    • Welcome SH  The Ins and Outs of Legal Translation  What you need to know to save time and money Presented by viaLanguage
    • Your Presenters  SH • Nic McMahon VP Professional Services, viaLanguage • Kirsten Merrell Legal Project Manager, viaLanguage • Scott Herber Moderator, EVP Sales, viaLanguage L
    • Today’s Agenda SH Saving time and money through: • Using Legal Linguists with Attorney Reviewers • Tips for Managing Content and Workflow • Translation Tools & Technology • Summary/Q & A  S
    • Understanding the challenge  • Lack of legal and linguistic experts • Budgets • Risk  • Limited time nm N
    • Using the Right Resources for the  Right Activity  Section Break:  – SH 
    • Speak the Right “Legal” Language N N Know or use resources that know the  specifics: • Language, region, culture, dialects • National/local laws and regulations 
    • Use Legal Translators with Attorneys  KM • Translation Expertise • Tools • Experience • Cost  K
    • Reducing the Time and Pain of Attorney Review  NM N Tips for a reducing review  time: • Establish Objectives • Qualify Stylistic vs.  Accuracy feedback • Create a language  audit trail to build  long term consistency
    • Select Reviewers Wisely  NM N • • • • Native‐speaker of the target language Studied the language Legal expertise of the subject matter AND Region Enough time in their schedule to devote to review
    • Selecting the Right Vendor N • • • • • Expertise: Language, Legal, Regional Technology QA Processes Attorney Review Total Cost of Localization
    • Ensuring On‐time Delivery and Minimizing  Overhead Section Break:  – SH 
    • Start with the “Source”  KM K J K Minimize risk: • Keep the original source file • Keep revisions and addendums • Consistency in terminology usage • Provide background information
    • Be Aware of the Format KM K • What’s a source document? • Keep in mind: • Embedded screenshots • Charts • Graphs • Tables • Formatting Back to Executable Document
    • Managing Your Multilingual Content  KM K • Organize and centralize how and where files are stored Sample File Structure
    • Manage the Workflow  KM K • Find a translation submission process that offers: • Easy Access – ie FTP, Secure Web, Portal • Secure transferring – Security Encryption/Password • Global Access
    • Tips for Cost‐effective Translations  NM NM N • Finalize Your Files • Make any edits prior to submitting • Choose Your transfer Mechanism • Manual vs. online • Avoid the “Rush” • Build time requirements into project • Designate an “Owner” • Centralize the docs and the process
    • Saving time and money through translation  tools Section Break:  – SH 
    • Translation Memory (at a glance)  M N NM 2. New documents are  compared to  “translation memory” 1. Completed by  experienced Legal  Translators English Partially  Fully  Translated Translated File File
    • Machine Translation (at a glance)  NM NM 1. A body of previous  translations and source docs  are used to train an engine  based on statistical  occurrence 2. New documents are  applied to “machine  translation” English English : French Fully  Translated Machine Quality File
    • Language Tools: Glossaries  KM K List of translated (client-approved) terms -Ensures consistency -Ensures understanding
    • Language tools: Style Guides  KM Standardize preferences with a style guide Sample Style Guide Target I.E. Business or consumer Voice Use active voice Acronyms First occurrence of the phrase will be in its entirety with acronym in parenthesis. Every occurrence after will solely be referred to by acronym. K
    • Putting it all together….  SH 1. Select the right team and resources 2. Start with the source to save time and money 3. Managing multilingual content 4. Translation tools L
    • Q&A SH
    • Thank You For Attending! SH  A copy of the webinar will be emailed to you shortly www.viaLanguage.com viaLegal@vialanguage.com twitter.com/viaLanguage facebook.com/viaLanguage   L