Sid 2012 lebanon's committee


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Sid 2012 lebanon's committee

  1. 1. Safer Internet Day 2012 Lebanon’s CommitteeInsafe Conference - May 14th, 2012
  2. 2. Keeping Children Safe Online project• World Vision Regional Project (Lebanon,Georgia, OPT, Armenia)Grassroot Level: Provide children, youth and adults with skills to better protect themselves and others from online exploitation when using the internet, mobile phone and other forms of media technologies (ToTs- Trainings- Awareness Sessions)National Level:• Create online complaint mechanism (Himaya–Cyber Crime Unit)• Set up safety standards for computer education, integration of online safety sessions in the school curriculum (MoE).• Organize national workshops, roundtable discussions, to raise awareness with the general public (MOSA)
  3. 3. SID 2012• Safer Internet Day (SID) is organized by Insafe in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world.• Safer Internet Day 2012 took place on Tuesday 7 February 2012, centered on the theme"Connecting generations and educating each other", where we encourage users young and old to "discover the digital world together...safely"!
  4. 4. SID 2012• Under the patronage of the Higher Council for Childhood- Ministry of Social Affairs, World Vision Lebanon has initiated and launched the Safer Internet Day 2012 preparation on a national level.• World Vision Lebanon took in charge the registration of Lebanons committee in the Insafe EU Network and acted as the focal organization representing the Committee.
  5. 5. National Workshop December 2011• In collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, World Vision Lebanon organized a National Workshop- December 2011. The workshop gathered 80 participants from Ministries, Governmental bodies, INGOs, NGOs, private companies, schools, ISPs, and individuals and had 3 main objectives:1) Gather stakeholders and create a national matrix to map the already existing interventions.2) Share ideas, tools, challenges, and best practices among the gathered stakeholders.3) Launch the preparations for the SID 2012SID presentation / Group Work - Suggestions for the Safer Internet Day / Action Plan & Contributions to the Safe Internet Day national celebration
  6. 6. SID 2012- Lebanon’s Committee• The Lebanese SID 2012 Committee was created under the umbrella of the Higher Council for Childhood- MOSA and clusters members related to the HCC (awareness, technical and legal clusters).• Several adherents have joined such as the Ministry of Education, Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities, Microsoft Lebanon, Himaya, YMCA, Kidproof M.E, E-Mediat, Al Mahdi Scouts and Guides, College Notre Dame de Louaize, Balamand University, Rotary Beirut Cadmous.• The different members organized their own activities and/or joined in the Big Celebration Day on February 4th, 2012.
  7. 7. Training Media representatives• A 3 hour awareness session on Internet Safety and SID aimed at sensitizing the local media point persons to spread an adequate message during Februarys SID celebration, while involving them as key partners in this event. The objectives of the training were:• Introduction on SID• Role of media in SID• How to conduct a media campaign on child protection issues• Awareness about different online safety topics
  8. 8. SID 2012- Lebanon’ Media Campaign• The SID 2012 TV spot was adapted to local language (Arabic) by WVL and disseminated to all partners to be able to use it through their social media pages.• Several Stakeholders including WVL participated in several TV shows and programs to present and describe the SID 2012 on one hand and to raise awareness about internet safety on the other hand.• Aside from the local media coverage, WVL conducted an internal campaign using Facebook, Twitter, and Yammer as the main social media channels.
  9. 9. SID 2012 Lebanon’s Celebration Day• On Saturday February 4th, 2012 a Big Event, under the patronage of the HCC:- Gathered 550 children with their parents, from different denominations and backgrounds.- Offered recreational games, as well as educational corners animated by local stakeholders working in the field of internet safety. In parallel to the children’s activities, parents had the chance to attend awareness sessions, facilitated by professionals whereby messages and guidelines about online safety were shared.
  10. 10. SID 2012 Lebanon’s Celebration Day• Participating organizations, relying on their valuable previous expertise in the topic of online safety, shared with the children and their parents valuable tips and tools to protect themselves.• Participants came from all around Lebanon, WVL Area Development Programmes, Palestinian Refugee Camps as well as several stakeholders’ beneficiaries.• This exceptional diversity offered a valuable opportunity for the participants to gather around the same topic and activities in a peace building context.• Around 50 young volunteer coming also from different political and religious backgrounds provided help and support throughout the day to join hands, achieve a common goal and create a safe and protected environment for the children.
  11. 11. SID 2012: Lessons Learned• The pooling of resources of local NGOs, Ministries, Scouts group, and private companies nurtures the package of knowledge transmitted to parents and their children. The exposure to diversified information and tools (i.e. awareness messages, videos, games, competitions, etc.) increases the awareness of children.• The combination of recreational and education activities enhancedsthe children’s motivation during such events.• The organization of awareness sessions for parents is one of the ways to boost parental participation in the event.
  12. 12. SID 2012: Lessons Learned• The partnership with the HCC in particular as well as other partners at the national level gave more credibility to the work being conducted which positively affects trust building with children and their families.• The unification of efforts at the national level promotes peace building among partners.The media strategy should strive to include all partners who contributed to any issue related to online children safety.
  13. 13. Thank you !